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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Legendary Virginia Teach Coach Frank Beamer Announces Retirement

Legendary Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer is set to formally announce his retirement today (11/2) after 29 years.

It was just one of 235 wins, seven conference championships, 22 bowl games and appearance in a national title game. But in an emotional farewell to his team and coaches yesterday (11/1), 69-year old Frank Beamer told them this was his last season.

Frank Beamer will make it official today. More of this at

Henrico County Opens Libbie Mill Library

Henrico County has a new library today (10/30).

The Libbie Mill Library near Staples Mill and Broad, is part of the Libbie Mill-Midtown development that will be a walkable, mixed use project with apartments, town homes, restaurants and office space.

The developer donated a three-acre site for the library, and the county spent $30 million in bond money approved by voters in 2005.

The result is a nearly 40,000 square foot, two-story library, with computers and tablets, meeting space, quiet space, and an emphasis on accessibility.

Army Corps of Engineers Holds Hearing Tonight on Dominion’s Proposed James River Transmission Line

Another hearing on Dominion’s proposed high-voltage towers across a historic section of the James River is scheduled for tonight (10/30).

The Army Corps of Engineers will ultimately have to approve or deny the permit and has scheduled a hearing tonight in Williamsburg to gather additional information from those who would be affected.

Preservation and conservation groups don’t like it, and complain the towers would ruin a view that has been untarnished since the days of Captain John Smith.

Recall of Confederate Battle Flag Plates Challenged in State Court

The fight over Virginia’s banished Confederate Battle Flag license plates has gone to court again. Attorneys are challenging Virginia’s recall of the plates that bear the image of a Confederate battle flag.

The challenge was filed in state court on behalf of Leonard Tracy Clary, Virginia’s Division commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

ABC Sales Set Another Record

Liquor sales in Virginia are up for the 17th straight year.

ABC says gross sales were a record $848 million dollars in the fiscal year that ended June 30th, $48 million more than last year, and a record for the 17th consecutive year.

The agency runs 353 shops that returned a record $152 million in profits and when combined with state taxes, sales taxes and wine and beer taxes, the department transferred a record $409 million to Virginia’s General Fund.

Since its inception in 1934, the agency has contributed more than $8.6 billion to the General Fund.

Chesterfield Abandons Plans for Cameras On School Buses To Ticket Offending Drivers

Chesterfield County school buses will not have enforcement cameras installed after all.

It came down to a legal problem. The county had considered installing cameras on school buses to catch drivers who illegally passed the buses while children were loading and unloading, and automatically ticket them.

But yesterday (10/28), County Attorney Jeffrey Minks told the County Board of Supervisors that the school board had withdrawn its request.

Richmond Unemployement Rate Down Again In September

The Richmond areas unemployment rate declined last month to its lowest point in seven years.

The Region’s jobless rate was 4.5% in September, down fom 4.7% in August and 5.3% in September of last year.

But Ann Lang, Senior Economist with the Virginia Employment Commission, says there were fewer people at work last month.

The rates have not yet been adjusted for seasonal factors that may cause temporary fluctuations.

Start-up in Charlottesville Creates Product to Tackle Worldwide Water Contamination

A small, start-up company in Charlottesville is set to tackle the problem of contaminated water worldwide, with a small, silver-infused ceramic pill--the MadiDrop. This new University of Virginia-inspired public benefit company with a global health mission has opened administrative offices and a small production facility in Charlottesville.

Science Matters: Researchers Will Produce Tablet To Provide Clean Water Worldwide

A small, start-up company in Charlottesville is set to tackle the problem of contaminated water worldwide, with a small, silver-infused ceramic pill.

The World Health Organization says 80 percent of all sickness disease worldwide is related to contaminated water. James Smith a civil and environmental engineer and his colleagues at UVA have developed small, ceramic disinfectant tablets called MadiDrops he believes can made a big difference.

Virginia Residents Under Health Care Exchange Will See Premiums Increase In 2016

Many Virginia residents seeking insurance coverage on the health care exchange will see premiums go up next year.

Costs will increase an average of 4% for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, according to the US Department of Health And Human Services, but that is less than most states that will increase an average of 7.5%.