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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Congressman Dave Brat’s Bill to Reform Health Savings Accounts

Virginia’s 7th District Republican Congressman Dave Brat has introduced one of the first Republican plans to begin replacing Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and revising the healthcare system. Brat’s plan would reform the Health Savings Account, increasing contribution limits, repealing over the counter restrictions and eliminating the high deductible health plan mandate.

But it is a small part of the healthcare puzzle.

Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy Says Hospitals Make Enough, Favors Repeal of COPN Laws

The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy has just released its annual study on the financial health of Virginia Hospitals, and calls for an end to Certificate of Public Need regulations.

The Institute says Certificate of Public Need creates a monopoly that is not good for Virginia and hospitals make enough money already.

Michael Thompson is the Institute President and author of the report.

UVA Researcher Finds Root Cause of Dry Eyes – Clinical Trials Begin in March

A University of Virginia Researcher has developed a formula that for the first time treats the causes, not just the symptoms, of dry eyes.

Millions of Americans suffer from dry eyes. To date, over-the counter drops don’t help much.

Gordon Laurie is a professor of cell biology at the University of Virginia and he says the prescription drugs treat only the inflammation, not the cause. He’s been working on this problem for 32 years, and says, he thinks he can fix it.

Health Of The Chesapeake Bay Improves, But Work Remains

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has just released its biennial State of the Bay report and says its overall health has risen from a D to a C-, but recovery is fragile.

The Foundation Celebrated its 50th year with better numbers and says the Chesapeake Bay is clearer, underwater grasses are beginning to thrive, and oysters are making a comeback.

Henrico Lures German Company To Open Warehouse in Byrd Corporate Park

Henrico County will become home to a German company that could offer a solution to this nation’s aging infrastructure underground.

Most major cities in the country, including Richmond, are facing major problems with corroded pipes, and are looking for solutions. The Impreg Group is confident they have the answer.

Impreg will open a warehouse in Henrico’s Byrd Corporate Park, and plan to expand into manufacturing in phase 2, spending $5.4 million and hiring 60 people.

Relief Coming for Traffic Congestion at One of Hanover's Busiest Intersections

Relief is coming for what is one of the biggest bottlenecks in Hanover County, at the site of road improvements at Bell Creek Road and Route 360. Construction has caused problems at what was already one of Hanover’s busiest and most dangerous intersections.

VDOT’s Brian Ramsey says the $10 million dollar project realigns Bell Creek Road, adds a lane to U.S. Route 360 East and West, and hopefully ends the backup all the way up the ramp to I-295.

With an end in sight, residents are hopeful it will get better.

VDOT Prepares for Winter

Virginia Department of Transportation crews took advantage of the good weather Wednesday (1/4) and have begun to pre-treat interstates and major primary routes with anti-icing materials.

VDOT and its weather forecasting services have a high degree of confidence there will be ice and/or snow on the highways by the end of the week and are already treating the roads.

VDOT’s Jessica Cowardin encourages people to pay attention to forecasts and road conditions throughout the week and be mindful of the trucks applying the pre-treatment solution.

Virginia Retail Federation Sets Legislative Goals

The Virginia Retail Federation is set to go to bat for its members, who are fighting online sales, minimum wage increases and accelerated taxes. They say sales taxes must be applied equally.

“Our members say they welcome the competition…they just want it to be fair competition,” says Jodi Roth, Government Affairs representative for the Virginia Retail Federation. Roth says consumers are supposed to pay sales taxes on online purchases at tax time, but most don’t. She says closing loopholes would help.

Federal Judge To Hear An Appeal To Stop Ricky Gray’s Execution Set For January 18th

An effort by Ricky Gray to stop his scheduled execution goes to a U.S. District Court Judge in Richmond today (1/3). Gray’s lawyers are challenging Virginia’s plan to use a drug not made by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Gray killed a Richmond family on New Year’s Day in 2006. His execution is set for January 18th.

Federal Railroad Administration Rolls Out 30-year Plan For Northeast Corridor

After four years of gathering ideas from elected and state officials, the Federal Railroad Administration has just released a recommendation for faster, more modern train travel along the busy Northeast Corridor.

It includes no plan for anything South of Washington.

Virginia Democratic Congressman Don Beyer is worried where the money will come from and the Virginia Rail Policy Institute.