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Charles Fishburne is a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio. He brings over 40 years experience as a broadcast journalist and news executive in Richmond, Washington D.C. and New York. Charles was also a long-time television news anchor and news director in Richmond.

Articles by Charles Fishburne

Route 5 Corridor Coalition Launches Website To Help Preserve Henrico Treasure

A coalition is preparing to promote the development, preservation and future of one of Henrico’s most treasured areas and an official Virginia Scenic Byway.

Route 5, also known as New Market Road, is America’s second oldest road. It winds through some of Henrico County’s most treasured land and a group called the Route 5 Corridor Coalition is determined to keep it that way.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Opens “Hear My Voice: Native American Art of the Past and Present”

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts opens an exhibit this weekend about Native American Art. “Hear My Voice,” speaks to understanding and respect for other cultures in every era.

If art can help heal, the exhibition has a message. The voices of contemporary Indian artists mingle with 56 works of Native American arts over the centuries.

“So this is a Kiowa cradleboard, they really favored that blue-green color.”

Dr. Johanna Minich says the clothing and colors gave them an identity with their tribe.

Former Republican Congressman Eric Cantor Says “No Moral Equivalence” in Charlottesville

Former Congressman Eric Cantor…for many years a member of the Republican leadership, says President Trump should have spoken out earlier on the Charlottesville unrest, and not suggested there was equal blame.

Cantor told the New York Times he was horrified by what took place.

“The incidents struck me very personally and close to home, obviously as a Virginian and someone of the Jewish faith I had a lot of problems seeing what was going on in Charlottesville.”

And he said, the President should not have tried to equate the actions of both sides.

Three Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed in Charlottesville Rally

The two sisters involved in the chain-reaction collision in Charlottesville Saturday (8/12), that killed one person and injured 19 others, are suing the alleged perpetrator and the rally organizers for $3 million dollars. Tandrint and Micah Washington were in the car that was struck and pushed into pedestrians and they are suing the driver and 31 others associated with the rally.

Hanover Planners Hold Fourth and Final Public Meeting On County’s Future

Hanover County planners last night held the fourth and final community meeting this summer on revising its five-year comprehensive plan involving key aspects of the county’s future.

Hanover is mostly rural, with tightly controlled pockets of population growth and services, that some say isn’t working.

“The infrastructure is not here."

“the massive amount of projects they want to put in one specific area and not spread it out all over the county."

UVA Astronomer To Travel to South Carolina For Eclipse Says 86% Here Will Be Barely Noticeable

With the total eclipse of the sun sweeping through 14 states on August 21st, UVA Astronomer Ed Murphy is preparing to witness his third…and talked with WCVE about what to expect, and why being in the “path of totality,” is so important.

Ed Murphy chased a total eclipse to China…and the Mediterranean, and here’s why.

“You know, I got a chill up my spine watching that shadow approach it really is an unnatural thing in a sense to happen in the middle of the day where the sun goes out. You feel a cold breezecome in, the temperature drops a few degrees ”

Quinnipiac Poll: Northam 44, Gillespie 38 in Governor’s Race, Three Months Out

Democrat Ralph Northam leads Republican Ed Gillespie 47-38 percent in the Virginia Governor’s race in a Quinnipiac University Poll released this afternoon.

Peter Brown, Assistant Poll Director says, “a close race with Lt. Governor Ralph Northam holding a six point lead over former National Republican Chairman Ed Gillespie. Six points is a nice lead, but not overwhelming.”

And he says, Gillespie is doing well, despite President Trumps negative numbers in Virginia.

Richmond Area Doctor Accused of Running a “Pill Mill” Goes on Trial In Federal Court

The trial of a Richmond area physician accused of operating a “pill mill,” began in Richmond Federal Court yesterday.

Sixty-two year old Clarence Scranage, Jr., of King George is accused of running a major pill mill operation out of several offices in the Richmond area and he says he will defend himself. University of Richmond Law Professor Carl Tobias says that could be risky,

“Many people apparently do…but in a very complex and difficult case …and I think the possible jail term is over 100 years if convicted…it is treacherous to represent yourself.”

Chesterfield Names Interim Police Chief As Search Intensifies

Chesterfield County has named an interim police chief to replace Col. Thierry Dupuis, who is retiring September 1st, even as the search for a permanent replacement intensifies. Charles Fishburne reports.

The County has mounted a nationwide search and is taking applications, but County Manager Dr. Joe Casey says that does not exclude current members of the department.

“There are many talented people within the police department themselves, I hope will also be competitive and apply for such role.”