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In Your Ear Episode 6: Duck Baker, Wil Maring, Bryan Bowers

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 2:22pm -- WCVE

The featured artist in this episode of In Your Ear include a former Richmonder who’s taken his finger-style guitar, his musical sensibilities and his wit all over the world, Duck Baker, and one of the most warm and engaging vocalists in all of Americana, Wil Maring, with her long-time musical partner Robert Bowlin on very tasteful fiddle and guitar, and finally a Yorktown native who once drove a delivery truck for the

Inside Nature’s Giants: Giant Squid

Mon, 12/03/2012 - 9:19am -- WCVE

Thought by many to be the stuff of legend, it was only in the late-19th century that the giant squid was first officially recorded by scientists, after one leviathan washed up on a New Zealand beach. Related to slugs and snails, this monster from the deep, along with its cousin the colossal squid, is the largest invertebrate in the world.  It's never been filmed in its natural habitat, thousands of feet underwater, but occasionally specimens are brought to the surface by deep-sea trawlers.

Your Brain On Music

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 2:27pm -- WCVE

Music is a form of communication which, like language, is inherent to human behavior and brain function. The Richmond Academy of Medicine recently learned about Your Brain on Music in an evening presentation held at the Country Club of Virginia with a Penn State Professor and a rag time piano player–a classically-trained piano player with his own exceptional “brain on music” story to tell.