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Authors Say Sanders Voters Didn't Connect to Clinton

It’s been said that Hillary Clinton lost the election due to sexism and an FBI director’s comments. In a new book, two veteran reporters point the finger at the candidate and her failure to connect with fans of Bernie Sanders.

The authors say Clinton failed to deliver a coherent message, dodged the law with her email server, and let Wall Street line her pockets. Such factors led to what interviewer Doug Blackmon calls, “this enthusiasm gap.”

Author Amie Parnes tells of the time Bernie Sanders tried reading a scripted ad, “He’s supposed to say, ‘I’m with her,’ and he stops, and he says, ‘I can’t say that; that’s so phony.’ I think his supporters kind of knew that he wasn’t completely sold on the fact that he had to support her.”

Fellow author Jonathan Allen added, “Bernie Sanders whipped them up into enough of a frenzy about her character that they couldn’t stomach voting for her.”

The two spoke last week at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center; the book is called Shattered.