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John Ogle

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John Ogle began his career in broadcast journalism while still in high school. In nearly 50 years on the radio he has worked as a news anchor for the ABC, NBC, and Mutual networks and as News Director of radio stations in Richmond, Miami, Washington, and New York City. After ten years as News Director of WCXR, Alexandria, John returned to Richmond in 1993 and organized The Richmond Times Dispatch Broadcast News Service. In its 12 year history, the network’s programming was heard on 20 radio stations across Virginia. John retired from the Times Dispatch at the end of 2004 but is still heard daily as a freelance Correspondent on WCVE Public Radio and on the ABC Radio Network.

Articles by John Ogle

Petersburg Police Audit of Evidence Storage

The Petersburg Police Department has been implementing changes in procedure in the property division.

The Police Department’s Esther Hyatt said they have been conducting an internal audit of evidence storage and said there were other items listed as missing.

Procedural audits, Hyatt said, are standard practice for accreditation and Petersburg has instituted a number of changes in the past five years.

Chief John Dixon said the department is committed to transparency and accountability.

Richmond Releases Data on UCI Cycling Event

The City of Richmond has released a couple of reports on the UCI Road World Championships Cycling event.

There’s an overview of expenditures and a sustainability report. The City’s Tammy Hawley said there were some areas that cost slightly more than anticipated.

A goal was set to divert at least 60% of event waste from the landfill, that ended up at 76%.

Chase City Officer is Award Winner

Chase City Police Officer Will Stembridge will be named Officer of Year at the upcoming 9th Annual Southside Community College Law Enforcement Awards Banquet.

Officer Stembridge was recently recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for making the most DUI arrests over the past year.

MADD VA honors law enforcement regionally for their efforts to eliminate drunk driving, supporting the victims of this violent crime and preventing underage drinking.

Charlottesville Commission Recommends Brewery Expansion

The Charlottesville Planning Commission has recommended the city approve a zoning change that will permit craft breweries to expand.

The CEO of the Three Notch’d Brewery Company wrote to economic development officials last month saying a change in the code would help the popular breweries to stay in town and to keep growing.

At a public hearing yesterday (11/10) City Planner Brian Haluska said at present operations that exceed 15,000 barrels a year in production are classified as a beverage bottling facility and must be located in industrial zones.

Virginia House Education Committee Meets at UVa

On the second day of a Virginia House Education Committee summit at UVa yesterday (11/10), legislators considered virtual classroom options for public schools.

The Commonwealth is among 30 states that use the online teaching method and is one of five that require that a student complete at least one online course to graduate.

The funding trend for virtual education, the committee learned, is moving toward a performance based model that would require students to successfully complete the course.

Chase City Mayor Names Citizen of the Year

The Chamber of Commerce has named Mayor Eddie Bratton Chase City Citizen of the Year.

Bratton was born and raised in Chase City and has been at the helm as Mayor through a slew of upgrades and improvements in recent years.

The town switched from well water to a public water source, neighborhoods have been improved along Third and Washington Streets and City Council adopted a community improvement ordinance that permits action to deal with blight and dilapidated housing.

The Veterans Health Care Staffing Improvement Act

Tomorrow is veterans day (11/11), and today, a bipartisan group of Senators has introduced the Veterans Health Care Staffing Improvement Act.

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner calls the legislation commonsense changes in staffing polices that will improve the care at VA health care facilities.

It will, he said, make it easier for service members who have served in medical roles to transfer directly to the VA system and make it easier to transfer or share medical staff and services across VA centers.

Two Charged With Plotting to Bomb Churches and Synagogues

Two men have been charged in federal court in Richmond with trying to buy guns and explosives from FBI agents posing as illegal arms dealers.

34 year old Robert Doyle, from Chester, and 33 year old Ronald Chaney, III, no known address, were named in criminal complaints filed yesterday (11/9) at US District Court in Richmond.

They’re charged with conspiracy to possess firearms after having been convicted of felonies.

A third man, 30 year old Charles Halderman, address unavailable, was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.