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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Chesterfield EDA Announces an Industrial “Megasite”

Chesterfield County’s Economic Development Authority announced today (8/31) it wants to build an “industrial megasite” on 1,700 acres in the Southeast Part of the County.

Garrett Hart, Director of The Economic Development Authority, says it wants to rezone and buy the land and create an industrial megasite that he says would be a “game changer” for the county and for the region.

Gasoline Prices Spike, Virginia Among Hardest Hit

The Colonial Pipeline, which carries huge amounts of gasoline between Houston and the East Coast, is down and prices are volatile and in some cases, rising rapidly.

At a Sunoco at Atlee and 360 this afternoon (8/31), “It’s going up because of the floods.”

How fast?

“30 cent in two days.”

Wow, people still buying gas?

“Yeah, they don’t have a choice.”

His price: $2.35, same at a 7-11 across the street, that was a dime cheaper yesterday.

Rescue Teams From Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Henrico Aid Harvey Recovery

A search and rescue team from Virginia Beach has reportedly rescued 500 people in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and two Navy ships just sailed from Norfolk to help in disaster recovery.

The Rescue Team, Virginia Task Force #2, evacuated residents from an apartment complex where water was up to six feet deep, in Katy, a city 29 miles West of Houston.

They included a water rescue team from Henrico. Meanwhile, two Navy ships left today (8/31), bound for Houston, the Kearsarge and the Oak Hill.

Gasoline Prices Inching Up In Aftermath of Harvey

Gasoline prices have begun a slow, but steady rise as the result of the disruption of refineries in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Prices in Virginia averaged 2.16 a gallon today, but rising.

“We have started seeing slow rises. Yesterday was two cents lower than today, the day before, two cents less again.”

Georjeane Blumbling from Triple A Tidewater predicts that will continue for a couple of weeks, maxing out at 20 cents a gallon, unless damage is more severe than anticipated, much less than the 80 cent increase following Katrina.

Storm To Hit Virginia Coast Tomorrow

The National Weather service is expecting high winds, heavy rains, and flooding across coastal Virginia tonight (8/28) and tomorrow.

Meteorologist Wayne Albright says, “The wind will pick up out of the east later tonight to 30-40 miles an hour with gusts to 50 or so right at the coast, inland 20-30, maybe gusts to 30 as far west as Emporia, Williamsburg, places like that.”

He says marine conditions in the coastal waters and lower bay will become dangerous. High surf and rip currents will persist along the shore through tomorrow, and some coastal flooding is expected.

Virginia Department of Forestry Team Headed To Houston to Help With Flood Relief

The Virginia Department of Forestry has dispatch an incident management team to help Hurricane relief efforts in Texas.

Department spokesman John Campbell says the team left this afternoon.

“Twenty members of the Virginia Department of Forestry left today (8/28) at three o’clock to help with hurricane assistance recovery efforts out in Texas. The team is going to be running some staging areas for resources that include supplies of water, ice and meals ready to eat throughout the affected region of Texas.”

Route 5 Corridor Coalition Launches Website To Help Preserve Henrico Treasure

A coalition is preparing to promote the development, preservation and future of one of Henrico’s most treasured areas and an official Virginia Scenic Byway.

Route 5, also known as New Market Road, is America’s second oldest road. It winds through some of Henrico County’s most treasured land and a group called the Route 5 Corridor Coalition is determined to keep it that way.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Opens “Hear My Voice: Native American Art of the Past and Present”

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts opens an exhibit this weekend about Native American Art. “Hear My Voice,” speaks to understanding and respect for other cultures in every era.

If art can help heal, the exhibition has a message. The voices of contemporary Indian artists mingle with 56 works of Native American arts over the centuries.

“So this is a Kiowa cradleboard, they really favored that blue-green color.”

Dr. Johanna Minich says the clothing and colors gave them an identity with their tribe.

Former Republican Congressman Eric Cantor Says “No Moral Equivalence” in Charlottesville

Former Congressman Eric Cantor…for many years a member of the Republican leadership, says President Trump should have spoken out earlier on the Charlottesville unrest, and not suggested there was equal blame.

Cantor told the New York Times he was horrified by what took place.

“The incidents struck me very personally and close to home, obviously as a Virginian and someone of the Jewish faith I had a lot of problems seeing what was going on in Charlottesville.”

And he said, the President should not have tried to equate the actions of both sides.