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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Virginia Department of Education Looking For Partners To Share $11 Million in Workforce Literacy Funds

The Virginia Department of Education is looking for partners to share in an $11 million dollar literacy and workforce development grant designed to retrain thousands of Virginians and have set a conference for Tuesday (1/24), to explain how it works.

It is about finding and training workers for new jobs in the Commonwealth.

Washington Prepares for Inauguration Traffic

Washington D.C. is preparing for an inauguration, and Virginia is preparing for massive traffic congestion approaching the capitol city.

Getting into the city Friday (1/20) will be difficult. Corrinne Geller, of the Virginia State Police, suggests going to VDOT’s 511 website for real-time traffic information, even downloading the 511 app.

Union Station will be open throughout, but getting in and out could be problematic.

UVA Student Groups and Faculty Members Plan Rally, Protests, Teach-in Friday

A group of University of Virginia Students and faculty members is planning a walk-out on inauguration day.

Members of the Black Student Alliance and other advocacy groups, plan a walk-out, a rally and a teach-in.

Westin Gobar is Political Action Chair of the Black Student Alliance. He says there will be a teach-in and workshop on protest and practical political action as they face four years of a Trump presidency, beginning with local government.

Liquor-by-the-drink Regulations Under Fire

Virginia’s half-century-old liquor-by-the drink law is under fire from restaurant owners who say it is unfair and out of date. Since the 1960’s, legislators allowed liquor by the drink sales in restaurants as long as about half the income came from food sales. Before that, Virginia was dry.

But State Senator Bill DeSteph says time and tastes have changed and he has a bill to ease those restrictions.

Flu Cases Spiking in Virginia

Flu cases are spiking on both coasts according to the Centers for Disease Control, and the Virginia Department of Health reports cases in the Commonwealth are up dramatically.

As of the second week in January, flu cases are widespread across the state.

Sarah Fenno, Virginia Department of Health, says it is a relatively mild form of flu. The vaccine appears to be working.

Congressman Dave Brat’s Bill to Reform Health Savings Accounts

Virginia’s 7th District Republican Congressman Dave Brat has introduced one of the first Republican plans to begin replacing Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and revising the healthcare system. Brat’s plan would reform the Health Savings Account, increasing contribution limits, repealing over the counter restrictions and eliminating the high deductible health plan mandate.

But it is a small part of the healthcare puzzle.

Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy Says Hospitals Make Enough, Favors Repeal of COPN Laws

The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy has just released its annual study on the financial health of Virginia Hospitals, and calls for an end to Certificate of Public Need regulations.

The Institute says Certificate of Public Need creates a monopoly that is not good for Virginia and hospitals make enough money already.

Michael Thompson is the Institute President and author of the report.

UVA Researcher Finds Root Cause of Dry Eyes – Clinical Trials Begin in March

A University of Virginia Researcher has developed a formula that for the first time treats the causes, not just the symptoms, of dry eyes.

Millions of Americans suffer from dry eyes. To date, over-the counter drops don’t help much.

Gordon Laurie is a professor of cell biology at the University of Virginia and he says the prescription drugs treat only the inflammation, not the cause. He’s been working on this problem for 32 years, and says, he thinks he can fix it.