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Bank Fraud Could Be Strongest Charge Against McDonnells

Legal analyst Todd Stone says the evidence of corruption and conspiracy on the part of Bob and Maureen McDonnell is largely circumstantial. However, federal prosecutors may have a much stronger case in proving the McDonnells committed bank fraud.

On February 1, 2013 Bob and Maureen McDonnell signed a loan application. Two weeks later on February 15, shortly after Maureen McDonnell was first interviewed by state police, Governor McDonnell called the bank to resubmit his form with updated information, reflecting loans from Jonnie Williams in the previous year. Stone says this gives the federal government solid ground to charge the former Virginia first couple with knowingly and willfully committing bank fraud.

For the second charge of bank fraud, Bob McDonnell argued that the loan was made to MOBO Realty, the LLC he formed with his sister Maureen and his liability was therefore limited.