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Craig Carper

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WCVE Public Radio political contributor.

Articles by Craig Carper

New Argument In Third District Gerrymandering Case

A new fight is brewing over Virginia’s 3rd congressional district maps. After a Federal 3-judge panel ruled the district was racially gerrymandered and ordered changes, the two parties in the suit are arguing over whether those proposed changes should be made public on a state government website.

Members of Virginia’s State Board of Elections, some of the defendants in the case, filed a motion on Friday (9/18) to let the state Division of Legislative Services post redistricting plans submitted to the court.

McAuliffe Reappoints Roush to Virginia Supreme Court

Governor Terry McAuliffe has reappointed his interim selection for Virginia Supreme Court, Justice Jane Marum Roush, but Republicans in the General Assembly say he’s overstepped his authority.

Republicans say the Governor can’t reappoint Roush, because his interim authority to make appointments only applies when the General Assembly is not in session.

Last month the Senate adjourned for the year, effectively ending the special session of the General Assembly.

K-12 Spending Down Over Seven Percent From 2007 Levels

A study by JLARC, the state legislature’s internal watchdog group, shows that Virginia is spending 7% less on K-12 public education than in 2007, before the recession began.

Virginia Secretary of Education Anne Holton says this is no shock, though she was surprised to learn that Virginia was out of balance between state and local spending when compared to other states.

Governor Terry McAuliffe has said he will make new investment in education a priority in the budget he introduces in December.

New Lawsuit Affects 11 Of Virginia's Districts

Another lawsuit has been filed challenging 11 of Virginia’s state legislative districts, this time alleging they don’t meet another key requirement of compactness.

This suit is brought by the non-partisan, independent redistricting advocacy group, One Virginia 2021 and unlike a previously litigation, this challenges the maps in both the House and Senate held by Republicans and Democrats.

Wyatt Durrette, a former legislator and the 1985 Republican Candidate for Governor is their lawyer.

Kaine Says Sequestration Is Bad For Virginia

Senator Kaine says pending cuts from Sequestration on September 30th would be disproportionately damaging to Virginia, particularly in the areas of national defense, transportation and Pell grants. He says Congress is working hard to make sure this doesn’t come to pass.

Kaine who serves on the budget committee, says the bipartisan Murray/Ryan deal reached last year provided relief for 50 percent of the across the board cuts Sequestration could bring. He’s hoping for another such compromise this year.

Lawmakers Visit Schools To Help Improve Learning Process

Governor Terry McAuliffe and Secretary of Education Anne Holton paid a visit to Bellwood Elementary School in Chesterfield County last week to get input from teachers and faculty on what the state can do to improve the learning process as students return for another school year. Holton says the feedback will be crucial as they develop their education policy agenda for next year.

McAuliffe Confirms He Will Reappoint Roush

Governor Terry McAuliffe says as House Republicans continue to play political games with the Judicial Nomination process, he’s moving on.

Last month the Senate adjourned for the year, effectively ending the special session of the General Assembly.

Governor McAuliffe says this gives him the ability to reappoint his interim pick for the Virginia Supreme Court, Justice Jane Marum Roush.