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WCVE Public Radio Theatre Critic John Porter can be heard during NPR’s All Things Considered. He is also the co-host of Time for the Blues.

Articles by John Porter

TheatreLAB Brings Fresh Faces to Richmond Theatre

One of the youngest theatre companies in town, both in duration and the average age of its key players, is TheatreLAB. Since their inception, they have been producing edgy shows, first at the artist’s resource, Plant Zero, in Richmond’s South Side, later in art galleries or any place they could find to set up some chairs and a couple of lights.

“Sam and Carol” – Old School Storytelling

Two words can excite the theatre going world and scare most directors at the same time. They are, “World Premiere.” Audiences are interested in seeing something brand new and directors are challenged to shepherd along a playwright while helping actors find a way to stay focused on scripts that might be changing. Designers are tasked with creating new worlds with little in any frame of reference.

Soulful and Funky!

We hope you’ll join us this week (3/21/15) on Time for the Blues as Henry and I are kicking up the funk factor to 11. You know it’s going to be fun; you just don’t have any idea how much fun it’s going to be. You better be ready and have your dancing shoes handy because we’re pulling out all the stops.