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Do Record-High Lottery Sales Mean More K-12 Dollars? Not Necessarily.

Virginia state lottery sales are at a record high and that could mean more funding for K-12 education. But not always.

John Hagerty is with Virginia’s state lottery. “When you spend a dollar on a lottery ticket, a portion of that dollar is profit," he said. "And that amount goes to schools.”

Hagerty says the profit comes out to about 28 cents on the dollar. Per state law that funding is invested in K-12 educational programming across the state - things like alternative education and career and technical education.

Settlement In Class-Action RRHA Lawsuit Approved

A class action lawsuit filed against Richmond’s public housing authority last year was settled in February, and approved by a U.S. district judge this week and those affected by incorrect utility surcharges will receive $1.2 million in refunds.

Residents in Richmond’s public housing complexes have predetermined monthly allowance for utility costs. If they exceed that allowance they’re charged a late fee. But over the past several years as many as 7,000 tenants were unfairly charged a late fee.

Law Gives Teachers More Time To Renew Licenses

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam recently signed legislation giving educators in the Commonwealth more time to renew their teaching licenses. That law is now in effect

In the past, Virginia educators have had to renew their teaching licenses every five years through completion of additional college coursework, professional development and more. But now they’ll have double the time to complete those requirements and the paperwork that goes along with it.