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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Replacing Names on Byrd School Athletic Gear To Cost $26,000

Removing the Byrd name from athletic gear for what will become Quioccasin Middle School will cost the school system $26,000 dollars.

The School Board voted in March to rename Byrd to Quioccasin, but made no provisions to change the name on uniforms. At the time, parents, teachers and students chimed in to ask for help.

Last night (5/12), the board was told replacement costs would be about $26,000 dollars, down from earlier estimates, along with another $13,000 to change the name on buildings, signs, rugs, murals, and stationery.

Homeless Families Up 30% In Nation’s Capital

The number of homeless families in D.C. has soared by more than 30% the past year. For the first time, homeless children and their parents now outnumber homeless single adults, a population that historically has been a problem in the nation’s capital.

Advocates for the poor say the economic downturn and skyrocketing home prices in working class neighborhoods are part of the problem.

Ashland Animal Shelter Wins $150,000 Dollar National Contest For Renovation

An Ashland animal shelter that specializes in rescuing and finding homes for canines, has just won $150,000 dollars to help continue its work.

The Shelter is run by BARK (Bandit’s Adoption and Rescue of K-9’s). It is entirely funded by donations and is staffed by about 100 volunteers who clean kennels, walk dogs and provide medication.

BARK won the makeover money from Animal Planets Pet Nation Video contest and plans to use the money for better heating and cooling, better drainage and a dedicated quarantine area.

American Civil War Museum Announces Plans To Build Into Hillside At Tredegar

The American Civil War Museum plans to build into the hillside at Historic Tredegar, with construction expected to begin early next year.

The new museum will incorporate the ruins of brick iron works into the glass front of its lobby and extend back into the hillside, leaving more of the Tredegar site undisturbed and open, after NewMarket Corporation, which owns the land, agreed to the change.

Sweet Briar Receives 125 Applications for Freshman Class

Freshman applications for Sweet Briar College are less than hoped for, but school officials are optimistic. Sweet Briar has received about 125 deposits from admitted students as of May 1st. The goal was 200 to 250 for the new Fall semester.

President Phillip Stone says May 1st was not a hard and fast deadline and the school will continue to admit students this summer.

Dominion Shareholders Meeting In South Carolina

Dominion Resources shareholders meeting in South Carolina are expected to hear proposals today (5/11) to abandon plans for a third nuclear reactor in Louisa County. About half-a-dozen shareholders want Dominion to create and publicly release a financial analysis of the risk to earnings and share prices if the company is ultimately denied a permit.

Previous proposals to halt plans for North Anna 3 have failed to get as much as 5% of shareholder votes, but they will try again.

Hanover Committee Rejects Student Requests for Changes in Controversial Materials Policy

In Hanover, a committee has rejected student requests for major changes in the school district’s controversial materials policy.

The student group Hanover Students for Freedom of Information and Learning introduced a proposal at the April School Board meeting to alter the policy so that 33 percent of parents and guardians must object to teaching material before an alternative assignment is offered, and teachers and employees be shielded from discipline for violating the policy without proof of willful intent.

Hanover to Consider Chickens and Bees in Residential Areas

The Hanover County Board of Supervisors tonight is set to consider measures to allow the keeping of chickens and bees in residential areas.

The chicken ordinance would allow residents to keep six hens, no roosters, in the backyards of single-family homes in most, but not all residential areas of the county.

Tom Harris, county spokesperson, says the current ordinance bans it, but some county residents say it would be educational, and offer a safe source of non-genetically modified foods.

Chesterfield County Planning New Park in Winterpock Area

Chesterfield County could get a new regional park Southeast of Winterpock and Beach Roads. The Chesterfield School board today (5/10) will consider transferring control of land previously set aside for school construction back to the county for the park.

The 50-acres in the 13,000 block of Beach Road was acquired for a new school, but those plans were abandoned because of demographic changes in the area.

They adjoin 190 acres the county is set to purchase from a private seller to create the new park. Money was approved in a 2004 bond referendum.