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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Fallout Continues Over Confederate Flag In Roanoke Christmas Parade

Fallout continues in Roanoke over last week’s Christmas parade that featured armed men and Confederate flags. Friday, as many as 50 confederate flag bearers, some of them said to be armed, entered the parade and marched along behind the float of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Members have marched before, but this year’s focus on violence associated with the flag apparently resulted in people joining the parade in progress and loud cheers from bystanders as they passed by.

Economic Impact of UCI Road World Championships

Backers of the UCI Road World Championships in Richmond say the race generated almost double the money spent--$88.9 million spent, $170 million generated for the region, most of it in Richmond.

Mayor Dwight Jones says the race was a huge success and a big shot in the arm for the city and our self-esteem. He was reacting to a report from Chmura Economics and Analytics that posted a follow -up yesterday (12/17).

Republican Legislator Says He Will Introduce A Bill To Bring Back Confederate Battle Flag Plates

A Southwest Virginia legislator says he will introduce a bill to bring back the Confederate battle flag on Virginia license plates.

Republican Senator Charles Carrico says he isn’t a racist, but that the Governor went too far to order the battle-flag logo off the special-order Virginia plates, and he has filed a bill to bring them back.

Governor McAuliffe ordered the flags removed in June 2015, calling them “unnecessarily divisive and hurtful,” and says if Carrico’s bill were to pass, he would veto it.

Chesterfield County Board Approved Funding Plan for Center for the Arts

The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors has just approved final funding for a Chesterfield Center for the Arts.

The board approved funding plans for the 8.1 million dollar, 350-seat theater, unanimously authorizing the Economic Development Authority to Raise 6.9 million in bonds on behalf of the country.

Another 1.1 million has already been raised by a non-profit partnering with the county on the project.

The idea has been on the books since the 1980’s. voters agreed to the bonds in 2004, but fund-raising bogged down during the recession.

Voters Must Sign Statement To Vote In Republican Primary

When Virginians vote in the March 1st Republican Primary they will have state they are party members.

It's the first time that's happened. Virginia voters do not register by party and voting in primaries is open to anyone, however state law does allow political parties to request voters sign a pledge or statement of party affiliation and GOP officials have asked the State Board of Elections to do just that.

GOP Says 13 Candidates Qualify for March 1st Primary Ballot

The Republican Party of Virginia says that 13 GOP presidential candidates qualified to be on the March 1st primary ballot. The party said yesterday (12/15) it sent a letter to the State Board of Elections affirming 13 candidates have submitted the necessary signatures to qualify for the primary.

Former New York Governor George Pataki is the only active GOP candidate who did not qualify for the Virginia Ballot.

Naturalization Ceremony In Colonial Williamsburg Tomorrow

A Naturalization Ceremony is set for 29 people in Virginia this week. Tomorrow (12/17), in Colonial Williamsburg they will take the oath of US citizenship where much of this country’s history began.

It is part of a tradition going back 40 years that includes two ceremonies each year, the most recent one this June 15th.

Tomorrow’s ceremony will include people from 18 different counties, including China, Germany, India, Mexico, Russia, and Vietnam.

Last year, almost 700,000 people took the oath and became citizens.

One Killed, Another Seriously Injured Following High-Speech Chase In Powhatan

Authorities have arrested a man following a high-speed chase in Powhatan County yesterday (12/15) that that resulted in a fatal crash.

State police say they received reports of a car driving recklessly in the Cumberland Courthouse area, attempted to stop the driver, and began a pursuit that resulted in the SUV swerving to avoid a tire-deflation device and crashing into another vehicle on US 60 in Powhatan.

73-year old Thomas Rutledge was killed and his 60-year old wife Shannon seriously injured.

City Council Takes Controversial Vote on Boulevard Development

Richmond City Council voted late last night (12/14) on a plan to guide development along the Boulevard after a running battle that left some members outraged.

Council voted on a plan to guide how the city redevelops 60 acres it owns on the Boulevard, currently home to the Diamond, but squarely in the mayor’s sites for redevelopment and higher tax revenues. It calls for 60-days of public feedback, followed by adoption of a highest and best use strategy and solicitation of bids from developers to carry it out.

US District Judge Suggests Moving Ahead With Draft Plan for Redistricting

A federal judge has suggested a conditional fix for redrawing Virginia’s Congressional map.

US District Judge Robert E. Payne says drafting the new map could be done, but made contingent on an affirmation by the US Supreme Court.

A three-judge panel has twice ruled that the 2012 General Assembly packed too many black voters into the 3rd Congressional Distict, ordered the lines redrawn, and hired its own map-maker when legislators could not.