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Craig Carper

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WCVE Public Radio political contributor.

Articles by Craig Carper

Herring Says State Board Can’t Impose Strict Building Regs on Existing Abortion Clinics

Attorney General Mark Herring says the state Board of Health does not have the authority to enforce strict design and construction regulations on clinics that provide abortions, built before the new rules took effect. The rules require abortion providers in older facilities to meet the same building standards as hospitals.

Cianti Stewart Reid, Executive Director Planned Parent Advocates of Virginia, says three clinics in Virginia have already closed as a result of the regulations.

All 18 of Virginia’s existing clinics precede the regulations.

Governor May Veto Drone Bills

Governor Terry McAuliffe may announce today whether he will veto several bills, including controversial legislation governing surveillance technology.

McAuliffe says bills restricting the use of license plate readers and drones for collecting evidence for law enforcement were rushed through the legislature.

Law enforcement agencies have said the use of such technology is critical to stopping criminals, while civil liberties groups say it invades law abiding citizen’s privacy.

McAuliffe Hopes to Set Police Body Camera Policy Soon

Governor Terry McAuliffe discussed what Virginia is doing to utilize body cameras and other surveillance technology when asked about the violence in Baltimore.

McAuliffe has his Secure Commonwealth Panel working to develop a comprehensive policy on police body cameras.

McAuliffe says they need to resolve when to read the data collected from such cameras and how long it is kept.

State Police estimate the cost of implementing body cameras at $2 million dollars.

Kaine says Bill for Congressional Approval of Iran Nuclear Deal Will Reach President’s Desk

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine says a bill he helped draft that would give Congress the power to review a final nuclear deal with Iran will reach the President’s desk.

Kaine says the bill will give the President the appropriate room to negotiate a nuclear agreement, and only when completed would Congress step in to review the deal.

In an unusual circumstance, the bill passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by unanimous vote. It’s now on the floor.

Kaine is hopeful that the bill could pass the Senate this week and soon thereafter in the House.

Herring Attends Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Arguments

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring was at the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday to hear the arguments for and against legalizing same sex marriage.

The Attorney General told reporters the landmark Loving vs. Virginia case, which legalized interracial marriage, was mentioned more than once during oral arguments.

Last year the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 to strike down Virginia’s 2006 voter approved amendment banning same sex marriage.

Herring changed the commonwealth’s position on the case and chose not to defend the law.

Solarize RVA Launches 2015 Program

A coalition of environmental groups known as the Richmond Region Energy Alliance or RREA and local elected leaders have announced the 2015 Solarize RVA bulk purchasing program at a newly installed solar panel system in south Richmond.

The Solarize RVA program will offer special commercial and residential pricing, giving a 15% discount. Residents of surrounding counties and the city of Ashland are eligible.

NAACP Plans Listening Tour

The Central Virginia NAACP is holding a listening tour on social justice issues in response to local and national stories of police brutality toward African-Americans.

At one point Richmond’s per capita crime rate was among the top 5 in the nation, though it has dropped dramatically over the past decade.

Former Richmond City Councilman Marty Jewell says while Richmond has not seen a tragic incident of police violence against African-Americans as in Ferguson, it could happen if systemic problems aren’t addressed.

Dominion Puts Offshore Wind Project on Hold

Dominion Virginia Power says its pilot project to build two offshore wind turbines likely will be delayed.

Dominion says the project has gotten too expensive and they need to regroup to find ways to control costs.

In 2013 the company won the rights to develop a 2,000-megawatt wind site off Virginia’s coast, enough to power over 500,000 homes. This 12 Megawatt pilot to power 3,000 homes was the first step.

Virginia Last in Connecting Teenagers with Foster Families

The Commonwealth is ranked last in the nation for connecting teenagers to permanent families, with 500 kids per year aging out of the foster care system.

Voices for Virginia’s Children wants the state to opt in to a provision of the Federal Fostering Connections Act, which would provide federal funds for housing, case support and independent living services to transition aged youth aged 18-21. Eligible kids would have to maintain a job or remain in school to receive these funds.