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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Key Vote Pending On Restaurant Phase Of Stone Brewing Deal

The Stone brewing deal may not be done yet.

Initial work is underway at the Fulton site, but a city council committee hearing heard yesterday that the brewer wants to be sure the land will be in place for a projected future restaurant phase, before fully committing to build a brewery there.

Last year, Council approved a $23 million dollar bond project, which Stone would repay for the brewery, but has not yet been asked to sign off on the more controversial restaurant phase, which is estimated at another eight million dollars.

Chesterfield Man Saves Woman Trapped In Her Car In Frozen Pond

The woman’s car had smashed through a fence into a partially frozen pond and started to sink.

Dr. Matthew Bartholomew was driving by, saw the commotion, stopped his car, heard her screaming, took off his shoes and shirt and plunged into the icy water after her.

He found her trapped inside the car, in the back seat, breathing the last remaining air, but could not reach her.

Fire Still Smolders At Site Of Oil Train Derailment

A fire triggered by the derailment of a train carrying crude oil is smoldering for a third day in southern West Virginia. That train left the tracks Monday (2/16) in the town of Mount Carbon, West Virginia, caught fire, demolished one home and sent fireballs shooting hundreds of feet into the air. The CSX train was carrying three million gallons of North Dakota crude oil bound for Yorktown. 

Initial tests show no oil has gotten into local water filtration plants, but state officials are taking steps to protect the Kahawha River.

CTB Formally Abandons Petersburg-Suffolk Expressway

The Commonwealth Transportation Board has formally abandoned a 55-mile expressway from Southeastern Virginia to Petersburg that rankled environmentalists and cost taxpayers $250 million dollars that may never be recovered.

The original proposal was public-private partnership and a 55-mile high speed toll-road from Petersburg to Suffolk, paralleling US 460 and authorized by the McDonnell administration.

Now, it is a 17-mile improvement to 460 from Suffolk to Zuni. Nothing here.

Administration Urges Tougher Standards For Rail Tank Cars

A fiery West Virginia train derailment in West Virginia this week is one of three involving tank cars that already meet federal standards. That may not be good enough.

That train was bound for Yorktown, and President Obama and other federal officials are now urging even tougher standards for the tanks, as an ever-increasing number of trains carry crude oil from one region of the country to another, many right through Virginia and Richmond.

Weather-Related Deaths in Snow and Cold

The extreme cold weather and hazardous driving conditions have contributed to at least three deaths, perhaps more in Virginia, with even colder weather on the way. 

State police report two weather-related deaths as they responded to more than a thousand calls yesterday (2/17).

In Chesterfield, police say they believe the frigid temperatures may have contributed to the death of a man found outside his home Monday morning. They are awaiting autopsy results but believe the victim may have suffered a medical issue in the yard and was unable to get back into the house.

Governor McCauliffe Has New Spending Plan With Salary Increases for Public Employees

Governor McCauliffe is set to meet today (Feb. 16) with the chairmen of the House and Senate Money Committees to brief them on the latest revenue forecast and give them a glimpse of his budget proposals.

The Times Dispatch quotes a source close to the administration as saying the Governor will put an additional 136 million dollars on the table to push his budget priorities in raises for teachers and other public employees and adding to the rainy day fund.

Bill To Reduce State Oversight Of Electric Utilities Passes General Assembly

A bill reducing state oversight of Virginia’s two largest utilities has been passed by the General Assembly and is headed to the Governor’s desk. 

The Senate already approved the legislation and the house approved the bill that prohibits the State Corporation Commission from reviewing base rates of Dominion Virginia Power and Appalachian Power for several years.

During the freeze, the SCC will not be able to order rate rebates or reductions if the utilities make too much money as they have done in the past.

Moving Day At Richmond's Elkhardt Middle School

Richmond’s Elkhardt Middle School is closing and City  Superintendent Dana Bedden is recommending it stay closed.

It is moving day today at Elkhardt. Students have already left. Teachers will be packing up and moving to Clark Springs Elementary eight miles across town where classes will resume next Wednesday.

Superintendent Dana Bedden shuttered Elkhardt to ensure student safety after a mold problem worsened and will recommend to the school board that it not spend up to $14 million dollars needed to fix it.

Poll Gives Clinton Commanding Lead in 2016 Matchup

In a Wason poll released this morning (Feb. 12), Hillary Clinton continues to lead the field in potential presidential candiates for 2016. In the new poll, Hillary Clinton polls 65% among pontential Democratic voters.

Jeb Bush comes closest with 43 percent to her 48 percent in that matchup. Nobody else is close. Republicans are still not sure who they like among their parties candidates. At present it is Bush 20, Scott Walker 16, and Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie both at 10.