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Sen. Kaine: 'We Need to Hear From The President'

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine says Donald Trump should respond to the allegations that he fired FBI Director James Comey for refusing to halt an inquiry into Russian matters.

“It’s getting very, very close to a classic obstruction of justice case.” That’s Kaine, joining a growing Congressional chorus, mostly Democrats, seeking a special prosecutor.

“We have to get to the bottom of it,” said Kaine.

The White House denies the allegations.

Debate Pits Northam, Perriello On Pipeline Stance

Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam square off tonight (5/16) in a televised debate in Norfolk with no studio audience.

At a forum Saturday, dancing anti-natural-gas-pipeline protesters scolded Northam, shocking even Perriello supporters like Max Hamilton, who says, “I think it’s because of people like that Democrats lose elections.”

Northam said he has asked the DEQ to add scrutiny, even though the planned pipelines are federally regulated. “I have done all that I can as a Lieutenant Governor,” said Northam.

Spencer's Torch Protest Brings Rebuke, Vigil

White nationalist Richard Spencer led a pair of rallies Saturday in Charlottesville that brought a rebuke from the mayor and a candlelight rally for concerned citizens.

They said they were protesting the move of a Confederate statue. But their iconography including kerosene torches created a firestorm of concern for folks like Sean McCord.

"When you have white supremacists showing up with their torches and their flags, it kinda makes a pretty clear line, and that you need to make a choice which side that you're on," McCord said.

Flames Devour Motel Where MLK Stayed in '63

It may not have seemed like much-- a little motel near the University of Virginia was consumed by fire yesterday (5/4).

In March 1963, five months before "I Have a Dream" and just three weeks before his arrest in Birmingham, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. won a standing ovation at UVA--and then went to sleep in what was called the Gallery Court Motel. Second year student Marie Gaglione says, "I had no idea that he had even been to Charlottesville."

DNA Advocate Joins Fight to Free Jens Soering

A leading law enforcement official has joined the fight to free Jens Soering , the former University of Virginia student convicted of killing his girlfriend’s parents.

Albemarle County Sheriff Chip Harding was no fan of Jens Soering--convicted of the 1985 Lynchburg-area slayings of Derek and Nancy Haysom, until he began examining DNA evidence. “What I discovered was I had a complete change of opinion,” said Harding.

Warren Endorses Perriello for Governorship

Massachusetts Senator and financial reformer Elizabeth Warren has thrown her support behind Tom Perriello, the former Fifth District Congressman waging an upstart campaign for Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

The endorsement came in an interview with HuffPost. “He’s strong, he’s aggressive on consumer issues; he’s a guy with values,” said Warren.

Author Seeks Official Probe of UVA Admissions Collusion

A Richmond author recently discovered that that wealthy applicants to the University of Virginia get discussed by the office of the president.

The idea that affluent families have the ear of the president’s office when junior applies should be troubling, says Jeff Thomas.

“You cannot give money to the government in exchange for favors,” added Thomas.

While the University denies any favoritism, Thomas found notes that indicate that admission changes were made.

Thomas said, “There’s a wealth-based affirmation action program, and it’s grossly unfair.”

Warner Discusses Investigation With Eager Crowd

U.S. Senator Warner (D-VA), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, discussed the investigation of Russian election meddling last night (4/13) in Charlottesville, amid a backdrop of speculation about his own ambitions.

In an appearance at a technology conference, Warner downplayed politics. “I’m not interested in re-litigating the election, but I am interested in finding the truth,” said Warner.

Speaking on Thomas Jeffeson’s birthday, Warner seemed to be updating a line from the 3rd president, “Follow the intel wherever it leads.”

Post-Trial Risk Drove Rolling Stone Defamation Settement

Court papers filed Tuesday (4/11) show that University of Virginia Dean Nicole Eramo and Rolling Stone magazine have agreed to a settlement, five months after a jury ordered the magazine to pay $3 million for a debunked tale of a fraternity house rape.

News wires lit up Tuesday night with word of the settlement, but missing was how much. “Some amount less than the jury verdict, but how much I don’t know,” said University of Richmond law professor Carl Tobias.