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Craig Carper

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WCVE Public Radio political contributor.

Articles by Craig Carper

McDonnells' Vacation Homes Were Losing $50-$60,000 Per Year

The ex-brother-in-law of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen testified on Monday in their corruption trial that vacation properties owned by the McDonnells and his sister were losing the family $50-60,000 per year.

Bob and Maureen McDonnell are accused of accepting over $150,000 in gifts and loans from former Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, in exchange for using the Governor’s office to advance the drug.

McAuliffe Creates Children’s Cabinet

Governor Terry McAuliffe has signed two executive orders creating a Children’s Cabinet aimed at improving education and well being for those under 21 and the Commonwealth Council on Childhood Success, focusing on a smaller umbrella of infants to third graders.

Governor McAuliffe says the two groups are an effort to help Virginia’s child population, where the Opportunity Educational Institution failed to do so after being found unconstitutional by a Norfolk court earlier this summer.

Former Staff Chief Says McDonnells Felt Tricked by Investigators

Martin Kent, the chief of staff for former Governor Bob McDonnell, testified Monday that his boss was visibly upset after his wife’s initial questioning by state and federal investigators in February of 2013. Governor McDonnell told Kent state police were dishonest about the purpose of the investigation, leading him and the first lady to believe they were seeking information on the former chef at the executive mansion, who had been accused of stealing food. Mrs.

Health Secretary Had Little Faith in Williams or Anatabloc

Dr. Bill Hazel, Health Secretary under former Governor Bob McDonnell, testified Thursday in the corruption of the former Chief Executive and his wife Maureen, saying he was unimpressed with their benefactor Jonnie Williams or the drug he was promoting. Williams, the CEO of Star Scientific, was trying to get clinical trials of his anti-inflammatory drug Anatabloc, which he claimed could treat Alzheimer’s and possibly cure Multiple Sclerosis.

Ex-Mansion Director Offers Testimony in McDonnell Case

During sworn testimony Thursday in the corruption trial of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen, the ex-director of the governor's mansion said the former first lady did not believe her gifts should be tracked because she was not an elected official. Bob and Maureen McDonnell are accused of accepting over $150,000 in gifts and loans from former Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams in exchange for the state's assistance in advancing his drug Anatabloc. Sarah Scarborough, former Director of the Virginia governor's mansion, says Mrs.

Richmond Schools Face $29 Million Maintenance Shortfall

Richmond Public Schools have $35 million in critical capital improvements needs and only $6 million in the budget. Nearly $20 million goes to HVAC mechanical improvements, $7.5 million for roof improvements, $4.3 million for life, health and safety improvements and $3.5 million for contingency funds.

Thomas Kranz, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services, says the repair needs are not a result of negligence.

Board Disallows IDs Expired Longer Than a Year

The Virginia Board of Elections voted 2-1 yesterday (August 6) to accept a compromise measure on proposed changes to the state’s voter ID law that would eliminate any form of photo ID  that expired more than 12 months before election day.  Earlier this year, the board  approved adjustments to the Voter ID law that would accept expired photo IDs. The legilsation's patron, Republican stateb Senator Mark Obenshain of Harrisonburg, expressed concerns, and the issue was reopened.

Ex-Aide Testifies of Conflict at the Executive Mansion

In sworn testimony during the corruption trial of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen McDonnell, the former first lady’s original chief of staff said she had to leave her job in 2011 due to Mrs. McDonnell’s constant screaming. Mary Shea Sutherland confirmed that she had told federal investigators that Mrs. McDonnell was a “nutbag.” Sutherland said the yelling prompted the executive protection unit to enter the room to investigate on more than one occasion.

Study Gives Mixed Results on Virginia Children’s Well Being

In its 25th annual databook, the Annie E. Casey foundation says there are both good and bad trends for childhood well being in Virginia. There have been several significant improvements since 1990 in child health and education. In that year 36 percent of children were in preschool versus 51 percent in 2011. In 1992, 31 percent of 4th graders could read proficiently. In 2013 that number was up to 43 percent. A larger percentage of children, 91 percent in 2012 over 79 percent in 1990, are in families where the household head has a high school diploma.