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Another Solar Energy Project Proposal in Hanover County

A Seattle, Washington, firm is considering a small renewable energy project for farmland in Hanover. The county has already approved one solar farm project.

One Energy Renewables met with the county planning staff this week to explain the project and get their feedback before deciding what to do.

In February, Hanover okayed plans for a 222 acre solar farm along 360 in Mechanicsville on land owned by Henry Broaddus, who’s family has been in the area since colonial times. He is partnered with Sun Energy 1 of North Carolina.

"These projects, in my judgment at least, serve three interests that don’t often overlap and that’s economic development, clean energy, and land conservation. There’s an obligation at the end of the projects life that everything would be removed, that fields would be restored ..there’s no irreparable change to the character of that rural landscape," said Broaddus.