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John Ogle began his career in broadcast journalism while still in high school. In nearly 50 years on the radio he has worked as a news anchor for the ABC, NBC, and Mutual networks and as News Director of radio stations in Richmond, Miami, Washington, and New York City. After ten years as News Director of WCXR, Alexandria, John returned to Richmond in 1993 and organized The Richmond Times Dispatch Broadcast News Service. In its 12 year history, the network’s programming was heard on 20 radio stations across Virginia. John retired from the Times Dispatch at the end of 2004 but is still heard daily as a freelance Correspondent on WCVE Public Radio and on the ABC Radio Network.

Articles by John Ogle

Science Matters: Linx Device Implanted to Control Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is high on the list of the most common ailments suffered by people in this country.

Food Lion super market carries more than 60 different over the counter brands of antacids and “acid reflux” relief medications.

At nearby Dawson’s Pharmacy, Pharmacist Wayne Dawson talked about how many prescriptions are filled for, perhaps, greater acid relief.

Dawson: “The ones that we carry behind the counter that are prescription only, oh, about, ten to a dozen.”

These drugs are a mainstay of his business.

Petersburg Mayor Protests Parole Office Location Plan

The Virginia Department of Corrections would like to move its District 7 parole office to a building on Park Avenue in Petersburg. The Mayor and others call the idea a “slap in the face” to the city.

Mayor Sam Parham points out that the area, off South Crater Road, is densely populated with apartment buildings and houses. “Lots of kids come out and play and catch the bus and walk to the store and it is an absolute horrible idea,” said Parham.

Transportation Network Drivers Don’t Need Special Registration

Transportation Network Company (TNC) drivers no longer need a special vehicle registration from the DMV to drive for Uber or Lyft in Virginia. A change in state law took effect at the end of last month.

DMV’s Brandy Brubaker explained what else has changed. “These vehicles no longer have to display the DMV issued black and yellow year decals on their license plates for out of state drivers that’s the decal in the vehicle’s window.”

Hanover Schools 10 Point Grade Scale Draws Comments

The Hanover County School Board met last night (4/4) and heard comments from a standing room only crowd on a proposal from the school system’s staff to adopt a new 10 point grading scale similar to SAT scoring.

The school system’s Chris Whitley explained that under the 10 point version recommended last night, “The A’s go from 90 to a hundred, B’s from 80 to 89, C from 70 to 79, D’s from 65 to 69 anything below a 65 is considered failing. We recommended this version because it strikes a balance between rigor and equity.”

The Highpoint Collective, LLC, Comes to Scott’s Addition

The Highpoint Collective, LLC, is located at what used to be the Sea Dream Leather building at 3300 W. Broad in Scott’s Addition. It includes offices and studio work spaces for new and growing businesses.

The Highpoint is the brain child of small business owner David Morrison, taxidermist Robert Olson, and jewelry designer Clair Accardo. They bought the structure, built in 1900, five years ago, replaced the roof, and began making steady improvements.