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Virginia Department of Education Lays Out Hopes For Consolidated State Plan

In a Virginia Department of Education Meeting held today, Virginia Board President Dr. Billy K. Cannaday laid out his hopes for reviewing changes to the Consolidated State Plan.

Dr. Cannaday said that when it comes to the overall goals of a Consolidated State Plan, the board will ensure that public schools of high quality are maintained.

Back In 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, was signed into law. This replaced the previous amendment, known as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

ABC Eager to Replace or Move Warehouse and Headquarters

The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage is eager to replace or move both its warehouse and headquarters, which sits behind The Diamond.

Built in 1960, the 21.5 acre site distributes distilled spirits to 365 ABC retail stores across Virginia.

According to Betty Gettings, Director of Communications for Virginia ABC, the site is almost at capacity. Gettings says, “Well, our warehouse is operating at 90 percent capacity, which is going to curtail growth in the near future.”

People Let Me Tell You About...

People let me tell you about my best friend…

If you’re of a certain age or if you’re of a certain type—one who digested all sorts of TV shows from the late 60s, 70s, etc. then that opening line should ring a bell. It’s the opening line from the TV show “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.” (Yes, I’m aware it was also a movie—ok, I actually didn’t know it was a movie until I IMDB’d it and saw that).

Friends Old & New

On the tape deck for this week’s World Music Show (6/10), we’ll visit some new friends and hear from some old friends. And of course, “friends” is a term I loosely use to just mean that we’ll hear from some really tried and true artists.

Digging for Sand Crabs

Sometimes when grasping for themes for the World Music Show (5/3), I need to check the calendar. Because it’s on that, in which I can rely on ideas to wrap a show around. Sure, the holidays are an easy one, as is Father’s Day (which will be a show). But sometimes I’ll need to stretch a theme out like a long clothing line over a grassy back yard.

What's on the Musical Menu

What’s going on for this week’s World Music Show (5/27)? Well, it’s a star-studded, full blown celebration of some newly released CDs. Or is that overselling it a bit? Either way, there is some great tunes lined up for this week. And, just to give you a taste, here’s a brief menu run-down.

In the appetizer section, your choices are as follows (though, really, you have no choice, since it’s been pre-selected. Perhaps this is a French menu?

McAuliffe Signs Bill To Help Grow Wineries and Breweries

Continuing his quest to visit all the craft breweries in Virginia, Gov. Terry McAullife stopped by Steam Bell Beer Works today to sign a bill that would allow for growth in both wineries and breweries. 

With a pen in his hand and a beer at the ready, Gov. McAullife signed into law today HB2418, which will allow both wineries and breweries to get more banquet licenses per year.

The change McAuliffe says, from 4 licenses to 8 licenses, will allow more growth across the board, including with agriculture.

Back to Basics

In the past few weeks, I feel like, due to the every expanding cavalcade of new music that have been gratefully flooding the offices of 88.9 WCVE, we need to take a step back a bit. So on this week’s World Music Show (5/20), that we’re going to go back to basics.

A Brazilian Love-Fest

It’s going to be a Brazilian love-fest on this week’s World Music Show (5-13). In the first hour, I’ll have an interview with the founder of the band Forro in the Dark. We’ll talk about their new CD as well as some of the great musicians they’ve worked with. Then for the rest of the show, we’ll explore the subcultures of Brazilian music. So either you way you slice it, the Brazilian beats are going to be thick this week, which is by no means a bad thing.