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Former Principal Sues Northumberland County

A former Middle School principal has filed a lawsuit for at least one point five million dollars in Northumberland County Circuit Court.

In February, Michael Ransome, then principal of Northumberland Middle School, gave a talk titled “Three Facets of White Privilege” at the public library.

A group of parents upset by his disciplinary decisions began advocating for his removal.

UVa Professor Investigates Alzheimer's

Changes at the cellular level lead to neuron death in Alzheimer’s disease. University of Virginia professor George Bloom seeks to understand these cellular mechanisms.

What causes the neuron cell death that leads to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease? The underlying cell biology is poorly understood. Those neurons try to reproduce and instead slowly starve. They begin making some strange, unusable proteins. What is going on?

Haynesville Barber Education Program A Success

Virginia has one of the lowest prison recidivism rates in the nation. The prison system’s educational and job-training programs are one of the major reasons why.

Haynesville Correctional Center houses over a thousand inmates. This past month, several successful graduates of the prison barbering program returned to share about life after incarceration.

Sail Boats Converge On Irvington To Support Local Hospice Services

The 21st Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta returns to Irvington this weekend. One of the main beneficiaries is Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck. Serving patients in all four counties in the region, chairman Frank Miller describes the work of the organization.

We provide supplies to folks who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get them, folks who are typically not eligible for medicare or Medicaid, but they have life altering conditions.

Ransome Reassigned After Talk On White Privilege

A Northumberland County middle school principal is reassigned after giving a well-attended talk on white privilege.

This past February, Michael Ransome, the principal of Northumberland Middle School, gave a talk titled “Three Facets of White Privilage” at the public library. Ransome accepted a new contract to continue as principal, but this Summer, with new members elected and the school board president absent, the board voted two to one, with one abstention, to remove him as principal.

The July school board meeting was packed with people protesting his reassignment.

NASA's Viking Mission Turns 40

July 20, 1976, the Viking One Lander slowed to a delicate stop and touched down on the surface of Mars.

Wednesday (7/20) is the 40th anniversary of NASA’s Viking mission to Mars. Doctor Joel Levine modeled the unearthly atmosphere that the Lander navigated.

He looks forward to manned missions by 2030.

Data from the Viking Lander’s biology package lead members of the Viking team to suspect the possibility of life on Mars.

Biomonitoring Project Seeks Answers On Heavy Metal Exposure

Uranium. Chromium. Cadmium. Lead. How much of these toxic heavy metals does the general public have in their bodies right now? Northern Neck Correspondent Inigo Walker Howlett speaks to a chemist answering that question.

Dr. Chris Retarides is a chemist with the state division of consolidated laboratory services. They are managing the Virginia Biomonitoring Project, looking at your chemical burden at a single point in time.

ivWatch Seeks to Decrease Stent Failure Rate

Intravenous stents are the most common invasive procedure done in the United States, and they fail far too often. A Hampton based company won the Governor’s Outstanding STEM Award for Science Innovation with a device that could cut down on that failure rate dramatically.

ivWatch, a medical device startup in Hampton, was highlighted a few months ago by the Governor’s STEM awards after years of overcoming technical challenges.

Growing Market For Diabetes Test Strips

The aftermarket for diabetic testing strips has turned into a business model. I called one of them up, her kid was playing in the background, she expressed some unwillingness to buy from people on medicare / medicaid, and implied she had an FDA license of some sort.

Actually buying and selling is legal, as strips are over the counter, but if your insurer pays for them and you turn around and sell them, that could be considered fraud.

People will get a perscription saying “test three times a day” and decide, hey, once is enough, and sell the other two thirds.

Warsaw Affected By Verizon Strike

The ongoing Verizon strike has major ramifications for the town of Warsaw.

Verizon is interested in consolidating its functions into fewer facilities. On the Northern Neck, this would likely mean closing the Warsaw Main Street office. Verizon’s thirty six employees in Warsaw represent over four million dollars to the local economy.

Mayor Mark Milstead:

"We had sent a letter to the president of the company asking him to consider not only keep the jobs here but expanding operations."