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Friends of the Rappahannock will be Seeding a Non-Profit Oyster Reef

Friends of the Rappahannock will be seeding a non-profit oyster reef in the hopes of restoring a degraded watershed.

Carter’s Creek, like many small tributaries in the tidewater, is condemned for shellfish consumption due to poor water quality. A local seafood company has turned over a private bottom lease at the edge of the condemned area in Carter’s Creek to become an educational, non-profit means of improving water quality.

Fifth U.S. President James Monroe’s Childhood Home is Getting Some New Attractions

The historical site of Revolutionary War veteran and fifth U. S. president James Monroe’s childhood home is getting some new attractions.

The Sons of the American Revolution are helping the James Monroe Foundation build a replica of Monroe’s modest childhood home, outside the town of Colonial Beach. Local chapter President Charles Belfield said, “James Monroe lived there for the first sixteen years of his life. At that point his parents had passed away and he went on to college at William and Mary in Williamsburg.”

Underwater Vegetation Rebounds in Chesapeake Bay

In thirty three years of surveying, there has never been this much submerged vegetation in the bay.

Underwater grasses in the Chesapeake Bay are a critical habitat for marine life, providing cover and food for many species, including the Blue Crab, which is also having an excellent year.

The Virginia Institute for Marine Science uses aerial surveys to monitor grasses. They say that much of the growth is in widgeon grass, a species with volatile boom bust cycles.

Westmoreland County Discusses Fracking Proposals

The Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors will discuss the planning commissions fracking proposals this Wednesday.

The Taylorsville basin natural gas deposit stretches from Maryland to the outskirts of Richmond. It includes western Westmoreland, where gas leases have been signed. Opposition to fracking for natural gas relates to environmental concerns and issues with truck traffic. Holly Harmon is a local business owner and sits on the county wetlands board.

The Town of Warsaw is Coming Together to Preserve a Historic Landmark

The town of Warsaw is coming together to preserve a historic landmark, one of four buildings in town predating the Civil War.

The Saddlery is a two story brick building constructed as early as 1830. It has served as a law office, the draft board, and possibly a vendor of tack and harness.

Because of planned re-development of downtown Warsaw, the building must be moved or demolished.

Former Principal Sues Northumberland County

A former Middle School principal has filed a lawsuit for at least one point five million dollars in Northumberland County Circuit Court.

In February, Michael Ransome, then principal of Northumberland Middle School, gave a talk titled “Three Facets of White Privilege” at the public library.

A group of parents upset by his disciplinary decisions began advocating for his removal.

UVa Professor Investigates Alzheimer's

Changes at the cellular level lead to neuron death in Alzheimer’s disease. University of Virginia professor George Bloom seeks to understand these cellular mechanisms.

What causes the neuron cell death that leads to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease? The underlying cell biology is poorly understood. Those neurons try to reproduce and instead slowly starve. They begin making some strange, unusable proteins. What is going on?

Haynesville Barber Education Program A Success

Virginia has one of the lowest prison recidivism rates in the nation. The prison system’s educational and job-training programs are one of the major reasons why.

Haynesville Correctional Center houses over a thousand inmates. This past month, several successful graduates of the prison barbering program returned to share about life after incarceration.

Sail Boats Converge On Irvington To Support Local Hospice Services

The 21st Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta returns to Irvington this weekend. One of the main beneficiaries is Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck. Serving patients in all four counties in the region, chairman Frank Miller describes the work of the organization.

We provide supplies to folks who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get them, folks who are typically not eligible for medicare or Medicaid, but they have life altering conditions.