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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Dominion Says It Has Identified Alternate Routes For Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Dominion Resources has developed alternate routes for a proposed natural gas pipeline in two Virginia counties, where opposition has been strongest.

Landowners in Augusta and Nelson County will soon learn about several alternative segments that Dominion has identified through their counties.

The company announced yesterday (5/18) it has found some routes that may have less of an environmental and cultural impact than the initially proposed locations, and those will be made public in a report filed with federal regulators later this month.

One-Fifth of Students in Key Grades at Richmond Public Schools Want Transfers

Twenty percent of Richmond students in two key grades want to be somewhere else. 

The Richmond School Board heard yesterday (5/18) that more than one-fifth of rising 6th and 9th grade students are requesting permission to attend schools outside their assigned zones.

School officials have processed almost 800 open enrollment applications for 250 slots.

Most popular destinations are Thomas Jefferson and Huguenot High, Binford and Albert Hill Middle, and Munford and Fox Elementary.

Voter Registration Ends For June Primary With Few New Voters Reported

The June 9th legislative primaries could be a slow day at the polls, based on new voter registration.

Monday (5/18) was the deadline and registrars report just a trickle of new voters.

All 100 seats in the Virginia House and 40 seats in the Senate are up for election November 3rd.

Primary elections are scheduled in 12 house districts, and 8 senate districts. All  primaries are open to all registered voters, regardless of party in Virginia.

Turnout in legislative primaries varies from a low of 1.4% to a high of 16.4% of registered voters.

McAlister Holds No Grudges, May Be Due Compensation

A Virginia man, pardoned after spending 29 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, says he holds no grudges and doesn’t yet know what he will do with his freedom. 

Fifty-eight year old Michael McAlister says he has thought a lot about the woman who mistakenly identified him as the man who assaulted her, but doesn’t have any hard feelings.

He told reporters yesterday “she would not have done that intentionally,” and she is a victim, too.

Hillary Clinton to Appear at Democratic Fundraiser in Virginia

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will make an appearance at a Democratic Party fundraising event in Virginia.

The Democratic Party of Virginia says Clinton will appear in the state on June 26th, but no other details about the appearance were available yesterday (5/14).

She is considered the front-runner for the Democratic party’s nomination nationally and in Virginia, but in a recent Wason poll, fell behind Republican Jeb Bush 48% to 46% among potential Virginia voters.

Regulators Reject More Public Hearings on Pipeline

Federal Regulators have rejected requests for additional public hearings on Dominion’s controversial Atlantic Coast pipeline. 

The request came from Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, both Democrats, and Fifth District Republican Congressman Robert Hurt.

But the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruled out any more public hearings. FERC conducted 10 public hearings in Virginia along pipeline locations and received over 2,000 written comments, and said it has been able to “fully identify the issues.” 

SMV Makes Visits Possible For Children Who Can't Afford It

For years, the Science Museum of Virginia has made it possible for school children who cannot afford it, to come for an adventure free of charge. Recently, a group from Petersburg's J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School came and shared their visit in this 88.9 WCVE Science Matters report.

For these students from JEB Stuart Elementary School in Petersburg, a visit to the  Science Museum of Virginia is like a trip into space.

UVA Grad Makes Breakthrough In Search for Quantum Computer

A UVA graduate student has just made a significant breakthrough in the search for a quantum computer, and she is part of a revolution in what is happening in computer science.

Moran Chen was a young student in China’s Szechuan Province when she first heard about Mr. Jefferson’s University.

Now she has a doctorate, her American Citizenship, and an award for breakthrough research in the critical race for a quantum computer.

VCU Study Concluded On Whether Children Eat Their Veggies

Do elementary school children toss out their fruits and veggies in the school cafeteria?  A key VCU study in Chesterfield County Schools has turned up some surprising, and encouraging results. 

In 2010 there was a federal mandate to provide more fruits and vegetables in school lunch rooms and the reaction was not altogether good.