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John Ogle began his career in broadcast journalism while still in high school. In nearly 50 years on the radio he has worked as a news anchor for the ABC, NBC, and Mutual networks and as News Director of radio stations in Richmond, Miami, Washington, and New York City. After ten years as News Director of WCXR, Alexandria, John returned to Richmond in 1993 and organized The Richmond Times Dispatch Broadcast News Service. In its 12 year history, the network’s programming was heard on 20 radio stations across Virginia. John retired from the Times Dispatch at the end of 2004 but is still heard daily as a freelance Correspondent on WCVE Public Radio and on the ABC Radio Network.

Articles by John Ogle

Petersburg Council Meets Again On Bobb Group

Petersburg City Council, deadlocked after a vote on hiring the Robert Bobb Group to help sort out its financial problems, will meet again tonight (10/20) at 6:30 p.m. to revisit the proposal. Council rules prohibit a further discussion for 30 days if a decision is made.

Vice Mayor Samuel Parham said yesterday (10/19) that one unnamed council member who voted no has changed his mind. He said he “anticipates a vote” tonight but admits there’s no guarantee.

Petersburg Council Votes No On Robert Bobb Contract

Petersburg City Council last night (10/18) took a vote on a contract to bring the Robert Bobb Group in to help get its financial house in order. Three votes for, three against, and one abstention put the deal on hold.

The unscheduled vote came after a motion by Vice Mayor Samuel Parham that followed a slew of comments from unhappy citizens upset over what they called a lack of transparency.

Among them, Barb Rudolph of the citizen’s group Clean Sweep Petersburg. Citizens, she said, might be in favor of what the Bobb Group plans.

Virginia Chamber of Commerce Surveys Voter Attitudes

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce has released the results of a poll it commissioned on voter attitudes on a number of issues in Virginia.

B.J. Martino is with the Alexandria based Tarrance Group that conducted the poll. On the national election, they found Clinton with 47% and Trump with 38%. Questioned about the state of the economy, 53% say Virginia is heading in the right direction, only 39% think the country is.

Attorney General’s Office Outlines Campus Violence Program

Attorney General Mark Herring was the host for a briefing on a pilot program introduced two years ago at VCU to combat sexual violence on college campuses.

Herring explained that a task force spent nine months studying the innovative You Have Options Program. VCU Police Chief John Venuti said the program takes into account the survivor’s state of mind after an attack.

Virginia Closes Nearly 6,000 Acres of Oyster Harvesting Waters

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, the Virginia Department of Health has closed nearly 6,000 acres of oyster harvesting waters. An additional 80,000 of Virginia’s more than 426,000 acres are on restricted status.

According to Keith Skiles, director of the Department of Health’s Shellfish Sanitation Program, the goal is to avoid potential contamination from street flooding and sewage spills. Monitoring continues, he said, and if standards are met, the ban could be lifted sooner.

Candidate for Richmond Mayor: John Baliles

Ahead of the November Election, 88.9 WCVE has invited each of the candidates for Mayor of Richmond to discuss their ideas on some of the toughest issues facing the city.

In this candidate profile 88.9 WCVE’s John Ogle speaks to 1st District City Councilman Jon Baliles.


JOHN OGLE:  The first question is, why are you running to be mayor, and what are the top three issues you would like to tackle if you’re elected?

Chesterfield Schools Considering High School Start Times

Chesterfield Supt. of Schools James Lane asked parents to let the school system know what they think about what time students should begin their school day.

The American Academy of Pediatrics found that students who don’t get enough sleep often suffer from physical and mental health issues, are at higher risk of car accidents, and there’s a show a decline in academic performance.

The school board is considering a number of options.

No Textbook Pilot Program at Reynolds Community College

A pilot program at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College uses Open Education Resources, or OER rather than hardcover textbooks. English professor Jane Rosecrans is faculty coordinator of the OER initiative at Reynolds.

A national student survey found 60% don’t purchase a book and 35% don’t take as many courses because of book costs.