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Fox News' Chris Wallace Enters Spotlight As Debate Moderator

Fox News' Chris Wallace is known as a tough interviewer but his role as moderator of Wednesday's presidential debate has raised questions. Fox has been highly sympathetic to Donald Trump, and Wallace has lavished praise on his former boss, Roger Ailes, who was ousted as Fox News' chairman after accusations of sexual harassment. Ailes is also serving as an adviser to Donald Trump.

ProPublica Reveals Discriminatory Pricing By Computer Algorithms

We are relying more and more on machines to make decisions for us — which route to take, what to buy and where to buy it — but we have no idea how these decisions are made. NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Julia Angwin, a ProPublica reporter, who has spent the year with her team looking at algorithms companies use to decide everything from what headlines we will read to what we will pay for a product. Among her most surprising findings, Asians were nearly twice as likely to get that higher price on SAT prep courses from The Princeton Review than non-Asians.


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