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Charles Fishburne

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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Congressman Bobby Scott To Hold Forum On Criminal Justice Reform

Third District Democratic Congressman Bobby Scott is hosted a forum (8/10) in Richmond on Criminal Justice reform. 

It will be the first of two forums he is hosting this week to discuss legislation he introduced this summer to reduce recidivism, increase the use of alternatives to incarceration and to save money. He says he wants to create a pipeline for troubled students to college and careers instead of prison.

Midlothian Woman Attacked By Bear In Douthat State Park

A Midlothian woman escaped with her life after being attacked by a bear Saturday (8/8) at Douthat State Park in Bath County. 

Laurie Cooksey was hiking with three of her four children and was headed down a steep trail near the Tuscarora Overlook with a storm brewing, when they spotted a bear peering at them from behind a tree about ten yards away.

The bear charged and they ran, but the bear caught Cooksey from behind and knocked her down. Both slid in wet leaves off the trail and the bear bit her leg twice, but lost traction and she was able escape.

Danville City Council Votes To Remove Confederate Flag From City Museum Flagpole

Danville City Council voted last night (8/6) to take down the controversial Confederate battle flag flying over a city museum.

A crowd packed council chambers and spilled out into the street as Council voted 7-2 to limit the flying of flags on city-owned property, and a Danville utilities bucket truck was immediately dispatched to cut it down.

DMV Recalling Specialty Confederate Plates

DMV is recalling those 1,691 specialty license plates featuring a Confederate battle flag.

DMV said yesterday (8/6) the affected motorists will be sent new Sons of Confederate Veterans tags along with a letter telling them they have 30 days before the old plate is invalid. But it is unclear how soon that will happen. They are working with the heritage group to come up with a new flagless design, then the plate has to be manufactured and shipped.

Richmond Police Chief Says Suspect “Fired First” in Fatal Shootout With Police

Richmond’s police chief says an armed suspect shot and killed in a shootout with police fired the first shot and his officers were justified in returning fire. 

Chief Alfred Durham said 20-year old Keshawn Hargrove had a violent record, had been identified as a suspect carrying a gun, and fired first when officers answered the call.

In the exchange of gunfire, he was killed. Officer Ryan Bailey who is black, was wounded in the arm, the other officer Jacob DeBoard was white.

Virginia Uranium, Inc., Turns To Courts To Overturn Mining Ban

A mining company that wants to tap into one of the world’s richest known deposits of uranium has filed suit to challenge Virginia’s 33-year ban on uranium mining.

Virginia Uranium, Inc., has been fighting to overturn the ban and start digging for a decade. Yesterday (8/5), they filed suit in federal court in Danville, challenging the moratorium which they say violates the US Constitution, and usurps the federal government’s preemptive powers.

Danville City Council To Take Up Flying Confederate Flag

Danville City Council tonight (8/6) is set to take up a proposal that would banish Confederate flags from city-owned flagpoles.

Council is set to consider the ordinance that would allow only the United States, Virginia, the City of Danville and the POW/MIA flag to be flown on city-maintained flagpoles.

Danville was briefly the capitol of the Confederacy in the closing days of the war, and President Jefferson Davis received word of Lee’s surrender at the Sutherlin Mansion where he had retreated. And that mansion, now a museum, is where the Confederate flag still flies.

Suspect Fatally Shot, Richmond Police Officer Wounded in Exchange of Gunfire

A man was fatally shot and a police officer wounded in an exchange of gunfire near Richmond’s Fan District yesterday (8/5).

It happened at Meadow and West Cary about 5:20 p.m. last night. Officers responded to a report of an armed man near a covenience store, confronted him, talked with him, and finally chased him as he fled firing shots over his shoulder.

Senator Tim Kaine Backs Iran Nuclear Accord

Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine is backing the international accord with Iran. The former Democratic party chairman made the announcement yesterday (8/4) on the Senate floor.

He says the deal takes Iran’s nuclear program that was on the verge of success and disables it for many years through peaceful diplomatic means. And he said the historic accord reached by the United States, Western powers and Tehran is a “dramatic improvement over the status quo” in boosting global security.

Henrico Records Ninth Rabies Case of 2015

Henrico County has recorded its ninth rabies case of 2015. Henrico police say Animal Protection received a call about a dog and a raccoon fighting over the weekend in the first block of AP Hill Avenue and tests came back positive yesterday.

No other animals or humans were exposed, but authorities remind owners to be sure their pet’s rabies vaccinations are current and to report abnormal wildlife behavior by calling the Henrico police non-emergency number at 501-5000.