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Richmond Schools Board Seeks Input On Next Superintendant

The Richmond School Board will continue asking the community for ideas about the next Schools Superintendent. The meetings are organized by volunteers from Chamber RVA.

Attorney George Martin is one of the meeting facilitators. He says once discussions are done, they give meeting go-ers three dots to help visually identify their priorities.

The Board and volunteers of the Chamber will host one meeting tonight (5/23) at John Marshall High School, and another Wednesday night at Martin Luther King Middle School - between 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Northam Nabs LGBTQ Gun Violence PAC’s Endorsement

With less than a month left before voters cast ballots in party primaries, the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence Political Action Committee has endorsed Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam in the race for the Democratic Party’s gubernatorial nomination.

The Pride Fund is a national, gun-policy focused, LGBTQ group formed in the wake of the mass shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. The dual-focused, advocacy group’s endorsement could represent a key boost for the Lieutenant Governor who is competing with former Congressman Tom Perriello for the Democratic nod.

Senator Petersen Announces Bills Package For 2018 Session

Fairfax Senator Chap Petersen is announcing a package of bills he intends to carry in the 2018 session.

Two of the bills are measure that didn't make it to the Senate floor in 2017. One of the bills Senator Petersen intends to sponsor would reinstate the State Corporation Commission's ability to review power company earnings and issue refunds to consumers. That measure went down in committee 12 to 2 last session, but Petersen says, he'll try it again.

Gillespie Warns Against Va Right to Work Flip

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie is warning against the overturning of Virginia's right to work law.

The issue comes on the heels of a debate between democratic candidates last week in which both Lt. Governor Ralph Northam and Former Congressman Tom Perriello signaled a move away from the rule that prohibits employers from considering union membership as a condition of employment.

Democrates Differ on Charter Schools

At the Tuesday night’s (5/9) Debate for the State, Democratic gubernatorial candidates revealed their thoughts on two previously untouched issues. One of them was charter schools

Former Congressman Tom Perriello rejects charter school expansion and favors public school investment. “We need to make sure that we’re getting people the support staff into the classrooms that we need, and we need to be reforming SOLs and SOQs to make sure that we can get the critical thinking skills and and the project-based learning skills that are part of the future,” said Perriello.

Herring Speaks On Inmate Re-Entry Process

As part of his initiative to improve Virginia's inmate re-entry process, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring spoke at a regional conference hosted by his office.

He made the case for individualized help for inmates. Attorney General Herring says people transitioning back into society face daunting challenges with various needs like mental health treatment, job training and housing.

"If they re-enter the community with the same underlying trauma, addiction or anger, that makes communities less safe, who grow up without the love and support of one parent," said Herring.

Richmond City Council Completes Debate On 2018 Budget

The Richmond City Council has completed debate on the 2018 budget.

When the council last met, the spending plan included a $1.1 million-dollar deficit.

The council has unofficially agreed to close the budget gap with a blend of recommendations from the Mayor’s administration and a new strategy put forward by 4th District Council member Kim Gray.

The Mayor made $464,000 dollars available through a combined refinance of city debt and a re-appropriation of dollars from traffic court and the city’s parking enterprise funds.