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Assembly 2014: COC says Medicaid Expansion Would Be Good for Business

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce was at Capitol Square yesterday to offer its own private insurance-based alternative to Medicaid expansion.  The state chamber is the largest business organization in the Commonwealth with 16,000 members and representing 30,000 businesses. While typically an ally to the GOP, they’re at odds with the House Republican majority in the General Assembly on the issue of bringing an estimated 1.7-billion federal dollars back to Virginia in order to expand the health care safety net. They say they don’t want the dollars going directly into the Medicaid system they feel is broken, but instead into a new private system that achieves the same coverage more efficiently. While similar to the state Senate’s Marketplace Virginia plan, the chamber’s proposal embraces a key reform proposal originated by the House:  a two-year audit of the state’s current Medicaid program. The chamber also is asking the General Assembly to require reauthorization of the private plan every four years and to identify offsets when federal reimbursement dollars drop to 90 percent.