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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

New Section of Cold Harbor Battlefield Park Set To Open Saturday

A new section of the Cold Harbor Battlefield will be opened this coming weekend (11/21).

The Battle of Cold Harbor in Mechanicsville is considered one of the Civil War’s most dramatic and decisive engagements, a sprawling, two-week long battle that left more than 18,000 soldiers killed, wounded, or captured.

Virginia School Boards Association Annual Convention Begins Wednesday

About 1,000 local education leaders are expected in Williamsburg later this week to attend the Virginia School Boards Association’s annual convention.

The three day session begins Wednesday (11/18) with more than 50 hot-topic issues on the agenda.

The first session on Wednesday is about family engagement and finding ways to encourage those who have been traditionally disenfranchised or disinterested in participating in their child’s education, considered a key factor in a child’s success in school.

“Giant Shark” Reported off Sandbridge

A commercial fisherman in Virginia Beach reports an up-close-and-personal encounter with the “biggest shark” he’s ever seen in more than 35 years on the water.

It happened last week off  Sandbridge when 51-year old Vince McKaney said the shark got tangled up in his gear.

McKaney told the Virginian-Pilot it got tangled in his cork line and came up and looked at him and “its eyes were the size of softballs.”

VDOT Ready for Winter

The Virginia Department of  Transportation says it is stocked up with supplies to clear the state’s highways when it snows this winter.

VDOT has more than 657,000 tons of salt, sand and treated abrasives on hand, along with 1.7 million gallons of liquid calcium chloride and salt brine. They have 13,000 pieces of equipment.

Preliminary Hearings In South Boston Police Taser Death

Preliminary hearings were held yesterday (11/12) in the case of South Boston Police officers, sued for $25 million dollars, in the death of a suspect who died in their custody after being repeatedly shocked by tasers.

Linwood Lambert, Jr., was a Richmonder, living in a motel in South Boston and working as forklift operator, when he was picked up by three police officers after other residents complained he had been muttering incoherently.

He became violent on a trip to the hospital, smashed a window, was shot by a taser repeatedly and taken to jail instead.

Steward School Hosts Co-Founder of the “Maker Movement”

All over the world, interest is re-igniting  learning -by -doing.  At Henrico’s Steward School, they are using methods promoted by the “Maker Movement” to combine high technology with old-fashioned learning.

Steward School’s Bryan Innovation Lab held an open house this week featuring Stager and examples of how children respond to learning experiences, when they can get their hands in it.

There is a video of this story posted on our website at

Two Men In Federal Court Today, Faced With Weapons Conspiracy

Two men accused of trying to buy weapons for attacks on synagogues and black churches are due in court this morning (11/12).

Thirty-four year old Robert Doyle and 33-year old Ronald Chaney, III are scheduled to appear in federal court in Richmond, charged with conspiracy to possess firearms after being convicted of felonies.

The FBI says they tried to buy an automatic weapon, explosives and a pistol with a silencer from three undercover agents posing as illegal firearms dealers.

Archaeologists Assess Secrets of Jamestown’s Silver Box

Archaeologists in Jamestown say they now know what is inside that 400-year old silver box found among ruins of an old church there in July (2015). 

With hi-tech scans and 3D printers, the ancient silver box has revealed its mysteries, and Archaeologist Bill Kelso can actually hold exact replicas in his hands, replicas of human bone fragments and pieces of a small lead vial, traditional reliquary items, of the Roman Catholic Church of that day.

National Weather Service Talks About Snow

The Richmond area has had six snowy seasons in a row, and the National Weather Service says conditions may be right for another one.

Forecasters say predicting anything more than 10 days out is problematic, but this winter holds some promise for a bit of snow, even though it should be a milder than normal winter.

The average Richmond snowfall is 12.8 inches, and last year, we got most of it in February.