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Covering The Covers And Artists Who Double Dip

You know, I really love doing the World Music Show. And with every show, there are segments or chunks, as I like to call them, that I feel truly gel. And there are other chunks that are good, but don't seem to have that magic. But then there are entire shows that I feel truly transcend the euphoric feeling I get when putting tunes together. This week I've put together one of those shows. I feel like I've been able to mix every aspect of World Music as well as inject a bit of humor in songs.

A Bossa-Gypsy Explosion

With these brief hints of spring that have come across the skies of Virginia lately, it got me thinking about what kind of warn weather music I like to listen to. So on this week's World Music Show (4/16), I'll have some pretty bouncy grooves BossaNova style, along with some music from the Wine lands. Plus, for some reason I really felt like hearing some Gypsy music.

Some Super Twangy Guitar

This week (4/6) I've had some twangy guitar riding around the trails of my mind. Why? Well, I just like the sound of this style of guitar, which I mostly find in South Africa. That style I'd twangy, jangly and just downright fun to hear. I think I first became aware of this sound when I first heard Paul Simon's breakthrough album "Graceland." I can still hear many of the opening tracks. With that, many of the tracks in the first hour are from South Africa--like the band Elias Mathbula & the Chivani Sisters and the band Majozi.

A Cool Drink of Water

So recently, I was trapped in the desert, scraping my knees against the grainy sand from palm tree to palm tree, hoping to find a cool drink of water. Instead, I found some great music to ease my travels and propel me to find a nice mirage to whittle away the hours while baking under the hot sun. Well, ok, that whole mini-story was of course a travesty of my imagination. But, the true part was the music.

I Still Dance to Ska Music

So, I have a confession to make. I still dance to Ska music, as well as to Reggae music, too. What's the difference? Well, Ska dancing has more of an arm swinging, loopy sort of movement; while Reggae dancing--to me--is more of a swaying sort of dance. Why the admission? Well, this week part of The World Music Show is dedicated to Ska, Reggae and Dub music (more on what that is in a bit).

Women of the World Unite(d)! (Plus some other great tunes)

For this week's show (3/19), I wanted to make sure that I highlight some of the great singers and musicians I've come to admire in the world of World Music. The list of artists I've picked is by no means complete--and it shouldn't be. But, it's enough to hopefully get you started on a quest to find out more about whom I'll be playing. Plus, maybe you'd like to add your two bits below. Who did I miss? Once you hear my show on Saturday, come back here to let me know--maybe I'll be able to play them at a later date.

World Music Show: What Is It?

What’s the World Music Show? It’s marimbas, castanets, kalimbas and even a digeridoo. It’s sound images that take you everywhere from a cafe in Mexico City to the shores of the Ivory Coast. It’s a mix of everything that makes music the universal language. It’s also music that you may not associate as “World Music,” like a tune from a familiar artist, such as Paul Simon or David Byrne, who are able to infuse their songs with the beats of distant cultures.