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Jane Bunnett and Maqueque Play in Richmond 9-08

For more than thirty years, Toronto-based saxophonist and flautist Jane Bunnett has been studying, teaching and performing with Cuban musicians. She's collaporated with both established legendary performers and young up-and-coming musicians. Her current band features fuve brilliant female Cuban musicians: Dayme Arocena, Magdelys Sevigne, Yissy Garcia, Danae Olano and Celia Jimenez.

The Pod People Are Coming!

Since podcasts first appeared a little over ten years ago, the number of podcast consumers has grown into the millions and the number of podcasts being produced has increased every week as well. Podcasts like Serial and 99 % Invisible have created a huge buzz and the medium is being taken more and more seriously by more traditional, entrenched content producers (like terrestrial radio). 

Chimborazo Hospital After the Civil War

During the Civil War, Chimborazo Hill was the site of one of the largest military hospitals in existence. There were more than 100 buildings and almost 4,000 patients during its busiest times. An upcoming National Park Service tour asks the question what became of Chimborazo after the war?

For details on the upcoming National Park Service Tour, go here.


Violins of Hope

For centuries, the violin has played a central role in Jewish culture. During the dark years of the Holocaust, the instrument not only provided much needed comfort but served as a means to save the lives of musicians and sometimes their family’s lives as well.

Violins of Hope (Extra) Motele Schlein

“Violins of Hope” author Jay Grymes recounts the story of Motele Schlein, a 13-year old amateur musician and partisan fighter born in a small village called Krasnovka near the border of Poland and the Societ Union. To avenge the death of his family, Motele Schlein used his violin case to smuggle explosives into a Nazi hangout where he played music.

Listen to the “Violins of Hope” feature here.

Violins of Hope (Extra) Ernst Glaser's story

“Violins of Hope” author Jay Grymes recounts what he calls one of the most heroic moments in the history of classical music: the story of Ernst Glaser’s 1941 concert in the Norwegian city of Bergen. Glaser, who was Jewish, was the concertmaster of the Oslo Philharmonic and the country’s most prominent musician. A group of Nazi youths attended his performance in order to harass him and to try and stop his tour. A riot ensued in which the audience rose to Glaser’s defense.

Listen to the “Violins of Hope” feature here.