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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Owens & Minor to Acquire Halyard Health, Inc. for $710 Million Cash

Hanover County based medical-supply distributor Owens and Minor has just announced it will acquire a Georgia-based company for $710 million dollars cash.

Owens & Minor already has a large footprint in the industry and in the county. Director of Economic Development Linwood Thomas said, “They’ve located their corporate headquarters here and they generated hundreds of thousands a year in tax revenue.”

University of Virginia Medical Center Successfully Uses Focus Ultra Sound to Reduce Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

The University of Virginia School of Medicine has just concluded clinical trials on a new form of treatment for Parkinson’s disease and reports encouraging results.

Neurosurgeon and Principal Investigator Jeff Elias has successfully used focused ultra-sound on essential tremors. Now, he says, a pilot study indicates it works on Parkinson’s disease as well. “In our clinical trial, 62% tremor reduction was recorded in our treatment group and only 22% of a placebo response was noted in the control group.”

Quinnipiac: Northam 53 – Gillespie 36

A week and a day before elections, and the latest Quinnipiac University Poll shows Democrat Ralph Northam with a 17 point lead over Republican Ed Gillespie in the Governor’s race.

Quinnipiac conducts polls in eight key swing states and this year, Virginia’s Governor’s race is getting a lot of attention.

Assistant Director Peter Brown said, “The latest Quinnipiac Poll released this afternoon, finds that Democrat, Lt. Governor Northam, has a very solid 17 point lead over Ed Gillespie.”

The poll shows Northam with 53 percent to Gillespie’s 36 among likely voters

Three Judge Panel of Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals Wrestles With Cellphone Searches at Airports

There is a case pending in Richmond’s Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals that could re-define search and seizure laws regarding cellphones and other electronic devices at airports.

It is about the crackdown on suspected terrorists who may be coming into American airports and how far the government can go to conduct searches without a warrant.

University of Richmond Law Professor Carl Tobias, “This involves someone who had his cellphone searched at Dulles Airport after they found he had weapons in his luggage.”

Henrico Launches Free Flu Shot Clinics and Prepares for Public Health Emergencies

Flu season is just beginning, but the Henrico County Department of Public Health was giving away free flu shots and preparing for a potential public health emergency at the same time yesterday (10/25).

Hundreds of people poured into two locations for free flu shots, some had learned their lesson.

Joe Morrisey Sues WTVR and Mark Holmberg for $1.35 Million

Former Delegate, former Richmond mayoral candidate and attorney Joe Morrisey is suing a Richmond TV station over a report he says falsely characterized him as a “stupid liar,” and “sex-crazed maniac.”

It is often difficult for any public figure to get a judgement in their favor. Citing Morrisey’s long and colorful history, WTVR’s Mark Holmberg in a report about the mayoral race last year, allegedly called Morrisey “a clown, a one-ring circus and a liar.”

Morrisey says it’s untrue and defamatory and has sued Holmberg and WTVR for $1.35 million dollars.

Tranlin Fails To Meet $5 Million Repayment on Incentive Grant For Chesterfield Paper Plant

A proposed $2 billion dollar paper manufacturing plant in Chesterfield has had another setback. Tuesday (10/24) the Chinese company behind the project failed to meet a deadline to repay $5 million in incentive grants from the state.

Tranlin’s acting CEO said he was sorry, sent a $150,000 check to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, and promised the rest in six monthly installments.

RIC Begins New TSA Screening for Electronics in Carry-on Luggage

New TSA screening procedures at Richmond International Airport have prompted officials there to encourage passengers to come a little earlier.

If you are carrying any electronics larger than a cellphone, you will now have to remove it from carry-on bags and place in in a bin so TSA officers can get a clearer image.

But RIC Spokesman Troy Bell says even on a slow day, give yourself more time. “Five thousand people passing through essentially what are seven checkpoint lanes at the airport, so yeah, it matters what every person does.”

Virginia Tech Medical Student Participates in Supervised Injection Project for Opioid Addicts

State officials have declared opioid addiction an emergency and this year is on pace to be the deadliest year ever. But a medical student at Virginia Tech has just returned from a Fulbright Research Grant in Vancouver with a fresh view of a controversial program called “supervised injection.” Charles Fishburne talked with Andrew Gaddis about his first-hand view of opioid addiction and a program designed to keep people from dying and offer them recovery options.

Obama Campaigns for Northam in Richmond

Former President Barack Obama is making his first campaign appearance since leaving office here, tonight (10/19), in Richmond, and pollsters say his influence among young voters and African Americans could be important.

Virginia ech Political Commentator Bob Denton says Obama could make a difference. “He is critical once again to try to drive up the base really targeting his popularity primarily toward the minority community and the 18-29-year olds.”

Republican Ed Gillespie trails Democrat Ralph Northam in most polls, but the deficit is within the margin of error.