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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Dominion Set To Bring Major Solar Panel Arrays Online

Dominion Virginia Power is poised to bring three major solar panel installations online by the end of the year. Construction is underway on solar facilities in Isle of Wight, Louisa and Powhatan Counties.

Dominion says it is part of its commitment to produce 400 megawatts of solar power by 2020, and in the process, it will create about 800 construction jobs and have a cumulative economic impact of $74 million dollars to the state.

Public Hearings Begin on Proposals For Later Start Times for Chesterfield County Schools

Public meetings are underway in Chesterfield on proposals to start the school day later. It’s an increasingly popular idea.

School Spokesman Tim Bullis says Chesterfield is one of only three counties in the state that has not adopted later times, but it is a challenge.

It could cost 19 million dollars to buy up to 140 new buses, and an annual cost of another five million to seven million to tighten pickup times, and it could dramatically affect many families.

Public hearings are now underway. The first was last night. Check the school website for more.

UVA Researchers Say Appalachia Has Gone From Lowest to Highest Cancer Death Rate in U.S.

Rural Appalachia has gone from having the lowest cancer death rate in the country to the highest, according to new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. In a paper outlining their findings, the researchers label the disparities “pervasive.”

Aaron Yao is assistant professor of public health sciences at the school of medicine. He says technology, medical care and prosperity have advanced in other parts of the country and left Appalachia behind. Telehealthcare is a start, and UVA has already established a program.

Clinton Leads Trump in Poll in Washington Post Poll of 15 Battleground States

Clinton holds a clear advantage over Trump in a poll of 15 battleground states released this morning in the Washington Post.

The new Survey Monkey poll, conducted online with the Washington Post, shows Hillary Clinton with a decisive advantage over Donald Trump, leading in enough states to put her comfortably over the 270 majority to win the presidential election in November.

Successful Launch of Antares Rocket and Cygnus Spacecraft at Wallops Island

Virginia returned to space last night (10/18) with the successful launch of an Antares rocket carrying a Cygnus spacecraft en route to the International Space Station.

The go-ahead came minutes before launch as the rocket stood poised on pad 0A, destroyed by an explosion shortly after liftoff two years ago, and rebuilt at a cost of $15 million dollars, shared by the state, NASA, and Orbital ATK, a Northern Virginia company that has a multi-billiondollar contract for six more missions to the International Space Station from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport.

VCU School of Business To Unveil 30-Foot Pop-up Portrait of Maggie Walker

VCU’s School of Business today unveils a 30-foot “pop up portrait” of legendary Richmond banking legend Maggie Walker. It is both art, and commentary on how our minds work.

Noah Scalin’s 30-foot pop up portrait of Maggie Walker will be unveiled in the atrium at VCU’s School of Business Snead Hall today at 1pm. It will be on display through Wednesday.

CDC Zika Response Team Head Advises Pregnant Women toContinue To Avoid Zika Virus Areas

Florida Health officials have just identified a new neighborhood in Miami as a Zika transmission zone, as Florida cases now top 1,000. Meanwhile, The head of the Zika Response Team at the Centers for Disease Control was at the University of Virginia earlier this week where he said there is one important warning to heed with respect to potential danger.

Dr. Lyle Petersen is Incident Manager for CDC. He says have learned much about the Zika virus.

He says a vaccine is still two to three years away, most of the 3,000 cases in America were imported.

University of Richmond To Dedicate 26 Million Dollar “Front Door” Queally Center

The University of Richmond today is dedicating its new “front door,” a state of the art entrance building that combines 100-year old architecture with 21st century technology.

The new Queally Center is a front door and leading edge in the university’s plan to combine traditional beauty with cutting edge technology and conservation.

Cancer Specialists To Hold Seminar for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is breast cancer awareness month, and tonight (Thursday, October 13), five specialists are holding a public seminar for anyone who wants to know more.

About 1 in 8 women in this country will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. But Dr. Amelia Grover, Surgical Oncologist at VCU’s Massey Cancer Center says there is progress, and there is hope.

One of Dr. Grover’s patients was Antoinette Taylor-Draper. Antoinette had surgery, chemo, radiation and a clinical trial.