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Craig Carper

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WCVE Public Radio political contributor.

Articles by Craig Carper

Morrissey Confirms He Will Challenge Dance for Senate

Delegate Joe Morrissey has confirmed that he will challenge Democratic Senator Rosalyn Dance for the Democratic nomination in the June 16th district primary.

Morrissey recently moved into the Senate district from Henrico County to Richmond. In addition to Dance, he’ll face 63rd District Delegate Joseph Preston of Petersburg.

Before that, however, Morrissey will stand trial for charges of submitting falsified documents to the Henrico County Court in the final week of April.

Morrissey is expected to announce his candidacy formally on Wednesday.

Task Force on Drug Abuse Prepares Recommendations

The Governor’s Task Force on Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse met Thursday (3/19)to review legislation passed this year and to work on final recommendations due to the Governor in June.

The state has implemented a monitoring program to prevent excessive prescriptions by doctors and to determine how many prescriptions a patient may have received.

Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran says stopping the flow of drugs into the state is another challenge.

The group will meet again in April and will present a final report to the Governor in June.

McAuliffe Considers Amendments to Campus Sexual Assault Bills

As Governor McAuliffe considers possible amendments to campus sexual assault legislation passed by the General Assembly this year, his task force on the topic is reacting to the bills and pitching a few ideas of its own.

This year, the General Assembly approved legislation to require state universities to report all felony sexual assaults either to local law enforcement or prosecutors, while giving students the ability to report anonymously.

Task Force on Campus Sexual Violence Prepares Recommendations

The Governor’s Task Force on Combatting Campus Sexual Violence is preparing its final recommendations, which will be released in June.

The task force is considering creating a database of students who have been expelled for assault, mobile apps to report incidents to campus officials or outside law enforcement and prevention training programs in K-12 schools.

Attorney General Mark Herring is chair of the task force.

The group is also discussing the creation of a center to coordinate research and best practices for campus sexual assault prevention.

Former Mayor Announces Candidacy For House

Former Richmond Mayor Reverend Leonidas Young formally announced Tuesday that he will run for the 74th district House of Delegates seat currently held by the embattled Democrat-turned-Independent Joe Morrissey.

If elected, Young says he will push for raising the minimum wage and expanding access to health coverage and the automatic restoration of rights for felons who have served their time. 

Coalition Creates Cyber Bullying Prevention Program

A coalition of law enforcement and child safety groups has announced a new training program to prevent cyber-bullying.

The groups were inspired by several highly publicized teen suicides resulting from cyber bullying.

Bedford County Sherriff Mike Brown created the program with the National White Collar Crime Center.

The 30-45 minute interactive DVD program is available free of charge at

Group Says Atlantic Coast Pipeline is “All Pain, No Gain”

A group of residents of Augusta and Nelson Counties has launched a new campaign against the proposed route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by Dominion Virginia Power, now under review by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The group says should the project be approved, Dominion should put it on an alternate route that maximizes rights of ways for existing pipelines, transmission lines or railroads in the Commonwealth.

Nancy Sorrells is co-chair of the All Pain, No Gain campaign and the Augusta County Alliance.

School Board Says Jones Budget Does Not Fund Critical Needs

Members of the Richmond School Board say the $689 million budget Mayor Dwight Jones presented on Friday is essentially flat in operational spending for education over the previous year.

The board and Superintendent  Dana Bedden had requested $24 million in additional funding for a 1.7 percent raise for teachers and faculty, new ESL instructors and implementing the academic improvement plan.

Mayor Jones says the additional funds would have required a 15-cent increase in the city’s real estate tax. It currently stands at $1.20 per 100 dollars of assessed value.

Wittman Says Net Neutrality Could Limit Content

Virginia’s 1st District Congressman Rob Wittman says the recent decision by the FCC on net neutrality injects government into the free market and will restrict creativity and innovation. Though Wittman says the FCC should back away from the new regulations. Wittman says customers will ultimately leave an internet service provider for another more competitive one should they charge unreasonable rates.

Wittman Not Ready to Lift Cuban Embargo

Virginia’s 1st District Congressman Rob Wittman says lifting the U.S. embargo on Cuba should not come without some serious concessions from the Cuban government.

Wittman says he’s generally in favor of opening U.S. trade to communist countries because of the positive influence of exposure to free markets.

Though before the American embargo on Cuban trade is lifted, many Republicans like Wittman want to see the country offer more freedoms to it’s people.