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Craig Carper

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Craig Carper is the News Director for 88.9 WCVE Public Radio. Craig studied journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked in broadcast news since 2001. He’s worked in various capacities covering Virginia politics for WCVE PBS since 2006. For six years starting in 2009 he served as the political reporter for 88.9 WCVE before being promoted to News Director in July of 2015.

Craig served as the host of Capitol Events during the General Assembly Session on WCVE PBS, a daily one-minute update on legislative issues.

In 2012 he conducted an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama. In 2015 he interviewed former President Jimmy Carter.

Craig has contributed over 100 nationally run news stories to NPR and has been featured on the PBS NewsHour with Judy Woodruff and the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

He’s covered 3 Governors, the 2009 and 2013 gubernatorial campaigns, the 2012 and 2014 U.S. Senate races, the 2012 Presidential campaign and in 2014 he provided daily national coverage of the trial of former Governor Bob McDonnell for NPR.

Articles by Craig Carper

Sturtevant Announces Fiscal Accountability Bills

Incoming 10th District State Senator, Republican Glen Sturtevant, says he’s introducing multiple bills that will make state departments more accountable and better stewards of Virginia’s tax dollars.

On the Richmond School Board Sturtevant introduced legislation to put the district’s check register online, now he says he’s drafted a bill to require the same thing of every school system in the commonwealth as well all other state departments and agencies.

White House Targets Richmond For Signups

It’s nearing the end of the third open enrollment period for Obamacare and the White House is working to engage communities with high percentages of their population uninsured to enroll in coverage plans. Richmond is one of those communities.

The White House says 70 percent of Virginians will be able to find plans for 75 dollars or less per month at

18 million people nationwide have enrolled in the federal exchange since the law took effect.

GOP Lawmakers Ask Federal 3 Judge Panel To Put Redistricting Map On Hold

Republicans in Virginia’s congressional delegation are asking that a federal three-judge panel tasked with redrawing the state’s 3rd congressional district withhold their plan, because a possible reversal from the U.S. Supreme Court could unhinge a “historic campaign” by a black candidate in a new minority influenced 4th district.

The same panel has twice ruled that Virginia’s General Assembly packed black voters into the 3rd congressional district, weakening their voting power in others.

Kaine Discusses Sexual Assault Provisions of Every Student Succeeds Act

Senator Tim Kaine made a floor speech today (12/9) in favor of the Every Student Succeeds Act, the bill written to replace No Child Left Behind.

The bill includes several provisions authored by Kaine, including measures to increase career and technical education programs as well as the authorization of federal funds to teach high school students about sexual assault prevention, dating violence and how to get help. Kaine says people are most at risk of sexual assault from age 16-24.

The House approved the bill last week. The Senate is expected to vote tomorrow (12/10).

Kaine Speaks Out In Support Of Refugees

Today (12/2) Virginia’s Junior U.S. Senator Tim Kaine spoke against the American Security Against Foreign Enemies or SAFE Act. The GOP authored bill, passed by the House shortly before Thanksgiving, would restrict the admission of Iraqi and Syrian refugees into the US by requiring extra security procedures. Kaine says it demonizes them.

Kaine commended the President’s recent efforts to tighten the Visa waiver program. Roughly 2,500 Syrian refugees out of 4 million who have fled the country, have made it into the U.S. since 2011.

Richmond to Pay $1.8 Million More For Schools Due to State Funding Changes

Under new calculations to the formula by which the state funds public schools, Richmond will have to pay $1.8 million in additional city dollars to pay for the same services and facilities they currently offer.

The Local Composite Index uses real estate assessments, median income and the school age population to determine a school system’s ability to pay. Richmond School Board member Kim Gray says the formula incorrectly labels Richmond as the 5th wealthiest locality in the state.