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Saraya Wintersmith has spent the last two years covering Virginia's General Assembly for WCVE. When the Commonwealth's legislature is not in session, she splits her time covering government affairs and the Richmond Metro beat. 

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Articles by Saraya Wintersmith

House Balance Of Power Still Undecided

In Virginia, Democrats gained more than a dozen seats in the Republican-controlled House of Delegates Tuesday night/last night (11/7). But the chamber’s exact balance of power is still being decided.

Command of the body is now down to several, very close races. Of the 100 House of Delegates seats up for re-election this year, 5 races have a victory margin of 1% or less, and, by state law, are eligible for recount.

Mayor Levar Stoney On Redevelopment in Downtown Area

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney has released a request for proposals to redevelop a portion of the city’s downtown area. Stoney says, “The goals of this RFP are bold.”

Surrounded by a foggy view of Richmond’s downtown area, Mayor Stoney said new North of Broad neighborhood redevelopment project will fuel economic opportunity and improve residents’ quality of life.

Virginia Is Now Poised For 4 More Years Of Democrats In State-Wide Office

At George Mason University Tuesday night (11/7), Governor-elect Ralph Northam celebrated voters in the Commonwealth choosing Democrats for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General for the second time in a row.

Back in 2013 Terry McAuliffe won by less than 3 percentage points. On Tuesday night, Governor-elect Ralph Northam won by nearly 9 percentage points. Running mate Justin Fairfax won by a little more than 5 points and Attorney General Mark Herring was re-elected with a 6-and-a-half point victory.

A Number Of Virginia House Of Delegates Races Are Still Too Close To Call

Late Tuesday evening (11/7), Democrats had decisive victories in about a dozen House of Delegates races.

State party spokesperson Katie Baker described the pick-ups as a “rejection” of Republicans from Gillespie down the ballot. “I could barely keep up with all the press releases we were putting out, just victory after victory kept coming in.”

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam Is Now Governor-elect

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam is now Governor-elect. “We’re back by popular demand.”

At George Mason University Tuesday night (11/7), Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam celebrated a nearly 9-point victory over former Republican National Committee chair Ed Gillespie.

Northam, who won big in densely populated urban areas, said the task now turns to closing wounds of division in the Commonwealth. “Whether you voted for me or not, we are all Virginians as we move forward.”

Fairfax Gets Wilder's Sole Endorsements

Former Governor Doug Wilder is hoping Justin Fairfax will win the lieutenant governor's race next week. Fairfaix is the ONLY candidate the 86 year-old political figure endorsed after a college political symposium Thursday night/last night.

Governor Wilder, "I'm endorsing Justin Fairfax and no one else."

Former Governor Doug Wilder's announcement came after harsh critiques of Virginia Democrats.

Governor Wilder, "I'm troubled by what I've seen relative to Justin Fairfax's involvement."

Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Calls For An End To Attack Ads

With five days left before voters head to the polls, the Libertarian candidate for Governor is hoping to appeal to Virginians turned off by major-party negativity. Cliff Hyra wants his opponents to stop running their attack ads.

At the State Capitol grounds Thursday, Cliff Hyra said he's watched in dismay as Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie have vilified one another through ads and embellished rhetoric.