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John Ogle began his career in broadcast journalism while still in high school. In nearly 50 years on the radio he has worked as a news anchor for the ABC, NBC, and Mutual networks and as News Director of radio stations in Richmond, Miami, Washington, and New York City. After ten years as News Director of WCXR, Alexandria, John returned to Richmond in 1993 and organized The Richmond Times Dispatch Broadcast News Service. In its 12 year history, the network’s programming was heard on 20 radio stations across Virginia. John retired from the Times Dispatch at the end of 2004 but is still heard daily as a freelance Correspondent on WCVE Public Radio and on the ABC Radio Network.

Articles by John Ogle

Wilder School Polls Look at K-12 and Higher Education

Each year at this time, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs releases its Commonwealth Education Polls. This morning’s (1/24) release concerned K-12 education.

Dr. Robyn McDougle, who directs the Educational Policy Institute at the school, explained that 54% of respondents said they were willing to pay more in taxes to increase school funding. Nearly 70%, she added, believe funding is related to the quality of education.

Archaeologists Find Revolutionary War Artifacts at Gloucester Point

An archaeology dig commissioned at the site of a new Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences building at Gloucester Point has unearthed a remarkable cache of Revolutionary War artifacts.

Anna Rhodes, Chief Archaeologist for DATA Investigations LLC, explained that there were Spanish coins, uniform buttons from a French Regiment known to be in the area, and military and personal items of British Soldiers.

Clean Sweep Petersburg Presents Removal Petitions

The citizen’s group Clean Sweep Petersburg has presented petitions for the removal of Mayor Samuel Parham and his predecessor Councilman Howard Myers.

Barb Rudolph, one of the founders of the group, said issues include a lack of attention to what was going on.

Clean Sweep, she added, presented far more verified signatures than required and, they’re not done yet. The elected city treasurer is being targeted.

NRC Finds “No Safety Aspects” Prevent North Anna Reactor

Dominion Virginia Power heard from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission yesterday (1/19) which concluded there are “no safety aspects” to prevent construction of a third reactor at the North Anna Power Station.

The commission said a mandatory hearing phase will happen later this year prior to a license being issued for the $19 billion project.

The State Corporation Commission will need to approve before a reactor can be built.

Wilder School Public Policy Poll Addresses Opioid Addiction

The Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs has released a poll addressing substance abuse and mental health, law enforcement, and public safety.

Dr. Robyn McDougle is public policy outreach director. She gave the results of the poll; 80% said Police in their community do a good job; 70% felt they were appropriate in race relations.

Legislation Would Include Nuclear Power With Other Energy Sources

Dominion Virginia Power is awaiting action on legislation in the General Assembly that would put nuclear power in the same category as other energy generation sources.

Dominion’s David Botkins said the North Anna and Surrey plants account for about 40% of Virginia’s energy needs.

Dominion is applying to the nuclear regulatory commission for a 20 year license extensions for both sites.

Consultants Concerned About Petersburg Accounting Proceedures

Money from the Perpetual Care Fund set up to maintain Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg was moved to the city’s general fund without involving city council.

Interim Finance Director Nelsi Birch said the action turned up as The Robert Bobb Group continued its review of Petersburg financial issues.

Financial controls, she added, are vital to the success of the city.

Bipartisan Concerns About Medicaid Block Grant In Virginia

Budget leaders from both sides of the aisle in Virginia say they’re worried about a block grant to replace the current Medicaid entitlement program. The big concern is that a block grant would put Virginia at a disadvantage in funding needed health services.

Delegate Chris Jones of Suffolk, the Republican who chairs House Appropriations, said the Commonwealth would have to deal with a block grant based on spending that ranks Virginia 47th per capita.

Steward School Students Celebrate Dr. King With Service Day

This is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and most schools in the area are closed. The Steward School isn’t and the place is a bee hive of activity. Steward has a unique way of remembering Dr. King.

Art teacher Lynn Zinder, the event organizer, explained that they call it At Your Service.

This year there are representatives from half a dozen organizations on campus. Zinder said it's hands-on learning.

Older students are paired with younger kids for a variety of activities.