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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Pipeline Repaired, Gasoline On Its Way to East Coast

Colonial Pipeline says its main gasoline line has been safety restarted and returned to service, and the steep rise in prices is leveling off.

Colonial has bypassed the break in Alabama along the massive pipeline that connects the refining hub of the Gulf Coast to the East Coast, that has been shut for more than 12 days, sending prices up 12¢ in Virginia, but the spiral appears to have stopped.

Chesterfield Planners Roll Out Ideas To Improve Future Apartment Development

Chesterfield County Planning Commission has a special meeting today (9/22) on residential quality standards relative to apartments. The Planning Staff is scheduled to present to the planning commission their preliminary ideas on how to improve the overall quality of future apartment projects in the county.

Chesterfield County has over 130,000 housing units, 80% are single family, 14% apartments, 3% townhouses, 2% condos and 1% mobile homes.

The meeting today is 9:00 a.m. to noon. The public is invited, but there is no scheduled comment period.

State Fair of Virginia Opens Tomorrow For A 10-Day Run

The State Fair of Virginia is set to open its for its annual 10-day run tomorrow (9/22).

The State Fair of Virginia opens with a lot of history. Spokesman Greg Hicks says the State Fair of Virginia is a different animal since its move to Meadow Event Park, and its ownership by the Farm Bureau Federation.

It's lots of food, games, rides, activities and above all, a reminder that farms are important.

He expects about 200,000 people over the ten day run. Gates open tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.

Triple A Says Pipeline Could Be Repaired Today, But Prices Will Continue To Rise Briefly

Gasoline prices in Virginia are up .14¢ per gallon over this time last month, due to a break in the Colonial Pipeline, but they could soon begin coming down again. Triple A MidAtlantic says those prices went up .08¢ since Friday (6/16), and will continue to rise, but there may be an end in sight.

Since the pipeline burst and supplies have been disrupted, prices in Virginia have continued to climb. As of yesterday (9/20), prices in Virginia were averaging $2.07, up .08¢ in just four days, but still the ninth lowest in the nation. Richmond was lower still, at $2.04.

Science Matters: Brain Aneurysm Month to Alert People to Deadly and Usually Undiagnosed Danger in Millions of Americans

This month is Brain Aneurysm Month and the CDC says an estimated six million of us have an aneurysm in our head that could rupture without warning, resulting in disability or death unless treated early.

Twenty-two year old Melissa Hurley was a Certified Nurse Assistant, at work, in a hospital. She was answering a Code Blue when she was struck by a severe headache in the back of her head, that got worse quickly until her pain was unbearable.

Chesterfield School Safety Programs Result in 70% Reduction In Crime and Violence

Chesterfield County School’s positive intervention programs have reduced student behavior problems dramatically during the past school year. According to the Virginia Discipline Crime and Violence Report, the number of incidents involving Chesterfield students has dropped from about 25,000 to about 7,000 during the past school year, as the result of programs to promote safety and keep more students in school.

The program has resulted in a 70% reduction in discipline-related consequences, 50% reduction in law enforcement cases, and 30% reduction in cases involving weapons.

Experimental Drug Could Stop Melanoma, Other Cancers, Research Suggests

Researchers at the University of Virginia have discovered an experimental drug that shows significant promise for stopping melanoma and possibly other forms of cancer.

The drug is pevonedistat, which blocks a critical protein necessary for malignant cancer cells to survive.

The UVA researchers are led by Tarek Abbas, Department of Radiation Oncology and the UVA Cancer Center Scientists have been uncertain exactly how it kills cancer cells, as it shuts down many different cellular proteins, but the UVA researchers believe the it is the protein produced by the Gene CDT2.

VCU Researchers Receive $1 Million Grant To Test A Diagnostic Tool For Parkinson’s Disease

The VCU Schools of Medicine and Engineering are testing a new diagnostic tool for Parkinson’s Disease that could detect it up to ten years before symptoms appear.

Dr. Mark Baron and his colleagues have been using a commercially available infrared eye scanning device on thousands of patients.

Diagnosing Parkinson’s so far has been slow and sometimes inconclusive. But Dr. Baron and his colleagues believe this test to be cheaper, better and capable of early detection.

Hopewell On Track To Clean Up The James

The City of Hopewell is on the verge of a rebirth in terms of clean water and access to the James River. Industrial waste and storm runoff at one time made the James River at Hopewell one of most polluted stretches in the state, but that is changing.

More than 15 officials from Hopewell and other Central Virginia localities cruised the James River as guests of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation on a guided boat tour yesterday (9/12). The foundation has just engineering a total $315,000 dollar grant to help kick-start a program to tame runoff.

Gasoline Prices Continue To Drop With End of Summer Driving and Switch Over of Blends

Gasoline prices have begun to fall again across the Mid-Atlantic Region. Demand is down, and prospect for lower prices is up.

The National average over the weekend was $2.8 per gallon, down three cents compared to a week ago. Virginia was $1.99 and Richmond $1.95.