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In 2 Indiana Manufacturing Cities, Presidential Politics Play Unexpected Role

Indiana is the leading manufacturing state in the country. In one corner is Gary, an old steel city with roots to Donald Trump, who tried to jumpstart the city's economy in the late 1990s and early 2000s. And about two hours south is Kokomo, an old auto town resuscitated by the Obama Chrysler bailout. But the presidential politics of these two towns don't exactly align with their benefactors.

San Francisco Police Department Embroiled In Another Text Messaging Scandal

There are new allegations of racist and homophobic text messages shared by officers in the San Francisco Police Department. Three officers have resigned, another is under investigation, and nearly 200 convictions are being reviewed. The scandal is the second of its kind in the past year, and it comes amid other charges of police misconduct in the famously liberal city.


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