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Craig Carper

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WCVE Public Radio political contributor.

Articles by Craig Carper

Virginia Legislators form Redskins Pride Caucus

A bipartisan group of state legislators from Virginia have formed a Redskins Pride Caucus in response to a letter from 50 U.S. Senators calling on the team to change their name. The caucus hopes to protect a Virginia business that pumps millions of dollars back into the state’s economy and supports jobs. Members of the group say the name is not racist but a point of pride. Last week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decided to cancel the team’s copyright on their name and logo, a maneuver designed to pressure the franchise to change their name.

Howell Rules McAuliffe Veto Out of Order

Speaker of the House of Delegates Bill Howell has ruled unconstitutional and out of order a line item veto by Governor McAuliffe. The governor vetoed language introduced by Republicans in the General Assembly prohibiting his use of executive action to expand Medicaid. The Speaker contends that the Governor can only veto specific appropriations and not language nor conditions. Howell cites former Democratic Speaker Tom Moss’s similar ruling against then-Republican Governor George Allen’s line item vetoes as precedent.

Republicans Take Control of State Senate

Last night (June 23), Republicans in the state Senate reorganized all committees to reflect their new narrow majority, thanks to the recent resignation of Democratic Senator Phillip Puckett. Currently, there are 20 Republicans and 19 Democrats in the Senate. A special election will be held on August 19th to fill Puckett’s seat. Republicans could add one seat to their slim majority, or Democrats could retain the seat and the Senate would again be evenly divided 20-20.

McAuliffe Plans to Expand Medicaid Administratively

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced his intentions Friday (June 20) to expand the state’s Medicaid program administratively without the approval of the legislature and vetoed the General Assembly’s attempts to restrict him from doing so. McAuliffe says Republicans in the General Assembly have bowed to pressure from the Tea Party to deny 400,000 Virginians access to life-saving health care.

Legislature Returns to Consider McAuliffe’s Budget Vetoes

The General Assembly returns to the Capitol tonight (June 23) to consider Governor McAuliffe’s line item vetoes to the state budget, including one that sets the stage for him to bypass the legislature to expand Medicaid. It takes a two-thirds majority in both houses to override a Governor’s veto. While the House, which has a Republican supermajority is expected to do so, the Senate where the GOP has a one seat advantage, is expected to sustain his changes.

Herring Announces Reforms to AG’s Office

Attorney General Mark Herring says his office is implementing a series of reforms that will lead to the biggest advances in efficiency, IT infrastructure and transparency in the AG’s office in a generation, including the way outside counsel is hired. Herring wants to ensure Virginians that outside counsel is being used appropriately and that taxpayers are getting the best bang for their buck when other representation is hired. Outside counsel firms will be prohibited from making campaign contributions to the Attorney General.

McAuliffe to Announce Changes to Budget

This morning Governor Terry McAuliffe will announce his actions on the two-year budget passed by the General Assembly last week, a budget many Democrats and health care advocates have urged him to amend by line item or veto entirely. At the insistence of conservative House Republicans, the new Republican majority in the Senate amended the budget last week to specifically prohibit the Governor from expanding the state’s Medicaid program by executive action.

Chinese Paper Company to Create 2,000 Jobs at New Chesterfield Plant

The Shandon Tranlin Paper Company has announced a 2 billion dollar investment in Chesterfield County that will create 2,000 new jobs. The Chinese owned pulp and paper company says their proprietary technology is revolutionary for it’s exclusive use of environmentally sustainable agricultural field waste including wheat straw and corn stalks to produce tree-free, non chlorine bleached 100 percent straw paper products.

Romney and Bolling Campaign for Gillespie in Henrico

Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was in Henrico yesterday evening to campaign for Ed Gillespie at the 20th annual Burgers with Bill cookout with former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.

Governor Romney says Gillespie’s plan will create 10 million jobs throughout the country. Gillespie says his victory will mean a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate and a check and balance on the last two years of the Obama administration.