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New Film Attempts to Portray Charlottesville Rally

A new documentary that debuted Sunday (11/12) at the Virginia Film Festival tries to unravel what happened in Charlottesville on August 12, when white nationalists rallied, and three people died before the day had ended.

Militia member Daniel Bollinger appears in “Our Streets” and attended its premiere. “It’s almost undescribable because it brings back so many memories from that day.”

Filmgoer Jim Hingeley says the picture succeeds. “It pulled it all together in a coherent way.”

First Violence Convictions Logged From Charlottesville Rally

Two assaults at the August 12 Unite the Right Rally were resolved with guilty pleas today (11/3), the first violent acts to result in convictions.

The video of Dennis Lloyd Mothersbaugh punching a woman will not soon be forgotten by religious leader Brittany Caine-Conley. “There’s no way to explain it other than complete vengeance and anger and hatred and violence. That is what I saw on that video, and that is what will never leave me.”

UR's Innocence Institute Joins Soering's Pardon Request

A University of Richmond legal clinic has joined the effort to free Jens Soering, the former University of Virginia student convicted in the 1985 murder of his girlfriend's parents.

For three decades, Soering has maintained his innocence. His lawyer, Steven Rosenfield, said, "I've spent more than 3,000 hours pro bono because I think an innocent man's life has been substantially curtailed because of a false conviction."

After 38 Years Without, Roanoke Gets Passenger Rail Service

After 38 years without passenger rail service, Roanoke gets a daily train connecting it to Northeast Corridor starting tomorrow [Tuesday, October 31].

Virginia's biggest city without passenger trains will get one Tuesday morning. Rail booster Meredith Richards said, “It’s ironic because Roanoke was a railroad town--it grew up around the railroad, and Norfolk Southern was there.”

Group Launches Petition To Oust Entire City Council

Following the summertime rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, a citizen group has launched a petition to recall all five members of the City Council.

One of the speakers at the recall announcement was 13-year-old Savannah Lynn Misner who said, “Our current leaders must be held accountable for this mess.”

The head of the petition drive, Pat Napoleon, says Charlottesville can't heal under its existing leadership. “What I don't hear is the proper responsibility being taken by the current leaders.”

UVA Names Carla Williams Its First Female African-American AD

The University of Virginia formally welcomed a new athletic director on Monday (10/23). Carla Williams will become the first African-American woman AD among the 64 schools in the “Power Five” conferences.

Now an adminstrator at the University of Georgia, Carla Williams grew up playing basketball and football against boys. “I learned how to compete against people who were seemingly bigger, stronger, and faster than me.”

She’s aware of the historic part of her appointment but not fixated on it. “I grew up not thinking there were limitations.”

Militia Defends Bearing Arms at August 12th Rally

Despite getting sued by the City of Charlottesville, members of a Pennsylvania-based militia returned to town Saturday (10/21) to meet with activists and clergy.

Christian Yingling is the Commanding Officer of the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia, and he defends the firepower his men displayed on August 12th. “The fact that we had guns is what kept things peaceful for as long as they were.”

Community activist Jamie Dyer, however, offers much fainter praise. “I didn’t see them killing or hurting anybody on the 12th.”

Man Who Improvised Flame-Thrower Arrested

A day after a young African-American man brutally beaten in a parking garage turned himself in on an assault charge, another African-American figure from the August 12 rally has been arrested.

In a viral photograph, a young black man sprays flames at a group of white men wielding Confederate flags. But on Friday morning the young man, Corey Long, was arrested, charged with assault and with disorderly conduct.

Long said he was just protecting an elderly man. “A guy threw a spray can at me, and I took it to my advantage.”

Gun-firing Supremacist Denied Bail by Charlottesville Judge

A KKK official accused of firing a weapon at the August “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville was denied bail today (10/12) after admitting that he fired the shot caught on video.

Fifty-two year-old Richard Wilson Preston testified that the shot he fired was not the first time he raised his pistol at the rally. One time, he said, came moments earlier when he was facing a man about to toss a newspaper box and then again when he was allegedly threatened by a man weilding a nail-studded spear.

Charlottesville Planning Meeting Canceled Due to Protest

The Charlottesville Planning Commission was shut down Tuesday night by a protest over issues surrounding the August 12th white supremacist rally.

Planners were discussing a nine-story condo tower when the chanting began; "So I would ask staff to provide us a report please;” “No more business as usual. Justice for DeAndre, justice for DeAndre.” DeAndre Harris is a young African-American man beaten in a parking garage at the rally.