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Question Your World: What's a Cloaked Nanoparticle?

Everyone’s familiar with the old fable about the wolf in sheep’s clothing. In this story a wolf dresses up like a sheep and sneaks past the farmer to go straight to his fluffy targets. Well, a similar story is currently unfolding in the medical field and it could have a huge impact on cancer patients. Check out the latest Question Your World Radio Report from the Science Museum of Virginia.

Question Your World: What Makes Pi So Special?

Science and math fans around the world have been celebrating Pi day for a while now. Pi is the 3.14 number that helps us understand circles, so what better day to celebrate than March 14? So the question is, what makes Pi so special? Listen to this week’s Question Your World Radio Report from the Science Museum of Virginia to learn more about Pi.

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Question Your World: How Does Sugar Impact Our Brain?

How does sugar impact our brain? Well, this is a tale of two sugars - glucose and fructose. Both occur naturally, but one of them has a vastly different way of communicating with your brain. In one corner we have glucose, commonly found in pineapples and oranges among others. The consumption of this sugar registers a “full” feeling in the brain. So basically you eat enough of the foods with this in it and your brain thinks “Oh boy, I’m stuffed.” Now, in the other corner you have fructose, commonly found in sodas and canned foods. This is where the sugar story gets fascinating.

Question Your World: What Causes a Mid-life Crisis?

So, what causes the mid-life crisis? For a long time it was believed that stress from responsibility played a heavy hand in the ushering in of the ‘mid-life crisis.’ The idea of mortgages, careers, bills, and various other social circumstances sure can be a heavy load for an individual to juggle. However, recent studies indicate that this is perhaps not based around responsibilities as much as it is on our old friend, evolution. Learn more in this week’s Question Your World Radio report by the Science Museum of Virginia.