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Craig Carper

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Articles by Craig Carper

House Announces Redistricting Session Agenda

House Republican leaders have announced they will return to Richmond on Monday (8/10) to begin the process of adjusting the 3rd congressional district, which a federal court found was racially gerrymandered and ordered redrawn by September 1st.

After a full day of meetings, the public will have the opportunity to weigh in on the proposed changes before the House Privileges and Elections Committee at 3:00 p.m.

Americans For Prosperity Rally To Protest Clean Energy Plan

The conservative tax policy group Americans for Prosperity held a rally at the University of Richmond yesterday (8/10) to protest the EPA’s Clean Energy Plan which will require Virginia to cut emissions by 15% but 32% nationwide over the next 30 years.

Though the rules for Virginia are less stringent than those originally planned when proposed last year, conservatives say coal remains under attack from every angle.

McDonnell Request for Full Court to Hear Appeal Is Denied

The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has denied former Governor Bob McDonnell’s request for the full court to reconsider his 2014 conviction on 11 counts of corruption.

The court’s order says McDonnell received a fair trial and was duly convicted by his fellow Virginians.

Carl Tobias, Professor of Law at the University of Richmond says getting to the full court to hear the case en banc was always a long shot.

Scott Discusses SAFE Justice Act in Richmond

Virginia’s 3rd District Congressman Bobby Scott has proposed the Safe Justice Act, an initiative he says will reform the federal criminal justice system, reducing crime and saving money.

Scott says high rates of incarceration are adding to crime, rather than reducing it.

He wants to invest in keeping people out of prison.

Scott says the bill has strong bipartisan support and notes that similar reforms have been enacted in Texas, saving them over $2 billion dollars in prison construction.

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Former HDL CEO and Co-Founder

A federal lawsuit filed Monday (8/10), alleges that Tonya Mallory, the cofounder and former CEO of Health Diagnostics lab, engaged in an $80 million dollar kickback scheme.

The lawsuit claims the defendents offered or paid $80 million dollars in kickbacks to healthcare providers in the form of improper process and handling fees, in effect bribing them to send their blood samples to HDL, Berkely Heartlab and Singulex Incorporated.

Federal Taliban Conviction Raises Questions

In Richmond Friday (8/7) a member of the Taliban was tried and convicted for the first time in a U.S. federal court. Critics have questioned whether the U.S. has jurisdiction to try such cases in this manner.

There’s little legal precedent as Judge Henry Hudson considers former Russian Tank Commander Irek Hamidullin’s sentence. The Obama administration chose to bring the case in federal court as opposed to a military tribunal.

Speaker Howell Uses $250,000 in State Funds to Defend Campaign Aid in Redistricting Suit

The liberal think tank Progress Virginia is attacking Speaker of the House Bill Howell for using $240,000 in taxpayer dollars toward the legal defense of congressional district maps that a federal 3 judge panel found were racially gerrymandered.

Progress Virginia used a FOIA request to uncover that the quarter of a million dollars went specifically to protect documents of a GOP aide who helped lawmakers draw congressional district lines.

Judges Deny VA GOP an Extension on Congressional Redistricting

A request by Virginia’s House Republican leadership to delay the special session to redraw the 3rd Congressional District map, which a three judge panel ruled was racially gerrymandered, has been denied by that same panel.

Republicans were hoping to extend their September 1st deadline until November 16th. They say they’re now evaluating their next steps.

Earlier this year the judges ruled the House Republican authored plan packed black voters into the 3rd Congressional District, weakening their voting power in surrounding ones and protecting GOP incumbents.

Virginia Holds Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend

The next school year is just a few weeks away and it’s time again to stock up on pencils, paper, notebooks, scissors and glue sticks. The state is once again giving parents and teachers a little bit of help…school supplies $20 dollars and under are tax free this weekend.

Virginia’s sales tax holiday runs from Friday, August 7th to Sunday, August 9th.

Kristen Larson, Vice Chair of the Richmond City School Board encourages parents and teachers to take advantage.

Herring Highlights TRIAD’s Work at Protecting Seniors

Attorney General Mark Herring spoke yesterday (Tuesday 8-4) in Fluvanna County to commemorate the reintroduction of TRIAD, a program designed to coordinate services and resources to protect seniors against fraud.

Herring says scam artists are becoming more brazen and using new technology to victimize seniors and steal their money and sometimes their identity.

Herring says recently scam artists unsuccessfully used his name and office as Attorney General in emails to demand money from seniors.