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Bobby McDonnell Testfies About Gifts from Williams

The McDonnell’s son Bobby took the stand yesterday, confirming gifts to the family and golf trips from Jonnie Williams and filling in details. Bobby said when he first saw the now famous Rolex watch paid for by Williams but given as a Christmas gift by Maureen to her husband, he thought it was a blackmarket knockoff purchased on a recent trade mission to Asia. Bobby noticed the second hand ticked instead of rolling perpetually, the trademark of a Rolex. Governor McDonnell told his son to return a set of golf clubs and bag shortly after meeting Williams at a political event at the Homestead resort. Bobby said he ultimately kept the clubs because he felt he’d built his own friendship with Williams, who was nearly 4 decades his senior, based on their shared interests in business and golf. Bobby said he turned down an internship with Williams after his father objected and told him to remain at his current internship with the law firm of Eckert Seamans.