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Craig Carper

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WCVE Public Radio political contributor.

Articles by Craig Carper

Warner Hopeful New Congress Will Act

Speaking to reporters via Skype for Associated Press Day at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Senator Mark Warner said he’s glad the election is over and remains optimistic that things can get done in the new Congress. Warner believes the election results, including his narrow victory over his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie, put pressure on congress to show that they can govern.

Warner believes the Congress can make progress on infrastructure improvements, government data transparency, lowering student debt, improving Obamacare and simplifying the tax code.

Webb Outlines His Priorities As He Weighs Presidential Bid

Former Senator Jim Webb, who is contemplating a bid for the Democratic nomination for President, outlined his priorities for the country at the Associated Press Day at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Webb spoke of spreading economic fairness, noting that the stock market has nearly tripled since the economic crash of 2008 but real wages and loans to small businesses have slightly dropped.

The former senator says the mass incarceration of those convicted of non-violent offenses is a national crisis in the criminal justice system.

Crime Commission Defers Action on Teen Sexting

The Virginia Crime Commission has deferred action on teen sexting until next year, saying it needs more time to study the problem.

The Crime Commission had considered lowering criminal sentences for minors who send self produced nude images via text message or other electronic means, exempting them from prosecution under child pornography laws aimed at adult predators.

Camille Cooper, legislative director of the national child advocacy group PROTECT says Virginia’s sentencing data shows that juveniles are not receiving felony sentences for underage sexting.

Crime Commission Recommends Cigarette Retail Licenses and Fees

The Virginia Crime Commission is recommending that retailers who sell cigarettes be licensed to do so, in order to fight the growing problem of cigarette trafficking. The Alcoholic Beverage Control would administer the licenses.

36 other states require similar licenses with costs ranging from $60-$240 dollars. The licenses would only apply to cigarettes, not cigars or other tobacco products.

Virginia Educator Bosher Dies at 68

Renowned Educator Dr. Bill Bosher, a man who shaped education policy at the state and local level over his 46 year career, died in his sleep Sunday (11/30) at age 68.

Bosher oversaw the implementation of the Standards of Learning as State School Superintendent in the mid-nineties, founded VCU’s Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute and served as Dean of the VCU School of Education.

Bosher also provided analysis and critique of state and local education policy regarded as one of the most knowledgeable experts on the subject in Virginia.

Saslaw to Introduce Bill to Require Universities to Report Rapes to Police

State Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw says he will introduce a bill in the upcoming General Assembly session that would require university officials with knowledge of a sexual assault on campus to report the incident to local police within 24 hours. Under Saslaw’s bill, campus officials and faculty who fail to report incidents of sexual assault would face up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. Saslaw says universities like UVA have no business adjudicating felonies.

Virginia’s Gasoline Tax to Increase to 18 Cents Per Gallon

With congressional action on the Marketplace Equity Act unlikely before the end of the year, Virginia’s gasoline tax will increase by seven cents per gallon on January 1st. Virginia’s billion-dollar transportation package passed in 2013 relies heavily on funds from the federal bill. The tax increase will automatically be enacted to cover the loss of those funds should Congress not act.

The Marketplace Fairness Act would require online retailers to collect and remit state sales tax just like all brick and mortar businesses.

Several Hundred Richmonders Protest Ferguson Decision

Several hundred Richmonders rallied outside of the John Marshall Courts Building and marched through downtown to protest the decision in Ferguson Missouri not to indict Officer Darren Wilson over the death of Michael Brown. They carried signs with eye-catching messages like “Police Are the Enemy” and “Black Lives Matter.” They used provocative speech but kept their protest peaceful.