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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

CDC Confirms Seven Cases of Enterovirus D-68 in Virginia

The Centers for Disease Control have confirmed that Virginia has become the latest state to detect a respiratory illness causes by Enterovisus 68. The CDC says seven of ten children have tested positive for the virus so far, all at St. Mary’s hospital. Since Saturday 329 more have visited the Emergency Room for treatment, ninety% of those, with a respiratory problem. Forty-six were admitted, some to the ICU, and while those cases have not been confirmed as D-68, the hospital has brought on extra doctors and nurses and supplies.

Deadly Domestic Violence Focus Of Williamsburg Conference

Deadly domestic violence is the focus of a conference beginning today (Sepember 17) in Williamsburg. Organizers say about one in every three homicides each year in Virginia are attributed to intimate partner violence.

Virginia’s top public safety officials will be in Williamsburg today to address law enforcement officials, along with advocates for victims of domestic violence. Virginia’s Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran will deliver opening remarks. Attorney General Mark Herring is also scheduled to attend.

Virginia-based Electronics Firm Developing Device To Detect Texting Drivers

ComSonics, based in Harrisonburg, is working on a radar gun-like device that would detect radio frequencies that emit from a vehicle when someone inside is using a cellphone. Text messages and calls have different profiles that can be distinguished by the device. In Virginia and several other states texting is illegal, talking is not.

ComSonics revealed plans at the second annual Virginia Distracted Driving Summit yesterday and said it was “close to production” but still had several hurdles to clear, including legislative approval and adoption by law enforcement.

Richmond CAO Byron Marshall Resigns

The Richmond Times-Dispatch says Mayor Dwight Jones’s administration will make a formal announcement this morning, that Byron Marshall has resigned. It was described as “amicable,” though Marshall recently fought with the city auditors office over a report detailing an attempt to boost the retirement pension of one of his deputies, Sharon Judkins, as her employment was ending. Richmond’s Commonwealth Attorney investigated and found no criminal wrongdoing, but Marshall’s attorney criticized the report as “inaccurate.”

Gasoline Prices Continue To Fall Post Labor Day

Gasoline prices continue to fall, with the national average remaining under $3.50 per gallon for 40 consecutive days. The National Average Friday was $3.41, down 3¢ from the week before and 14¢ lower than this time last year. Virginia was $3.15, Richmond $3.07.

The average typically declines after Labor Day due to the end of the summer driving season and amply supply. Also, today marks the switch to a cheaper winter-blend.

Triple A sees a continued downward trend, with the usual cautions about hurricanes, refinery problems and geopolitical problems.