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Craig Carper is the News Director for 88.9 WCVE Public Radio. Craig studied journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked in broadcast news since 2001. He’s worked in various capacities covering Virginia politics for WCVE PBS since 2006. For six years starting in 2009 he served as the political reporter for 88.9 WCVE before being promoted to News Director in July of 2015.

Craig served as the host of Capitol Events during the General Assembly Session on WCVE PBS, a daily one-minute update on legislative issues.

In 2012 he conducted an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama. In 2015 he interviewed former President Jimmy Carter.

Craig has contributed over 100 nationally run news stories to NPR and has been featured on the PBS NewsHour with Judy Woodruff and the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

He’s covered 3 Governors, the 2009 and 2013 gubernatorial campaigns, the 2012 and 2014 U.S. Senate races, the 2012 Presidential campaign and in 2014 he provided daily national coverage of the trial of former Governor Bob McDonnell for NPR.

Articles by Craig Carper

Webb Considers Run as an Independent

Virginia’s former U.S. Senator, Democrat Jim Webb says he’s considering running as an independent for President of the United States.

Webb has called a press conference for 1:00 p.m. today (10/20) where he will discuss his future plans and his views on both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Webb has a history of working with both. Before serving as a Democratic Senator, he was assistant secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy for President Reagan.

McAuliffe Bans Guns in Most State Buildings

Governor Terry McAuliffe has signed an executive order that will ban guns in nearly all state office buildings and establish a joint task force to prosecute illegal gun sales in Virginia.

Governor McAuliffe has made gun control a top priority during his administration but has been thwarted at every turn by Republicans in the General Assembly. Now he’s doing what he can on his own.

Republicans say while enforcing existing laws is good, the firearms ban is shortsighted, and will leave law abiding citizens defenseless to violent acts rather than protect them.

Kaine Holds Criminal Justice Reform Roundtable in Richmond

Senator Tim Kaine was in Richmond yesterday (10/15) for a roundtable discussion with non-violent ex-offenders about the challenges of returning to their communities following incarceration and strategies to reduce recidivisim.

Kaine says for the first time in decades both parties recognize the need to reform the criminal justice system.

Trump Speaks to Thousands at Richmond International Raceway

GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump spoke to thousands of supporters last night (10/14) at Richmond International Raceway.

Trump listed areas where he is performing particularly well in the polls and highlighted specific issues including the economy, foreign policy and illegal immigration where he continues to lead.

Trump got big cheers when he said he would build a wall to keep out illegals.

Several dozen protesters were ejected after chanting “Dump Trump” and getting into shouting matches with his supporters.

Trump Critiques Clinton and Sanders

GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump spoke to thousands of supporters last night (10/14) at Richmond International Raceway. He spoke of his strengths on the issues and criticized his opponents on both sides of the aisle.

Trump told supporters he would reduce taxes, rebuild infrastructure and repeal and replace Obamacare. The billionaire had plenty of criticism for his Republican primary opponents, but he saved his harshest attacks for Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Prosecutors Oppose Maureen McDonnell’s Request to Delay Her Appeal

Federal Prosecutors say former Virginia First Lady Maureen McDonnell’s appeal of her 2014 corruption convictions to the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court should proceed as planned in October.

Attorneys for Mrs. McDonnell have requested her appeal be delayed until after the Supreme Court decides whether to hear her husband, former Governor Bob McDonnell’s corruption appeal.

Prosecutors say it’s in the public’s intereste to resolve the case as soon as possible.

JLARC Report Shows Fifteen Percent Increase In State Spending

The General Assembly’s internal watchdog group, JLARC says state spending has increased by 15% over the past 10 years.

Virginia’s economy is growing at roughly half the rate of the nation as a whole.

Republican Delegate Steve Landes of Weyers Cave says multiple factors are responsible for Virginia’s lower incoming tax revenue.

Virginia’s unemployment rate is slowly but steadily declining, though the economy has not bounced back as quickly as many had hoped.

Herring Says Heroin And Prescription Drug Deaths Rise, But Progress Has Been Made

Attorney General Mark Herring says one year after the implementation of his plan to combat heroin and prescription drug abuse progress has been made but fatalities continue to rise and there is more work to be done.

The Chief Medical Examiners says 728 Virginians lost their lives in 2014 to heroin and prescription drug overdoses, over 3,000 in the last five years alone.

Attorney General Mark Herring says that’s a staggering and disheartening number, but progress has been made.

Kasich Believes in Path to Legalization Not Citizenship

Speaking to several hundred people during a town hall campaign stop at the University of Richmond yesterday Ohio Governor and Republican Presidential hopeful John Kasich, told supporters that he believes in a path to legalization for illegal immigrants but not to citizenship.

Governor Kasich says those who immigrated to the country illegally but have since obeyed our laws, should have to pay a penalty but be allowed to stay.  

Kasich says the United States needs a physical border but that we should maintain guest worker programs.