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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

VCU Receives 4.3 Million Dollar Grant to Study How Companies Hire and Retain Workers With Disabilities

Virginia Commonwealth University has just received a 4.3million dollar grant to study how companies hire and retain workers with disabilities.

Principal Investigator Paul Wehman has spent 30 years researching and advocating ways to find a new jobs and a new life for people with disabilities.

One of the main studies will be a five-year project with Bon Secours which has had a very active program.

Science Matters: Town of Ashland Will Help Curb Pollution With Unique Police Parking Lot

The Town of Ashland has embarked on an ambitious project to help clean up its own rivers and streams and keep its commitment to the Chesapeake Bay.

In Ashland yesterday (11/2) a fire hose was pumping gallons of water into the new police parking lot, that seemed to be sucking it up.

Town Engineer Ingrid Stenbjorn says the town had a crumbling parking lot and a polluted stream nearby, and decided both needed more than a simple fix.

Gloucester Man With Alzheimer’s Says Experimental Deep Brain Stimulation Helps Keep Him, and His Memory, Alive

A Gloucester County man with Alzheimer’s is part of a highly-experimental procedure called Deep Brain Stimulation. Also used with Parkinson’s patients, researchers are testing whether the therapy helps cognition and memory for those with Alzheimer’s.

Don Talbott was playing in a gospel band, when his wife Christy noticed something wrong.

Christy Talbott: He would sort of space out. He would stop playing in the middle of a song, he would stop singing if it was a singing part for him.

Full Fourth Circuit To Hear NC Prayer in Government Meetings Appeal

The issue of prayers in public meetings will get a full hearing by the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals for the first time, since a landmark Supreme Court decision in 2014.

The Supreme Court ruled that public prayers in government meetings were constitutional as long as they reflected tradition and embraced diversity.

Carl Tobias, Law Professor at the University of Richmond, says the North Carolina case could spell it out. The Rowan County, North Carolina Board of Supervisors had been opening meetings with prayers, mostly Christian.

Virginia Tech Professor Honored by Smithsonian Magazine in Flint, Michigan EPA Case

The Virginia Tech Professor who blew the whistle in the Flint Michigan water poisoning scandal has just been named an American Ingenuity Winner by Smithsonian Magazine.

Answering a mother’s cry for help, Virginia Tech Envionmental Professor Marc Edwards took a team to Flint, and found elevated lead levels and bacteria in tap water the EPA and other agencies had said was safe.

Lead levels are down, but this week another Tech team is back in Flint for a final round of testing.

Edwards will be presented his award by Smithsonian Magazine in December.

UVA Physicians Help Draft New National Recommendations To Prevent SID Syndrome

Two University of Virginia Health Systems physicians helped to draft new national recommendations for reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other sleep-related deaths.

About 3500 infants die every year from sleep related deaths,and the American Academy of Pediatrics has just released a new list of guidelines to help stop it, with advice like this.

UVA Children’s Hospital Pediatrician Rachel Moon served as lead author of the new policy statement. She says the idea is not to scare parents,but help explain real and common risks.

Federal Government Cracks Down on IRS Scam

The Federal government is cracking down on an IRS phone scam that has victimized about 15 thousand people nationwide, including Virginia.

An 85-year old woman in San Diego was fleeced out of $12,300. An elderly man in California was repeatedly terrorized until his account was drained of 136 thousand dollars. And the callers have targeted Virginia.

We did the story several months ago. But this morning, State Police Spokesperson Corinne Geller says it has not gone away.

Chesterfield Officials Plan to Purchase River City Sportsplex for $5.5 Million Dollars

Chesterfield County plans to purchase the River City Sportsplex for $5.5 million dollars, to expand its operation and promote sports tourism.

The county currently leases 8 of the 12 fields, now it plans to purchase the entire 115 acre complex.

The county plans to provide seven-day a week access if the deal goes through. The county board of supervisors has final approval.

Lead Poisoning Still Number One Environmental Hazard For Children

Lead poisoning continues to be the number one environmental hazard for children and this week the Virginia Department of Health is encouraging everyone to learn about it and how to prevent it.

In children, too much lead in the body can cause lasting problems with brain development affecting behavior, hearing, learning and speech. Here is the problem. Nancy Van Voorhis is Director of The Virginia Department of Health’s Lead-Safe Program says the effects are irreversible.