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Craig Carper

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WCVE Public Radio political contributor.

Articles by Craig Carper

Herring Hopes Task Force Can Make Reporting Safer

The Governor’s Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence met yesterday in Chester to focus on the community college level.

At John Tyler Community College, the group met to discuss best practices for responding to sexual assaults and preventing them before they happen.

Attorney General Mark Herring, who chairs the Task Force, says they’ve made progress toward creating a safe environment for victims to come forward but adds  there is more work to do.

Those recommendations will be announced next Thursday.

Holton Discusses SOL Reforms with Educators

As kids across the commonwealth are taking the SOL’s, Virginia’s Secretary of Education Anne Holton is sharing the work the state has done so far to improve the tests and asking educators what more work can be done to make them even better.

While Virginia eliminated 5 of the tests last year, Secretary Holton says the SOLs remain especially stressful for elementary students and should be shortened.

Cancer Charities Charged with $187 Million in Fraud

A joint effort by the Federal Trade Commission and 58 law enforcement offices from every state was announced today (May 19) to charge four cancer charities with $187 million in consumer fraud, possibly the largest such case in U.S. history.

The charities promised to deliver medication, treatment and hospice services to cancer patients but instead pocketed the money, leaving less than 1% of donations to their cause.

Scott Explains No Vote on Human Trafficking Bill

A bill patroned by Republican Senator John Cornyn to crack down on human trafficking is headed to President Obama’s desk. Virginia’s 3rd District Cogressman Bobby Scott issued a statement yesterday (5/19) explaining why he voted no.

Scott says the bill unnecessarily expands mandatory minimum sentencing, which discriminate against minorities, waste money and fail to reduce crime. The legislation requires a 10-15 year sentence for trafficking.

VCU Opens Virginia’s First Ebola Unit

Governor McAuliffe says the Commonwealth is now better prepared to treat potential outbreaks of Ebola as well as other high level medical threats.

The Unique Pathogens Unit was ordered just 6 months ago and is now complete. It’s the newest department of the VCU Medical Center, and it will allow health care workers the tools necessary to safely treat patients with highly infectious diseases.

McAuliffe says the new state of the art facility is one of 55 centers nationwide approved by the CDC to treat Ebola.

AG's Office Teaching Connection Between Pet Abuse, Domestic Violence

The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance says there are connections between those who abuse animals and those who abuse people, and they’re training law enforcement and animal control officers as well as domestic violence advocates in a comprehensive new program to prevent violence against both.

Prevention of domestic violence at all levels is the goal of the program.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Michelle Welch, Director of the Animal Law Unit, says animals can be a resource to tell law enforcement officers what’s going on in the home.

Morrissey Photo Again Raises Paternity Questions

A photo of former Delegate Joe Morrissey is circulating on social media today, which appears to show him and Myrna Pride posing with her infant child.

Morrissey, Pride and the child are all dressed in historic southern attire and smiling.

Morrissey had been accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with Pride last year. She was 17 at the time and working in his law office.

Morrissey was cleared of all charges relating to the relationship in March.

He visited Pride in Atlanta for the baby’s birth but to date has not admitted paternity.

McAuliffe Pardons McAlister After 29 Years Served

Governor Terry McAuliffe has issued an absolute pardon for Michael McAlister who was wrongfully convicted 29 years ago of rape.

Norman Bruce Derr recently confessed to the crime as well as several other rapes in Maryland and Virginia. This cleared McAlister and put Derr behind bars. The two share a striking resemblance.

McAlister was freed Wednesday evening.

McAlister had previously applied for a pardon in 1993 only to be rejected. This is the first absolute pardon for McAuliffe.

Democrats Seeking Watkins Seat Participate in Forum

The three Democratic candidates in the race for the 10th district state Senate seat, now held by retiring Republican John Watkins, addressed voters questions directly last night at a forum moderated by 88.9 WCVE’s Craig Caper.

Chersterfield County Supervisor Dan Gecker says he wants to address the district’s income divide.

Emily Francis, an environmental advocate who’s worked for 16 years in non profits, says she’s the only proven progressive choice for Democrats.