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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Northam Has Eight-point Lead in First Post-Primary Poll

Democrat Ralph Northam has an 8 point lead over Republican Ed Gillespie in the first post-primary poll of Virginia’s Governor’s race.

The poll, released yesterday (6/21) by Quinnipiac University, shows Northam with 47%  to Gillespie’s 39%. The Democratic Lt. Governor had strong leads among women and minorities, while Gillespie, a former Republican National Committee chairman, showed strength from white voters, with independents evenly split.

Virginia Files $300 Million Dollar Counter-Suit Against Northrup

Virginia’s Information Technology Agency has filed a $300 million dollar counter-suit against Northrop Grumman as the Commonwealth and the IT giant quarrel over how to part ways.

Last month, Northrop Grumman filed suit over the Governor’s refusal to pay “tens of millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money,” in a mediated settlement as Virginia tries to disentangle itself from a 13-year $2.4 billion dollar contract for its government information technology contract.

Carl Tobias, Law Professor at the University of Richmond, said, “This is a very ugly divorce.”

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Takes Up Senator Kaine’s Military Authorization Bill

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday (6/19) began considering legislation to take back Congressional authority to determine whether the country goes to war. A bill co-authored by Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine.

It is a bi-partisan bill, introduced by Republican Senator Jeff Flake and Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, to return a constitutional right to the Congress. Carl Tobias, Law Professor at the University of Richmond says, “Basically the power to declare war is with the Congress, not the president and yet many presidents have sent forces overseas.”

Massey Cancer Center and Tricycle Gardens Collaborate to Make People Well

Researchers say obesity has now replaced tobacco as the leading, preventable cause of cancer, and Massey Cancer Center has joined forces with Tricycle Gardens, to bring that story home.

Every Thursday, there is a little farm stand in the middle of the city, Marshall and College Streets, right in front of Massey Cancer Center.

Germany’s Largest Retailer Invades Virginia Grocery Market, With First Wave of Store Openings

The Grocery Wars Intensified yesterday, as Germany’s largest retailer opened its first US Stores and although they aren’t in Richmond yet, it won’t be long.

Customers in Hampton and Virginia Beach got a preview of what is coming to Richmond very soon, as Lidl’s opened its first wave of stores yesterday. Jeff Metzger, publisher of Food World and Food Trade News describes them this way, “pricing is their mojo, they feel they can compete with anyone.”

Henrico Board of Supervisors Funds School Budget Gap, But With Concerns About Process

The Henrico County Board of Supervisors last night approved 5.3 million dollars to offset a revenue shortfall in the school budget, but they were not happy about it.

The shortfall occurred because of lagging sales tax revenues and overestimated student enrollment projections.

Brooklyn District Supervisor Harvey Hinson said, “It shocks me, that we are not getting the numbers right.”

Varina Supervisor Tyrone Nelson said, “I have no intention of voting against it, I just want to know what happens if we don’t.”

New Mental Health Requirements For Faster Service Signed Into Law

Governor McAuliffe yesterday signed three bills to make mental health services more accessible to people in need.

The first requires same-day service for assessments, and the Governor signed it in Chesterfield, which served as a model for the states’ 40 community service boards. Governor McAuliffe says, “Chesterfield has become a great example of how changing the way services are provided, can yield great outcomes.”