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Assembly 2014: Opposing Senate and House Budgets Adopted

Virginia's House and Senate have passed their respective budgets and put the pieces in place for an extended fight on Medicaid.  Both chambers debated the Senate’s private insurance Medicaid alternative, Marketplace Virginia, which would provide coverage to up to an additional 400,000 low income Virginians.  The House rejected the plan on a 67 to 32 nearly party-line vote, with one Republican voting in favor and one Democrat voting against.  The House Republican leadership says the Senate plan was improperly inserted into the budget and should have gone before the Medicaid Innovation and Reform commission, which was created during last year’s budget negotiations to review the state program. The Senate approved Marketplace Virginia 23 to 17, with 3 Republicans voting with Democrats.  With no resolution to the Medicaid question, the General Assembly is expected to adjourn without a budget.