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Stratford Hall, The Historic Home Of The Lee Family, Releases Public Statement On Violence in Charlottesville

Home to the only brothers to sign the Declaration of Independence, Stratford Hall was also the birthplace of Robert E. Lee. Museum director John Bacon understands, “The most famous and prominent Lee will always be Robert E. Lee.”

Stratford has worked in recent years to develop programming illuminating the history of the Lees and the slaves they owned. Bacon says, “The mission of Stratford is clear. We preserve and present the history of the Lee family, and we preserve and present the history of their surrounding community.”

Bee removal in the Northern Neck

The mild winter meant most of Virginia’s hives reached spring with large populations. However, Virginia’s honey season is short, from April to June. A late cold snap cut into this critical time. Some bees being removed from a historic house.

This bee hive was doing great, with an estimated sixty thousand residents. Unfortunately they were inside the wall of an 1830s house. Doug Hancock of Gateway Beekeepers Association states why he got into beekeeping.

With Gift of Land Near Fones Cliffs, Rappahannock Tribe Expands Return to the River Initiative

The Rappahannock Tribe joined environmental advocates in a recent ceremony to celebrate a donation of land on their original territory. The gift will be used to expand a program that preserves ancestral knowledge and traditions. From Warsaw, 88.9 WCVE’s Inigo Walker Howlett has more for Virginia Currents.

AMC's 'TURN' comes to Northern Neck

This past February, a film crew came to the Northern Neck to shoot scenes for the AMC historical drama Turn: Washington’s Spies.

The riverfront, wooded hills, and grist mill of the Stratford Hall plantation was the setting for the cable drama.

Jim Schepmoes of Stratford Hall said, "Most of the story is set in New England, so they do scenes that replicate the actual site."

The production came at an excellent time for Stratford Hall, with a crew of over two hundred bringing thousands of dollars into the local economy.

Friends of the Rappahannock will be Seeding a Non-Profit Oyster Reef

Friends of the Rappahannock will be seeding a non-profit oyster reef in the hopes of restoring a degraded watershed.

Carter’s Creek, like many small tributaries in the tidewater, is condemned for shellfish consumption due to poor water quality. A local seafood company has turned over a private bottom lease at the edge of the condemned area in Carter’s Creek to become an educational, non-profit means of improving water quality.

Fifth U.S. President James Monroe’s Childhood Home is Getting Some New Attractions

The historical site of Revolutionary War veteran and fifth U. S. president James Monroe’s childhood home is getting some new attractions.

The Sons of the American Revolution are helping the James Monroe Foundation build a replica of Monroe’s modest childhood home, outside the town of Colonial Beach. Local chapter President Charles Belfield said, “James Monroe lived there for the first sixteen years of his life. At that point his parents had passed away and he went on to college at William and Mary in Williamsburg.”

Underwater Vegetation Rebounds in Chesapeake Bay

In thirty three years of surveying, there has never been this much submerged vegetation in the bay.

Underwater grasses in the Chesapeake Bay are a critical habitat for marine life, providing cover and food for many species, including the Blue Crab, which is also having an excellent year.

The Virginia Institute for Marine Science uses aerial surveys to monitor grasses. They say that much of the growth is in widgeon grass, a species with volatile boom bust cycles.