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Chesapeake Bay Crabbers Race Against Heat

Before sunrise, Virginia’s crabbers head out onto the Chesapeake Bay to haul in bushels of crabs, racing against the heat of the day. Back on land a local restaurant fires up the kitchen where fresh crabs are stuffed, baked, fried and broiled. In the crab business, it’s tough to stay cool. Pamela D’Angelo of member station WCVE in Richmond reports for NPR News.

Work Behind the Scenes Protects a Lancaster Library Tradition

For the past ten years, the Lancaster Library has featured the Richmond-based Barefoot Puppet Company, entertaining children with international folktales. Despite hard economic times and high gasoline prices, those working behind the scenes enabled the show to go on. WCVE Northern Neck Correspondent Pamela D’Angelo reports.

Northumberland Board Tables One Bay Issue Only to Face Another

The Northumberland County Board of Supervisors put off until next month a decision to impose a $10,000 civil fine on Richmond resident Rebecca Worley for violating the Chesapeake Bay Act. But the bay sneaked onto the agenda again when a group of residents stepped forward and presented the board with 620 signatures opposing a controversial proposed development on nearly 900 acres of conservation land the board has been considering for more than a year. Northern Neck Correspondent Pamela D’Angelo reports.

Northern Neck Tea Party Meets New State Senator

Last night the Northern Neck’s Tea Party hosted the area's new state senator, Republican Ryan McDougle of Hanover, a ten-year veteran of the General Assembly. Redistricting earlier this year took parts of the Northern Neck out of Senator Richard Stuart’s District 28, putting them into McDougle’s District 4. This fall he'll run unopposed as he seeks reelection. WCVE Northern Neck Correspondent Pamela D'Angelo reports.

Scientists Target Blue, Flathead Catfish For Possible Culling

Scientists and fisheries managers from Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia who met this week in the Northern Neck are considering targeted culls of blue and flathead catfish because of their huge populations and potential impact on native species. Anglers came to the meeting to express their concern. Northern Neck correspondent Pamela D’Angelo reports.

Virginia Struggling With Oyster Restoration Efforts -- Part 2

During the past few months Virginia, federal officials and the seafood industry have struggled with how to proceed with state oyster restoration. In some cases the issue has pitted scientists against one another. Today state fisheries managers from around the Chesapeake Bay and the director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Bay Office continue a two-day meeting in the Northern Neck. On their agenda are the next steps for a bay-wide oyster restoration strategy and how to measure its success. WCVE’s Northern Neck Correspondent Pamela D’Angelo reports.