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Craig Carper

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Articles by Craig Carper

Sturtevant And Gecker Face Off At The Polls

As all 140 seats of the General Assembly are up for election tomorrow(11/3), the closest race could be right in the Richmond metro area.

Democrat Dan Gecker says he will prioritize improving quality of life for Virginians in a variety of areas.

Republican Glen Sturtevant says he’ll improve quality of life through a low tax, pro-growth economic climate that will remove burdensome regulations from small businesses.

The outcome in the 10th district race could determine the balance of power in the closely divided Senate.

Hillary Clinton Pledges Stronger Gun Laws

At a rally in Alexandria today (10/23) for grassroots supporters, Hillary Clinton pledged to protect Americans from what she calls the plague of gun violence.

Clinton says the majority of Americans and gun owners agree for stronger gun safety laws.

Clinton says the NRA represents gun manufacturers and sellers as opposed to gun owners. She called on them to start a competing organization. Clinton told supporters congress has given the gun industry immunity from litigation for just about everything, she vowed to repeal that law if elected.

Hillary Clinton Rallies Grassroots Supporters in Alexandria

Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton was in Alexandria this afternoon (10/23) with Governor Terry McAuliffe to rally grassroots supporters who are working hard collecting signatures to put her on the ballot.

Clinton says most people’s paychecks haven’t budged in years and that as President she would raise the minimum wage and tackle income inequality.

Clinton took several opportunities to attack republicans for what she says are divisive outdated policies but said she would be able to work across the aisle as she did in the Senate and as Secretary of State.

Federal 3 Judge Panel Upholds 2011 House Redistricting Plan

In a 2-1 decision yesterday (10/22), a federal three-judge panel has upheld 12 majority black districts in the House of Delegates that plaintiffs said diluted African American’s voting power.

The plaintiffs alleged that the House had racially gerrymandered the districts, which is illegal, but the court ruled that they were politically gerrymandered which is legal.

Webb Drops Out of Democratic Race, Considers Independent Run

Jim Webb is withdrawing his bid from the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency and says he’ll spend the next few weeks evaluating running as an independent.

Webb says that on many issues he’s not compatible with the hierarchy of the Democratic Party and Vice Versa.

He believes that the paralysis in both political parties right now could provide an opportunity for an independent candidate to win the White House.

Webb, who has struggled to fundraise says he believes he would have significant financial help if he were to run as an independent.

Webb Considers Run as an Independent

Virginia’s former U.S. Senator, Democrat Jim Webb says he’s considering running as an independent for President of the United States.

Webb has called a press conference for 1:00 p.m. today (10/20) where he will discuss his future plans and his views on both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Webb has a history of working with both. Before serving as a Democratic Senator, he was assistant secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy for President Reagan.