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To Protect His Son, Father Pushes School To Bar Unimmunized Kids

Melissa Block talks to Carl Krawitt, whose son Rhett is in remission from leukemia but still cannot be vaccinated for measles. Rhett attends school in Marin County Calif., where nearly seven percent of students are not vaccinated. Mr. Krawitt has asked the local superintendent of schools to "require immunization as a condition of attendance."

U.S. Report On Spending In Afghanistan Classified For First Time

The latest quarterly report on U.S. spending in Afghanistan was released on Thursday. Conspicuously missing were figures on how more than $50 billion is being spent on training and equipping Afghan military and police forces. Those figures have been classified for the first time in years of such reporting and the general who ordered keeping them secret says it's to keep enemies from sharpening their attacks. Key senators disagree.

Woman Held By Jordan Has Close Ties To Islamic State

Jordan has indicated that it is willing to swap a convicted terrorist for a Jordanian pilot held captive by the so-called Islamic State. The terrorist is a woman named Sajida al-Rishawi. She and her husband conducted a suicide attack at a Jordanian hotel. Her belt did not detonate but dozens of people were killed. ISIS has demanded her release in part because she has longstanding ties to the group.


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