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Board Disallows IDs Expired Longer Than a Year

The Virginia Board of Elections voted 2-1 yesterday (August 6) to accept a compromise measure on proposed changes to the state’s voter ID law that would eliminate any form of photo ID  that expired more than 12 months before election day.  Earlier this year, the board  approved adjustments to the Voter ID law that would accept expired photo IDs. The legilsation's patron, Republican stateb Senator Mark Obenshain of Harrisonburg, expressed concerns, and the issue was reopened. The two-to-one Republican-controlled board planned on completely eliminating expired ID’s, but reconsidered and passed the compromise proposal after Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring offered a legal analysis Tuesday, which said the change could create confusion, lead to unequal treatment of voters and prevent many from casting ballots. Opponents of the measure say a person’s identity does not change once a license to drive expires. Democrats say Voter ID laws in general are an effort by Republicans to suppress the votes of older and minority voters, many of whom do not have birth certificates or other valid forms of identification.