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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Ft. Lee Mortuary United To Be Deployed to Southwest Asia

Ft. Lee is holding a deployment ceremony this afternoon for members of the US Army’s 54thQuartermaster Company.  

The detachment from Ft. Lee is being deployed to Southwest Asia.

The United States still has military deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with combat troops remaining in Afghanistan, and a few hundred now returning to Iraq. And some are still in harm’s way.  

McDonnell Supporters Seek Donations To Continue Appeals

Supporters of former Governor McDonnell have issued an urgent appeal for donations to his legal defense fund.

They say his lawyers will pursue the fight to overturn his convictions, after a three-judge panel of the appeals court upheld his convictions Friday (7/10)

A non-profit defense effort was set up in 2013, raised about $335,000 and spent $283,000 through the end of last year. 

Army Confirms It Will Cut 40,000 Troops, 400 From Virginia Bases

 The Army has confirmed that is plans to eliminate 40,000 active-duty soldiers, but the impact on Virginia bases will be minimal, only 400 of those 40,000 will come from Virginia bases.

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine’s office says they will come from Ft. Eustis, Ft. Belvoir and Ft. Lee.

Ft. Lee, which has an average daily population of 34,000, will lose 127, as part of the decision to shrink the army from 490,000 active duty soldiers to 450,000.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Say They Will Fight To Keep Confederate Plates

The Sons of Confederate Veterans says they want to stop the state from removing the image of the confederate flag from Virginia license plates. 

Leaders of the Southern heritage group say they will go to U.S. District Court in Danville on July 31st to oppose the state’s bid to end an injunction that cleared the way 13 years ago for the flags to be displayed on speciality plates.

Kings Dominion To Close Shockwave Roller Coaster

Kings Dominion says it plans to retire its iconic Shockwave Roller Coaster. 

It is the oldest standup roller coaster in the nation, and Kings Dominion says 22 million people have taken this ride.

Riders stand with their feet on the floor, while the coaster travels to a height of 95 feet then descends into a 180 degree loop.

The ride was installed in 1986 and park officials say while it is bittersweet to say goodbye to the Shockwave, they have to make room for some new stuff which they will announce next month. The Shockwave will officially close August 9th.

Six Alleged Gang Members Will Be Tried In Roanoke For Officer’s Murder

Six people accused in the slaying of a Waynesboro reserve police officer will be tried in Roanoke.

U.S. District Judge Glen Conrad ordered the change in venue from Charlottesville to Roanoke yesterday (7/8), after a leak of the jury pool.  

The FBI had expressed concern about its members’ safety and the judge said he’ll move the trial of six alleged gang members for reasons of costs and security.

Each defendant has ties to the United Blood Nation, a gang with a history of retribution and intimidation.

Henrico Man Charged In Multi-Million Dollar Cigarette Trafficking Scheme Pleads Guilty

A Henrico County man charged in a multi-million dollar cigarette trafficking scheme has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

Prosecutors say 31-year old Maher Mustafa, owner of the Cigarette Outlet, sold millions of dollars of cigarettes to shell businesses that illegally smuggled them to high tax states and sold them on the black market.

He plead guilty yesterday (7/8) only to a misdemeanor charge of failing to report transactions great then $10,000 dollars.

Federal Judge Rules Against Redskins In Trademark Cancellation Suit

A federal judge yesterday (7/8) ordered the cancellation of the Washington Redskin’s trademark registration, ruling the team name may be disparaging to Native Americans.

The ruling does not bar the team from continuing to use the name. Nor does it prohibit fans from buying and wearing Redskins T-shirts and the like.

Carl Tobias, Law Professor at the University of Richmond, expects an appeal to Richmond’s 4th U.S. Circuit Court.

Jailed Top Gun Pilot Accused of Offering Information To Chinese to Break Him Out

A Navy pilot and Top Gun graduate reportedly has offered to tell the Chinese government “all he knows” if they will help him break out of jail.

Federal prosecutors say Lt. Daniel Chase Harris, now jailed in Norfolk for numerous sex crimes, has written the Chinese embassy with what he called a “partial list of information I possess I believe you would be interested in having,” and he said, “all I ask in return is that you break me out.”