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John Ogle began his career in broadcast journalism while still in high school. In nearly 50 years on the radio he has worked as a news anchor for the ABC, NBC, and Mutual networks and as News Director of radio stations in Richmond, Miami, Washington, and New York City. After ten years as News Director of WCXR, Alexandria, John returned to Richmond in 1993 and organized The Richmond Times Dispatch Broadcast News Service. In its 12 year history, the network’s programming was heard on 20 radio stations across Virginia. John retired from the Times Dispatch at the end of 2004 but is still heard daily as a freelance Correspondent on WCVE Public Radio and on the ABC Radio Network.

Articles by John Ogle

Developer Planning Apartments on East Main in Richmond

Sam McDonald and Charles Macfarlane are proposing to build a six story apartment building on what is now a parking lot on East Main Street west of Millie’s Restaurant.

Macfarlane pointed out that zoning requires five stories, so they’ve applied for a special use permit and set back the sixth floor to take into account the scale of nearby buildings. He said there’ll be 216 units and 7,400 square feet of retail space, a swimming pool, a rooftop terrace and covered parking.

7th District Congressman Dave Brat on Climate Change

President Trump has announced his decision (6/1) on the Paris climate agreement. The US will withdraw from the agreement. Virginia’s 7th District Congressman, Dave Brat, said cost is a consideration when it comes to environmental issues.

Brat told WCVE that when it comes to green issues, he looks to the data and asks questions.

"The climate changes, I think there’s consensus on that, there’s not much debate on that, just look at the data is what it is ..and then how much of it is man made and what’s the cost to fix it and who’s going to pay for it."

$9.1 Million Write Off in Petersburg is an Accounting Exercise

There has been considerable discussion on social media about an action taken last week by The Robert Bobb Group in Petersburg regarding a write off described as an accounting exercise.

Acting Finance Director Nelsie Birch explained that they were approached by their external auditors to see if the city could write off $9.1 million in internal non general funds that the city had been carrying for years.

Preservation Petersburg Works to Open Siege Museum

As Petersburg works to get back on its feet financially, efforts are underway to reopen the Siege Museum, housed in the Exchange Building, constructed in 1839 on Bank Street. It was closed two years ago.

Preservation Petersburg’s Acting Executive Director, Chip Mann, explained that structural issues were a concern two years ago as the city’s financial crisis widened.

"The structure has proven to be sound. There were some environmental issues,not as serious as originally diagnosed. They have been addressed," said Mann.

Memorial Day Ceremony

The 61st Annual Commonwealth’s Memorial Day Ceremony took place this morning (5/29) at the Virginia War Memorial on Belvedere Street in Richmond.

Each year, the names of Virginians who have given their lives in defense of freedom are added. This year there were two. Senior Naval Chief Petty Officer Scott Dayton, of Woodbridge, who died in Syria on Thanksgiving and U.S. Army Air Corps Staff Sgt. John McVay, part of a bomber crew that died over Berlin during World War II.

Petersburg Fire Fighters Have Updated Breathing Equipment

In August 2016, the breathing equipment used by city firefighters was repossessed in Petersburg because payments weren’t being made. Now, that problem has been remedied.

The self contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA is worn by firefighters on their backs containing oxygen and compressed air.

Deputy Chief Brian Sturdivant said, “It helps us to breathe in an environment that is smoky and/or heated. We utilize them for active firefighting and we use them for search and rescue of structures that have been impacted by smoke and fire.”

Tornadoes in Dinwiddie did $600,100 in Damage

Two tornadoes hit Dinwiddie County on May 5th, doing more than $600,000 in damage. There were no reports of anyone being injured.

The greatest destruction was reported from the tornado that passed through the McKenney area. The other storm hit the Sutherland area near Chesterfield.

Dinwiddie Extension Agent Mike Parrish noted, “The biggest damage, I guess, economically, was structures, from hay storage to live stock facilities and tobacco barns.”

No reports of any animals being killed.

Union Bankshares and Xenith Bankshares Merging

Two banks based in Richmond are getting ready to merge. Union Bankshares and Xenith Bankshares have announced a $701.2 million all-stock transaction.

Union Bankshares is the parent company of Union Bank and Trust. Union Bankshares’ Bill Cimino told 88.9 WCVE, “What we’re going to be able to create is a bank with a size and scale that Virginia hasn’t seen since the 1990s. We’ll have more than $12 billion in assets.”