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Question Your World: Why Can’t We Stop Thinking?

Try to stop thinking for five seconds. Ready?…steady…GO! Okay, now you’re just reading this and not-stopping-your-thinking! So why can’t we stop thinking? Well, this is the handiwork of our old friend, evolution. A long time ago moment-to-moment readiness was necessary for survival. In those days people had to worry about things like lion attacks, leopard attacks, monkeys stealing berries, scorpions, falling rocks, drowning, giant snakes, and so on. This required a brain that was constantly working.

This I Believe -- Marshall Orr

Marshall Orr is a retired Human Resources Director and consultant in the areas of leadership, career development, and management training. A graduate of Duke University and San Francisco State College, Marshall is married with three grown daughters, and enjoys boating, raising oysters on the Chesapeake Bay, and Virginia history.