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Medical Entomology Course Preparations

Entomologist Dr. Art Evans fills 88.9 WCVE producer Steve Clark in on some of the “behind the scenes” preparations for Art’s Medical & Veterinary Entomology Course. Thanks to Lakeside Animal Hospital, The Nit Fairies, and Dr. Dini Miller at Virginia Tech for all the tick, flea, head louse, and bed bug specimens!

Photo (top): Head louse, Pediculus humanus (Psocodea: Pediculidae). © 2015, Arthur V. Evans. All rights reserved.

Photo (bottom): Bed bug, Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae). © 2015, Arthur V. Evans. All rights reserved.


Entomologist Dr. Art Evans shares his recent visit to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles with 88.9 WCVE producer Steve Clark. Art suggests that an insect survey in Richmond similar to that of the BioSCAN project conducted by the museum might turn up some interesting results right here in Virginia.

Starting A Swing Music Collection: It’s All About “Discovery”

I love physical media. I’m thinking of CDs particularly. Although CD liner notes are not always accurate, if they are fairly comprehensive, they do go a long way toward helping me research the music, the musicians and stories on The Sound of Swing and to put them in a broader context. There may be something that catches my attention in those details or in a song itself and I’ll head to my internet browser to get more details.