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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Richmond Teen Pregnancy Has Dropped 50% In Five Years

Richmond’s Teen Pregnancy rates, traditionally one among the highest in the state, has dropped dramatically in the past five years.  It is happening all over the country, but Richmond had a greater challenge than most.Gayle Grant is the Adolescent Health Coordinator for the Virginia Department of Health in the Ricmond District and she helped to launch a program they call Helping Youth Prevent Pregnancy. The numbers are down across the nation, as more young people delay sexual activity while those who do are using contraceptives.

State Police Say Eight People Died In Traffic Accidents Over Memorial Day Holiday

Virginia State Police say eight people died in Virginia traffic accidents over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. The accidents occurred in Hanover, Charles City, Brunswick, Cumberland, Giles, Northumberland, Scott and Spotsylvania Counties. State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller says seven of the eight were not wearing seatbelts.  This compares 11 fatalies in 2012 and nine last year.  State police investigated 463 traffic accidents over the weekend, stopped more than 13,800 speeders, 3100 reckless drivers and arrested 142 on drunken driving charges

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Named Critical Conservation Area

The Chesapeake Bay watershed is among eight areas in the nation being designated critical conservation areas. The Bay’s designation as a critical conservation area comes from the United States Department of Agriculture.

It means, among other things, that the bay is eligible to receive a portion of more than 100 million dollars in annual funding to help implement a variety of conservation projects, and to increase the sustainability of regional water, soil, wildlife and natural resources.

Lawyers of Military Spouses From Other States May Now Practice Here Without Bar Exam

Beginning July 1, laywers who relocate to Virginia with their military spouses will be allowed to practice here without passing the state bar exam. The Virginia Supreme Court adopted the rule this month. It applies to lawyers whose spouses receive military orders to Virginia or the Washington DC region, so long as they work under the supervision of a Virginia lawyer…and they must also have passed a bar exam and be an active member of the bar in good standing in at least one other state.

Chesterfield County To Revise Prayer In Public Meetings Policy

Chesterfield County is about to revise its prayers at public meetings policy…again…in the wake of a recent Supreme Court decision and a letter from the ACLU. The letter says Chesterfield’s prayer policy is unconstitutional. Chesterfield last revised its policy after a Wiccan took them to court for refusing to invite her, and will have to do it again.

Amy Sheets, Spokesperson for the County, would not say what the new policy is, if there is one yet, or whether it will be in place when the board meets next week. The ACLU is suggesting a moment of silence.

Washington Monument Elevator Malfunctioning Despite Repair From Earthquake Damage

The National Park Service says it is investigating what is causing the elevator at the Washington Monument to malfunction after it reopened, following earthquake damage it received in 2011. For at least the second time since it reopened last Monday, the Washington Monument elevator broke down last night. The National Park service says about 50 people had to walk down the 896 steps after the elevator took them to the top.

Minor Earthquake Hit Central Virginia; No Damage Reported

A 3.2 magnitude earthquake hit central Virginia last night, causing a rumble over a wide area, but no apparent damage. As earthquakes go, it was a small one.  The United States Geological Survey confirmed that the epicenter was Amelia Courthouse at 9:47 pm.  The last major earthquake to hit the area happened in August 2011, when a magnitude 5.6 was recorded in Louisa and the ground under Central Viginia has never been quite the same.

UVA Says One-Third of Virginia Children Live in or Near Poverty

A new study by UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center finds one-in-three Virginia children living in “economic insecurity” and finds children in traditional families make up half the number. Using what they call the Virginia Poverty Measure, researchers at Weldon Cooper say there are 580,000 children in Virginia living in or near poverty.