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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

NASA Reaching Out To Middle School Girls and Boys For Free Summer Mentoring Program

NASA is recruiting middle school girls and boys for an on-line summer mentorship program beginning next month that offers a rare opportunity to get a taste of technology, science and space. And as Charles Fishburne of 88.9 WCVE tells us in this Science Matters report, it has generated quite a bit of excitement. Click to download an information flyer (PDF).

NASA Reaches Out To Kids for Free Mentoring Program

NASA is recruiting middle school girls and boys for a summer mentorship program beginning next month that offers a rare opportunity to get a taste of technology, science and space. It has generated quite a bit of excitement.

Ava was 12-years old when she participated online and got so excited she and her dad built and launched a soda-powered rocket.

She was participating in a program open to both boys and girls, and beginning next month whereby a NASA mentor will spend an hour a week with them online, teaching them about the marvels of space and technology.

Former Wrestling Champion Faces Attempted Murder

A former Cosby High School wrestling champion is scheduled to be in court today (6/18), on charges of stabbing a pastor and his wife who befriended him.

Twenty-one year old Maxim Chisolm will be arraigned this morning on charges of attempted murder of Pastor Hugh Mayes and his wife Carol.

Both were stabbed repeatedly, and identified Chisolm as their attacker.

Prosecutor: ABC Agents' Force Not Excessive

A Charlottesville prosecutor said yesterday (6/17) that he found no evidence of excessive force or racism on the part of ABC officers who arrested Martese Johnson outside a Charlottesville nightclub.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Chapman said he would not have hesitated to charge any of the three ABC agents involving Johnson’s bloody arrest, but he believed they used restraint and did not respond to Johnson’s cursing and calling them racists.

Northrup Grumman Lays Off 51 State Employees

Northrup Grumman has laid off 51 state employees it has managed under a $2.3 million dollar contract with the Virginia Information Technologies Agency. 

Some of the 51 work at a Chester facility that Northrup Grumman built under a contract it signed with the state in 2006 to manage the government’s information system. 

A spokesperson for the agency says the layoffs were Grumman’s decision and prompted by its review of staffing levels and required skills. 

VCU Health System Appoints New CEO

Virginia Commonwealth University’s health system has a new CEO. 

She is Dr. Marsha D. Rappley, currently dean of the College of Medicine at Michigan State University, where, during her 10-year tenure, research funding from the National Institutes of Health and other federal entities doubled, endowments grew by 80%, and the medical school expanded to serve all of Michigan.

She is also a tenured professor of pediatrics and human development and replaces Dr. Sheldon Retchin who left VCU after more than 30 years to take over as CEO at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center.

Virginia Vital Statistics Now Online

It has been just over two weeks since Virginia made available some sixteen million vital records with easy online access for family historians, genealogists and the just-plain-curious.

There have been 1.7 million searches since its inception, some of them mine.

My printer is spitting out some piece of my family history stories of ancestors from the cradle to the grave, now available online.

Kaine Amends Disclosure Form To Reflect Luxury Seaside Stay

US Senator Tim Kaine did not initially report a three-day stay at a seaside luxury resort in Southern Spain as required by Senate rules.

The $1,400 trip, including lodging for Kaine and his wife, was paid for by a non-profit with close ties to a lobbying firm, which would have required him to report it.

The non-profit was the US-Spain Council, which shares an address, phone number and staff with a federal lobbying firm.

Senate rules generally prohibit lobbyists from paying for foreign travel, but watchdogs say the rules have giant loopholes.

State Likely To Finish With Surplus, Raises for Employees

Virginia state employees could be in for a 2% pay raise, as state revenues achieve a dramatic turnaround from this time last year.

The Governor and the General Assembly approved the 2% hike if the state had a revenue surplus, or a shortfall of less than o1% at the end of fiscal 2015 next month.

State Finance Secretary Rick Brown told members of the House Appropriations Committee yesterday (6/15), Virginia is on track for a $427 million dollar surplus.