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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

US Marshals Arrest Nation’s 15th Most Wanted Fugitive In Ashland

Federal Authorities say the nation’s 15th most wanted fugitive has been taken into custody at an Ashland motel.

Acting on a tip, Deputy US Marshals cornered 43-year old Tam Mihn Le at a room at Motel 6, where he was hiding with his family.

After safely removing his wife and three children, they found him locked in the bathroom, attempting to escape through the ceiling.

He was taken into custody and is being held at Pamunkey Regional Jail.

Hanover School Board Amends Policies For Showing Controversial Materials

The Hanover County School Board has voted unanimously to amend its policies for handling controversial materials, in a move that has drawn national attention.

Under the new policy, teachers must notify parents before using materials considered controversial and provide alternative assignments for students whose parents object. But the National Coalition Against Censorship says the fix is worse than the problem.

Henrico Police Execute Search Warrant At Joe Morrisey’s Office

Joe Morrisey is accusing Henrico County of sabotaging his election campaign by executing a search warrant at his office on the eve of today’s election to fill his vacant seat.

Late yesterday (1/12), several detectives arrived as his office, he said, seeking the origin of allegedly falsified court documents that detailed the terms of support payments the father of a former receptionist was obligated to pay beginning in 2006.

That man, Coleman Pride, helped initiate an investigation into Morrisey’s relationship with his daughter who was 17 at the time.

VDOT Rolls Out New Plan For US 460 Corridor

Army, State and Federal transportation officials have come up with an alternative plan to improve the Route 360 Corridor from Petersburg to Suffolk. But it still has some bumps in the road.

First, it replaces a 1.4 billion dollar toll road project contracted by the last administration without any permits. That was a problem.

Last year, Governor McAuliffe scrapped the public-private project and asked for some alternatives.

74th District Debate Fizzles

A planned debate in the battle for Virginia’s 74th District Seat yesterday was about as unusual as the race itself.

Police were there. Protestors were there. But one of the main candidates was a no-show in what was to be a debate in the contest for Joe Morrisey’s House Seat.

Morrisey was there running as an independent, Republican Matt Walton was there, but Democratic candidate Kevin Sullivan chose instead to attend a rally in Charles City County.

Warming Temperatures Reduce Road Risks In Central Virginia

Icy road conditions expected this morning (1/12) for Central Virginia did not materialize, but travel North and West could be hazardous at the beginning of a week that also has snow in the forecast.

Drivers in the Mid-Atlantic regions are being warned about possible icy conditions during the morning commute, but in Central Virginia it looks more like rain.

Gasoline Prices Under Two Dollars…and Falling

The National Average is $2.15, declining a record 107 days by the end of the week.

Richmond, which tracks lower, was $1.98 on Friday according to Triple A’s weekly summary, down 8¢ from the previous week. Some isolated stations withing the metro area were selling gas as low as $1.84.

Triple A says all of this is saving drivers from $15 to $40 every fill-up depending upon the size of their tank.

Prices are likely to remain below $3 per gallon in 2015 as long as the price of crude oil does not trend upward.

Tobacco Companies Appeal Judge's Ruling They Must Admit They Lied

Tobacco companies say they are being forced by a federal judge to inaccurately call themselves “unscrupulous villains” who continue to deceive the American public.

In an appeals court filing yesterday, the industry says the statements ordered by the judge in a government lawsuit would only trigger public anger against the companies and should be scrapped.

US District Judge Gladys Kessler ordered the nation’s largest cigarette makers to publicly admit they lied for decades about the dangers of smoking and to publicize a federal court’s conclusion they deceived the public.

Petersburg Art League and Southside Virginia Council of the Arts Present Juried Show

There is a juried art show tonight (1/9) in downtown Petersburg and it holds many pleasant surprises.

Art Lives here, at an former grain elevator, now home to the Petersburg Art League and tonight, 24 artists have brought their best stuff for a juried art show.

Herb Funk is a former winner, back tonight with an oil landscape of a deep forest.

Millie Youngblood Horner is a retired school teacher with a mixed collage I would call birds, bunnies and bark.

The Petersburg Art League has events every other Friday. Russell Kvasnicka is President.

UVA Lifts Suspensions On Fraternities And Sororities, Pending New Rules

Greek Activities will be allowed to resume at the University of Virginia this week with some new rules in place.

Among those rules, a “sober brother monitor,” stationed at stairs leading to residential rooms during parties and a requirement each fraternity and sorority must sign on to other safety measures including steps to reduce “high risk drinking.”

The new rules come in the wake of fallout from the Rolling Stone gang rape article, and President Theresa Sullivan’s subsequent suspension of all fraternity and sorority activities.