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Phil (Philomena) Liles has worked as a radio broadcaster for more than 20 years. She was the News Director for Smooth Jazz WJCD in Norfolk, Virginia, then worked as the Afternoon Drive Time Announcer for Soft Rock 100.1 WQIC in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. She moved to Richmond in 2008 and is the Monday through Wednesday local news host for 88.9 WCVE’s broadcast of Morning Edition.

Articles by Phil Liles

Caring for Veterans with Alzheimer's and Dementia

After serving in the Army during the Vietnam era, Rufus Cuffee had a nearly 40 year long career at the Pentagon. His spouse Diane says he was a supervisor in heating and refrigeration, and was there on September 11, 2001.

Diane Cuffee: 9/11 he was there, he left that morning for a class. The very area that the plane went in, that’s where he was supposed to have the meeting but they moved the meeting further down the hall and not long after that the plane hit that area.

She says within a month, she noticed signs of PTSD.

Science Matters: VA Cooperative Studies Program Seeks To Tackle Lung Cancer Head-On

88.9 WCVE’s Phil Liles recently spoke with Dr. Drew Moghanaki about a new lung cancer trial program being implemented by the Veteran’s Administration.

The VA Cooperative Studies Progream will be providing $25 million for the trial focused on stereotactic radiation versus surgery.

Dr. Moghanaki says this phase 3 trial is part of the VA’s mission to address lung cancer head-on. The largest study of this kind in the world, Dr. Moghanaki says it could change lung cancer treatment practices globally.