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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

VCU’s Will Wade Agrees to New Eight-Year Contract

VCU Coach Will Wade has agreed to a new, eight-year contract, following the Ram’s successful season that took them to the second round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

The new deal, announced yesterday (3/29), extends Wade’s contract through the 2023-2024 season and includes $750,000 dollars in enhancements for the basketball program, including salary increases for Wade and his assistants.

Wade’s original contract, signed last year, paid him $1 million dollars this season, plus more than $215,000 in incentives.

Republican Representative Barbara Comstock Gives Away Trump Donations to Her Campaign

Virginia’s Tenth District Representative has given away money donated to her campaign by Donald Trump, saying he is a bad role model.

First-term Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has taken the $3,000 dollars donated to her re-election campaign by Donald Trump and given it to recuperation centers for wounded veterans.

Comstock represents a key swing district that includes a diverse electorate and won her first seat in 2014 in a heavily-contested and expensive contest.

Virginia Uranium, Inc. Goes To Court to Lift Uranium Mining Moratorium

Virginia’s moratorium on uranium mining is facing a court test today (3/30).

Attorneys for a mining company and the Virginia Attorney General’s office are due in Wise County Circuit court today.

Virginia Uranium, Inc., is asking a judge to allow it to tap a rich deposit of uranium or order the state to compensate the company nearly $500 million dollars for the taking of its property.

The state wants the case dismissed, or moved to Richmond.

CSX Crew Stops Train, Ends Shift, Blocking Traffic In Ashland for Hours

A CSX train crew parked its train and quit work for the day in Ashland Saturday (3/26), sealing off access to a couple of housing developments and raising questions about why it happened and how to prevent its happening again.

It was a holiday weekend, and other trains were running late, but as a train from Cumberland, Maryland rolled into Ashland on its way to the Acca Yard in Henrico, the shift ended, and the crew shut the train down right where it was just South of Ashland alongside Center Street.

Medicare Spends Billions Per Year; Researchers Hope to Cut Costs, Improve Care

A University of Virginia researcher has just concluded a massive report on kidney disease, which affects almost 14% of the population, and he is concerned money to pay for it is running out. Raj Balkrishnan has just completed the annual assessment for Medicare and Medicaid and he says the numbers are not good. And that is just for medication.

Kidney transplants costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dialysis is expensive. And the problem is getting worse.

Verizon Email Outage

Verizon is reporting problems with its email application this morning (3/29), but there is a work-around.

You may not be able to get into your email this morning. The problem occurred overnight. Verizon email customers will sign in to get only a blank screen with several blocks across the top - conversations, contacts, calendar and settings.

A Verizon support representative said this morning to click on settings, then click back on conversations, which is highlighted in red, and the email inbox will be restored. From there you can navigate anywhere else you want.

Richmond School Funding Meeting Scheduled Without School Officials

Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones’s school work group has scheduled its first public meeting on long-term funding for the district this week, but school officials won’t be attending.

It is Spring Break, all school offices are closed this week and many officials, including Superintendent Dana Bedden, will be out of town.

Bedden said they found out about the conflict last Monday and contacted the mayor’s office, but the city went on and announced the meeting in a press release on Thursday (3/24) anyway.

President’s Family Returns to Virginia Church for Easter Services

President Obama and the first family attended Easter services at a historic black church in Virginia yesterday (3/27). It was the Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, which traces its origins to when Thomas Jefferson was president.

Churchgoers lined up outside the church and hundreds in attendance exchanged embraces and handshakes as the first family arrived.

Syracuse Stuns UVA 68-62

Syracuse stunned the top-seeded Virginia Cavaliers last night (3/27), ending their dreams of making it to the NCAA Final Four and perhaps beyond.

Virginia squandered a 15-point lead with less than ten minutes to play. It was Malachi Richardson who did most of the damage, scoring 21 of his 23 points in the second half as Syracuse extended its unlikely run with a 68-62 victory over UVA.

Opponents of Offshore Drilling See New Threats in Seismic Surveys

Opponents of oil and gas drilling along the East Coast now have another concern since plans for offshore leasing have been scrapped for the present.

They worry now about seismic surveys, and the intense sound blasts from airguns they say threaten whales, dolphins and other creatures. The blasts are eight times louder than a jet engine and can deafen a whale.

Environmentalists also worry those tests might reveal vast reserves of oil and gas along the continental shelf that could reignite efforts to allow offshore drilling in the future.