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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Virginia-based Orbital ATK Sending Seventh Spacecraft To International Space Station

Virginia-based Orbital ATK is sending another Cygnus spacecraft to resupply the International Space Station this morning (4/18).

Orbital is a key component in Virginia’s claim to be a portal to space, with a multi-billion dollar NASA contract and it’s seventh supply mission today.

Orbital’s Paul Escalera said, “We’re very excited to support the ISS and its crew by delivering cargo.”

Researcher Develops Models to Help Urban Areas Plan for Increased Pollution of Chesapeake Bay

Virginia Tech researchers say the cost to reduce pollution will increase with climate change, and are working on models to help urban planners develop management practices early enough to make a difference.

Zachary Easton is a lead project investigator for Virginia Tech who says most Americans don’t believe in Climate change and even if they did, don’t know what to do about it

UVA Researchers Discover Ways To Map Living Genes

Researchers at the University of Virginia have found a way to view genes inside living cells and map them out in 3D, a development that can help scientists shed light on cancer and other diseases and potentially find treatments.

“Here for example we are targeting two separate genomic divisions,” said Mazhar Adli. For Adli, the little glowing dots dancing about on the computer screen are a fulfillment of a dream. Before, scientists had to kill living cells to track the genes.

NASA Breaks Ground on $95 Million Dollar Research Facility at Langley Research Center

NASA yesterday (4/11) broke ground for a new laboratory at its Langley Research Center in Hampton. The new, 175-thousand-square-footfacility will be the largest at NASA’s research center in Virginia.

Governor Terry McAuliffe says, “It shows another footprint for Virginia that we can now tell the globe that if you are thinking of going into the business of aeronautics or anything to do with measurements, you ought to be doing that in Virginia.”

The new lab will not only advance space exploration, but also make air travel safer and study the earth’s climate.

Quinnipiac: Could Be A Good Year For Democrats In Governor’s Race

Former Congressman Tom Perriello’s upstart campaign has edged ahead of Lt. Governor Ralph Northam about two months ahead of the Democratic primary for Governor, and either tops GOP front-runner Ed Gillespie by double-digits in a new Quinnipiac University Poll released today (4/11).

For the Democrats, it’s Perriello 25% to Northam’s 20%.

For Republicans, it is Gillespie with a comfortable 28% lead over 12% for Corey Stewart and 7% for Frank Wagner.

National Weather Service Warns of Possibly Severe Weather Overnight

Severe Thunderstorms raked through the Southeast yesterday bringing down trees and power lines from Alabama to North Carolina…and forecasters are concerned the same system is coming this way.

Usually, the weather service does not issue advisories this far in advance, but Chief Meteorolgist Jeff Orock says the timing is not good.

“The best time is about three off our in the morning until about ten in the morning…kind of an oddball time for severe weather, but it does happen, especially if you have the right conditions…”

Richmond Federal Reserve Chairman Jeffrey Lacker Resigns Over Leaked Information

Richmond Federal Reserve Chairman Jeffrey Lacker resigned yesterday (4/4), saying he had improperly disclosed sensitive information with a financial analyst regarding the Fed’s plan for economic stimulus.

It happened October 2, 2012, when Lacker said he spoke with an analyst at Medley Global Advisors who had asked him private details about policy options. He said he should have refused to comment, but didn’t.

Virginia Tech Board of Visitors Approves $78 Million Dollar Expansion Plan for Intelligent Infrastructure

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors yesterday (4/3) approved a $78 million dollar expansion plan to put them in the forefront of designing, testing, and teaching intelligent infrastructure.

Intelligent infrastructure is about drones and autonomous cars, smart construction and energy systems. “All sorts of areas related to energy systems for the cities of the future and the way that people move in and around those cities,” said Virginia Tech President Tim Sands.