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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Chesapeake Bay Health Gets D+ From Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has graded the overall health of the bay as a D+ in the group's biennial “State of the Bay Report.”

When Captain John Smith got here in the 1600’s he described a bay with clear water, abundant fish and oysters and extensive forests and wetlands and it would have scored 100 on the Foundation’s grading scale.

The 2014 score is a 32, same as the last one and a long way from the 70, which environmentalist say would represent a saved bay.

Report Says NASA And Orbital Sciences Aware of Risk Of Russian Rockets

The Los Angeles Times reports this morning (1/5) that both NASA and Orbital officials knew the decades-old engines posed a danger before the agency awarded the company a $1.9 billion deal to launch eight missions.

A NASA Committee issued a warning in 2008 and the company and NASA tried to address the risk by X-raying the engines to find cracks and patching them with welds.

Ft. Lee To Open Discussions About Proposed Loss Of 3600 Jobs

It will be an opportunity for residents and community officials to hear from Ft. Lee and to submit public comments during the session.

The Supplemental Programmatic Environmental Assessement analyzed Ft. Lee on a loss of up to 3,600 soldiers and civilian employees. That figure includes 879 reductions that have already occurred.

Ft. Lee says the assessment of 30 installations by the Army determined there would no significant impact, other than socio-economic.

Extreme Cold Predicted For Virginia Midweek

The first full week of the New Year will usher in extreme cold weather for Central Virginia. Today (1/5) is just a hint.

Mike Montefusco from the National Weather Service says temperatures will be dangerous and the wind-chill will make it especially so.

He says dress in layers, stay inside as much as possible, and wait for a warmup this weekend.

Webb Defends 90 Thousand In PAC Payments To Wife, Daughter

Former US Senator Jim Webb, the first Democrat to announce a possible president bid, is defending payments of tens of thousands of dollars to his family by his political action committee.

The Washington Post says the Born Fighting PAC has paid more than 90 thousand over several years to Webb’s daughter and wife to work on the management and design of his websites.

In a statement yesterday, a spokesperson for Webb called the work “real and provable,” and neither illegal nor out of line.

CDC Says Flu Nationwide Has Passed Epidemic Threshold

The United States has officially surpassed the epidemic threshold with this season’s flu virus, according to the CDC.

The CDC says influenza is now widespread in 36 states and nationwide, a total of 15 children have died so far, two of them in Virginia.

Although the Virginia Department of Health has not released figures this week, Portsmouth Health officials told us last week that flu was widespread in the Northern and Eastern Parks of the State.

Richmond's Unemployment Lowest In Six Years

Richmond’s unemployed rate declined in November, to the lowest in six years. The local jobless rate was 4.8 percent in November, down from 5.1% in October and 5.3% last year.

Ann Lang, Senior Economist with the VEC, says it was not a surprise, the trend has been moving slowly and steadily downward.

The labor force was down by 4,800 in November, a possible sign some had stopped looking for work, but at almost 682 thousand it is up 12 thousand from the same time last year.

The statewide unadjusted rate was 4.5%, the national rate 5.5%.