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Diversity Richmond Service Remembers Transgender Victims of Violence

Last year, the Human Rights Campaign reported a record number transgender murders, mostly transgender women of color.

At least one of those murders took place in Richmond this year, and according to Diversity Richmond Executive Director Bill Harrison the family denied the individual was transgender. “But we know that they were,” Harrison said. “And that’s not uncommon. Transgender people face an enormous amount of discrimination and violence.”

Community Engagement Process for Monument Avenue Commission Continues

Members of Richmond’s Monument Avenue Commission met last night (11/14) to chart its path forward in terms of community engagement. The group has received over 1,200 responses since its launch.

Committee co-chair Christy Coleman read aloud a few comments the group’s received, noting post-Charlottesville messages have been overall less divisive, and more nuanced, “You know, I don’t think you should tear them down but,” Coleman said. “I really think you should tear them down but.”

1 in 5 Youth Age Out Of Foster Care in VA Without Adult Connection, Study Finds

A new national report released today (11/14) shows that more Virginia youth are aging out of foster care without permanent homes than most other states across the country.

20% of the Commonwealth’s youth aged out of foster care on their own in 2014, more than double the national average.

Richmond School Board Holds School Climate Meeting

The number of Richmond-area high school students dropping out of school is on the rise. The Richmond School Board heard from school and district leaders about what they’re doing to keep school discipline issues at bay during a school climate meeting Monday night.

Albert Hill Middle School Principal Cherita Sears blamed cell phones for at least 75% of in-school infractions, but said the majority of behavior-related problems first start at home.