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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Area School Superintendents To Meet On New Regional School

The Richmond area is about to get a new regional high school that could revolutionize the way education is approached in the future. It could be a school where students literally learn out of the box.

Chesterfield’s Dr. James Lane is lead Superintendent of 13 others who will meet to create a new school that will allow students to achieve what they need for a diploma in two years, and spend the next two in a paid internship instructional program for computer sciences.

The school is set to open next year.

Filipino Festival Draws Thousands

Thousands of people braved the heat over the weekend to attend the 11thAnnual Filipino Festival, at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Glen Allen.

Saturday’s festivities began with the playing of the Filipino national anthem and the Star Spangled Banner, as people came together for food, fellowship, dances, races, games and good times, and to celebrate the Filipinos and their unique contributions to the community.

Chesterfield County School Board Approves Rebuilding Enon Elementary At Present Location

Chesterfield County’s ancient Enon Elementary School may have a new life after all.

Buildings crumble, neighborhoods change, schools move. But not always.

They had planned to move it, but new School Superintendent Dr. James Lane asked planners to take another look, modify some plans, compare costs, and if possible, build where the community wanted

If ultimately the Board of Supervisors approves, a new school will be built on the same spot where parents and their children and their children have gone for 78 years.

Perseid Showers Coming This Week, Better Than Usual

The Perseid Meteor Showers are coming. Lead Astronomer at the Science Museum of Virginia Justin Bartel says they should be better than ever.

That’s because of an outburst, as the Earth passes through the heart of the tail of the comet Swift Tuttle.

There could be some cloud cover, but forecasters say it shouldn’t be enough to ruin the view.

School Bus Safety Training Starts Early

School starts in less than a month and yesterday (8/8), some eager five-year olds learned the ABC’s of School Bus safety.

Chesterfield County Public School buses travel nine million miles every year, transporting some 44,000 students every school day, and for five year old Olivia, when that bus stops for her September 6th, it will be a special day.

Yesterday, Triple A, the Mid-Atlantic Media Alliance for Safety and Education and the Chesterfield Police Department teamed up to make sure the first time, and every time is safe.

Price of Gasoline Drops To Lowest Level In More Than 100 Days

The price of gasoline in Virginia has dropped to its lowest level in more than 100 days. Pump prices nationally have now declined to $2.12 per gallon, lowest price since 2004 for the date.

Virginia is even better, now the 5th lowest in the country, at $1.91 per gallon and Tammy Arnette at Triple A says it could stay that way awhile.

That comes with the usual caveat that hurricanes, politics or refinery problems could change everything.

Ashland Farmers’ Market Host to Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services as Virginia Farmers’ Market Week Begins

Virginia’s Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services kicked off Virginia’s Farmers’ Market week over the weekend in Ashland. Farmers markets have tripled across the state. Commissioner Sandy Adams visited the Ashland Farmers market over the weekend, just across the tracks on England Street and says people love both the food and the farmers. The Ashland Farmers market has a rule - the goods must come from a 30 mile radius - and it is fresh! Mike Wiblin is the old-timer, Jim Steward is a retired marketer and inventor.

Route 288 Ramp to I-95 Closed This Weekend

VDOT will be closing multiple ramps on Route 288 in Chesterfield this weekend for a major resurfacing project.

Jessica Cowardin, a spokesperson for VDOT says Weather permitting, two ramps will be closed all weekend.

It is part of a 13 million dollar resurfacing project that extends between I-95 and just north of Iron Bridge Road, and there will be more such closings through late September.