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Thea Marshall

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Thea Marshall is the author of “Neck Tales: Stories from Virginia's Northern Neck,” published in June, 2009. Along with her professional writing assignments, she is a broadcaster, actor, and producer, with life long experience in all forms of communication – from print to theater to radio and television. She writes and broadcasts original commentaries on and about the people, places, history, culture and current issues relating to the Northern Neck for WCVE Public Radio (heard on both WCVE in Richmond and WCNV for the Northern Neck).

Articles by Thea Marshall

Remembering Christmas on the Northern Neck

As bills for last months gifts come rolling in, Commentator Thea Marshall looks back at Christmas past, and Christmas bills present...and longs for the good old days of "Barter"....and the time in our Colonial past, when holiday gift giving was a time of small gifts of sweets and such to one's children's servants...but never to one's equals...