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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Illnesses Rise To Ten In Blue Bell Recall Case

The Center for Disease Control says the number of illnesses linked to the Blue Bell recall has now increased to 10.

Blue Bell has pulled all of its products off the shelves in 23 states, including Virginia, due to samples tainted with listeria, traced to a production line in Texas and another in Oklahoma.

Listeria primarily affects pregnant women and their newborns, elderly and people with weakened immune systems. It can be fatal, but no deaths have been associated with the Blue Bell cases.

Former First Lady Appeals Conviction

Former Virginia first lady Maureen McDonnell has appealed her conviction on charges of public corruption.

In a 101-page brief filed yesterday, her attorneys argued the convictions should be overturned, that the trial court judge erred in giving jurors expansive instructions as to what constitutes “an official act” under federal bribery statutes and what transpired with vitamin supplement salesman Johnny Williams was nothing more than the way every politician treats ordinary businesspersons.

Federal Judge Released 3.2 Million To Virginia Homeowners In Chinese Drywall Case

A federal court has released $3.2 million dollars to be divided among seven Virginia homeowners and their lawyers from a manufacturer of Chinese drywall. 

The seven cases are a precursor to a hearing later this year to determine damages for some 4,000 more homeowners in multiple states.

Number Of Farms In Virginia Drops, But Farms Are Getting Larger

The number of Virginia farms dropped last year according to USDA statistics just released. 

Virginia lost 100 farms from 2013 to 2014, putting the overall number at 45,900 and there is a trend towards larger commercial operations.

There is still about 8.2 million acres of farmland in the state and the average farm is 179 acres.

Agriculture is Virginia’s largest industry with a $52 billion dollar economic impact annually and provides about 311,000 jobs.

Crude Oil Ticks Up, So Do Pump Prices

The cost of crude oil has hit a 2015 high and prices at the pump are slightly higher this week.

Triple A’s weekly report shows that the average prices for regular unleaded has inched up as global crude oil prices have rebounded slightly.

Nationally, the average at the end of last week as $2.43 a gallon. Virginia was $2.25, and Richmond $2.24. A year ago they were $3.46.

Triple A believes they will continue to wander lower after some adjustments for summer-grade switchovers and the usual increase in summer driving.

Survey Says 28% Of Virginians Don’t Have Access To Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

A survey just released at Virginia’s annual “Weight of the State” Conference says 28 percent of Virginians have difficulty finding fresh fruits and vegetables in their neighborhoods, and even when they do, they often don’t buy them.

The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth surveyed 2700 locations in 169 communities to find out just how difficult it was to find healthy food, and the people doing the survey were teenagers most involved.

Science Matters: “Wicked Plants" Author at SMV

At the Science Museum of Virginia, Amy Steward’s exhibition has just opened, featuring plants that smell, plants that explode and plants that even kill.

Amy writes about other plants we want to avoid.

Virginia has a couple of dozen plants in her rogues gallery of wicked plants, some in your garden, some on your table, some in your house. From carnivorous plants to weeds that spontaneously combust, Amy brings to life unforgettable characters from the dark side with humor, and true life stories and a warning.

SCOVA Says Local Approval Required For Transmission Line Across the James

The Supreme Court of Virginia says Dominion Virginia Power will need local approval for a key element of its proposed transmission line across the James. 

The court said regulators did not err when they approved the path of the power line, but that local approval will be needed for a switching station in James City County, where supervisors have already opposed the project.

Opponents cheered the decision, but stopped short of saying it would kill the project and plan appearances Richmond today (4/17).

Hearing Continues In Case To Exonerate Two Of Norfolk 4

A hearing continues today (4/17) in  Richmond for two former sailors who claim they falsely confessed to a 1997 rape and murder. Two of the infamous “Norfolk 4” were in federal court to clear their names.

Yesterday (4/16), Danial Williams testified he falsely confessed after 11 hours of grueling interrogation, because he just wanted the questioning to end.

All four were convicted and sentenced to prison but the case began to unravel after dozens of former FBI agents, ex-prosecutors and novelist John Grisham claimed they were innocent.